Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Now Open

Mafia Wars Bangkok is now open. I already got my Bangkok passport as I mentioned in my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Finally Got my Bangkok Passport post. But my wife still was waiting for some free pass to Bangkok since yesterday. Worry not my friends because the doors to Bangkok is open today.

Upon going to Bangkok, there is now an option to Get your passport

Then you can choose from 3 options:

See the clerk option is an opportunity to go to Bangkok for free. If you are not successful you can try again after 8 hours.

For those Mafia dudes who are loaded with Godfather points, the 2nd option Bribe the Official is for you. For 30 reward points you can get the Thai passport

The 3rd option is to ask your friends. We haven’t tried this but maybe this one will post in your wall and let your friend give you spare Mafia Wars Bangkok passport.

We were lucky with the See the clerk so


So login and try this Mafia Wars Bangkok Tips today! Enjoy the game!!!

Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Finally Got my Bangkok Passport

Nice! I finally got my Mafia Wars Bangkok Passport today. I was a little bit surprised since I was not expecting it but upon clicking Bangkok in the Travel Tab, I got this

Mafia Wars Bangkok is great! The currency is Baht and the Envelope of Thai Baht that your friends gave you will really be helpful for since the cash distribution is like quite tight in the beginning.

To give you an idea how much Baht and experience they give in Bangkok, here is a sample job that I finished

And here are some other jobs and rewards for chapter 1 episode 1

And episode 2

Here’s a view of the faction bar. I’m doing the Yakuza faction tier now

I have finished Episode 1 in a day since I just leveled up for the day and haven’t used up my energy pack

So how to get mafia wars Bangkok passport?

Here is my story: my friend got some passport from Zynga and he can give some passports to his friends. Luckily the passport is not yet taken, so I asked him (via sending him an inbox message) and since he is my friend IRL he gave it to me.

This is confirmed: Zynga is giving away some Bangkok passports to some active mafia wars players (they say around 5% to 10% of the active players).

So my mafia wars tips is to be always on the lookout for some mafia wars friends who will post this image

On their Facebook wall or in the mafia app player updates.

This Sawatdee Achievement means that the player have successfully entered Bangkok and there is a big chances that they got some passport from Zynga or they got it from their friends. So ask them via inbox message or wall message if they can give you spare passport. Hopefully they can give it to you.

For those who have not tried it yet, do not worry much since not all features are working. See this:

Pic coming soon

This feature is really coming soon to all.

Thanks to Wino (Don Wino) for the passport and to JayT (Paolo Maldini) for the Bangkok passport heads up.

Update 01.30.2010
Mafia Wars Bangkok is open to all. Kindly visit my other post on
Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Now Open

Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Bangkok Passport

As I mentioned on my Mafia Wars Bangkok post, the Thai Passport will be available on the Bangkok launch date.

I understand that some players are doing beta now, but I also heard some unconfirmed reports that some super lucky folks (outside the Beta group) have received the Bangkok passport and can give out 3 Bangkok passports to their Mafia friends and family.

As of writing I cannot confirm this yet since I still don’t have the Bangkok passport. But recent item releases suggests that Mafia Wars Bangkok will be released within the next few days. Some samplers:

The Envelope of Thai Baht, a free gift that you can send your friends.

The Hung Chu Enforcer, a common loot from the Bangkok Crates

For those mafia wars fanatics asking me “How to get Bangkok passport in mafia wars” I will update this blog post as soon as I have new info. Watch out for it OK?

I now have some Baht for Bangkok 🙂

I finally got my bangkok passport!
Read my Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Finally Got my Bangkok Passport post

Facebook Games and Your Email Address

I was doing my regular check with my favorite Facebook games and I noted some new messages while the games loads

Give your email address to FishVille?
Soon, applications won’t be able to send you notifications on Facebook. If you like, you can start receiving emails directly from FishVille.
Emails will be sent to: my Facebook contact email ([email protected])

The message appears when you try Petville and Café World. The email address given is the one I used in registering with Facebook. I consider this information quite confidential and my security-first mindset hinted that I should be paranoid-mode today so I clicked the NO Button.

It is interesting to note that in FishVille they even “encourage” you further by giving away a special fish (Dwarf Angelfish) if you will send your email address to them

So what’s cooking in the café of Facebook and the Game Developers?
Is this “games/apps asking for email address message” isolated to Zynga Games only?
Feel free to share your comments here.

The Sandwich Guy Official Statement

I got a comment from my The Sandwich Guy Incident post that I did yesterday. The folks from the mentioned food establishment released a statement regarding the incident. To give the other side of the story, I am posting their official statement here:

This is our official statement:

The Sandwich Guy abides by the high standards of the food industry in sanitation and food handling. All its branches have an open kitchen and are designed primarily for customers to view the preparation of their sandwiches from start to finish. All its crew inside the kitchen wear aprons and hairnets. When the crew handles food, they wear food grade gloves. All the crew has passed the training for the sanitation and food handling as upheld in the food industry and approved by the franchisor.

The ingredients of the country tuna sandwich include cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce which are vegetables with high water content. If these vegetables come in contact with freshly grilled warm wheat bread, it will give off some of its water content. Mr. Leovic P. Pablo states in his email that it was a colorless liquid that he found on his sandwich, the same colorless liquid which a cut cucumber, tomato or lettuce will give off when exposed to a warm surface such as a freshly grilled wheat bread, which we already explained to him.

The major allegations of Mr. Leovic P. Pablo in his email blast against The Sandwich Guy are false. We have always been available to meet with him to try to address this issue in a professional way but after his email blast, we have no choice but to file legal charges against him.

To all our valued customers, we thank you for your continued patronage. We assure you that we are serving fresh and healthy food that you have been enjoying in the same high standards of sanitation and food handling upheld in the food industry. Thank you very much.

I wanted to check if the comment was legit, but upon checking their official website, there is also an official statement there (same contents) so I decided post it here.

Update 02.01.2010
The Sandwich Guy posted their official statement regarding this incident. You can read it on their website: The Sandwich Guy Official Statement.

Feel free to leave some comments at the end of this post (just be reminded to check out my comment policy first OK?).

The Sandwich Guy Incident

Update 02.01.2010
The Sandwich Guy posted their official statement regarding this incident. You can read it on their website: The Sandwich Guy Official Statement . I have also copied the text of their statement in my The Sandwich Guy-Official Statement post.

I got this “disturbing” incident via email. Methinks that the email (and its contents) is already making rounds since yesterday (judging from the tweets and posts I chanced upon in the net). I know the food establishment since the branch in question is located near our office. Is this true? Or just a black propaganda? You be the judge.

Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the validity of this claim. Read and believe at your own risk.

–from an IBMer sent to HR last 1.19.2009

Dear HR,

I shouldn’t have brought this up to the management, but I think, with the current situation I am faced with, this incident compelled me to report this to you and so I could use some help. I am also writing this to let my fellow IBMers know about this stomach turning incident which will hopefully open their eyes before buying or eating somewhere.

On January 5th, between 7:30 to 9 AM. I had a gruesome incident with one of the stores here in Eastwood. The name of the store is the Sandwich Guy. It is a small kiosk located here in Eastwood under the tower clock infront of the 7 eleven store. We used to buy lunch from there and get large orders as they serve healthy sandwiches, pasta and drinks. Until that morning, when I discovered something.

On my way home from work, I decided to grab a sandwich for my breakfast so I bought a sandwich from this store. As usual, I went to the store and ordered the country tuna sandwich and a bottle of mineral water. The cashier was courteous and very accommodating though I sense that she is getting ready to go home because it is time to turnover the shift. I notice too that the number of the crews in the store at that time is more than the usual 3 to 4 employees I usually see. So they prepared my country tuna. They put on the spread, grilled the bread, sliced it and wrapped in a paper. Instead of the cashier presenting the order, One crew from the back took the package and presented the order to me saying “Here is your Country Tuna Sir! Enjoy!”. Honestly, I was a bit surprised with the unusual greetings but I never minded it so I responded back with a thank you.

So I went out from the store and walk some steps and rode a cab. Hungry I was, I munched into the sandwich which was sliced fairly and savor the tuna and some green leaves between the warm wheat bread. I consumed the first half of it but still my appetite still wants to finish everything. And so I turned on the other side of the sandwich, unwrapped it and started to bit the next half of the bread. I noticed a colorless, liquefied matter on top of the veggies. I thought that it was melted cheese or mayonnaise! It appeared luscious so in the middle of my chomping I slurped it! At that very moment, I got my self teary eyed, I felt my stomach flipped and ended throwing up that bite. It was a foul phlegm of a human. Horrible! ulk!

I immediately asked the cab driver to drive me back to Eastwood and so he did. I entered the store again, this time not nice though still composed as I don’t want them to think that I am a uneducated person. I insistently asked the question. ” Sino ang nagprepare ng sandwich ko?”. The crew who I remembered presented the sandwich to me replied “ano yun sir?! hindi ko po maalala!”. With the looks of him, he cant seem to remember that I just ordered the sandwich 30 minutes ago. So I helped them through by stating the obvious that I just ordered the sandwich a few minutes ago. The other lady was bright enough to remember. She pointed at that crew and said “Yung country tuna! yung ginawa mo!”. So I knew that it was him “Alloys” who initially presented the order, and the same person who could not remember the order. This time, I directed the question to him.”Plema mo ba tong nasa sandwich ko?”. And there was silence inside the store but no one is brave enough to answer the question. I repeated the question intensely as I am frustrated, irritated and angry. All I need is an honest response which I have failed to get. No one seemed to answer and prove that I was wrong.

The manager butt in and mediated. He explained that there is a video that we could see and that everything is captured to check if it really was his crew who put that phlegm in the bread. He immediately phoned the owner. He went back to me and said that the video should be ready with in 24 hours as they need a request for it to be released and processed. Imagine how the manager handled the situation poorly. He even admitted that the phlegm I found could be a fault of their commissary as they have also had similar incidents where they found staple wires and strings on their products. The days passed and no video was presented up to this day. Please note that I did not request to view the store video; they made the offer to show the video to me to prove their crew member’s innocence.

I gave them the sandwich and the receipt trusting

On January 7th, I was invited by the owner and talked with him and his lawyer who offered to settle the matter amicably. I was with my brother during the time of confrontation gladly as I was not prepared to be intimidated by the lawyer. All I wanted was for them to take responsibility, bring out the truth and talk to the crew. They have told us that they will take this issue seriously and that they will revert back with the result of their investigation and that we will see the video on January 14th. They offered to have the bread undergo DNA testing which we were surprised to say if they are willing to do that. They say it will take few months and that the samples needed to be sent to Australia and Canada. I left the bread and the receipt on their custody as I am trusting them to resolve the issue and will adhere on the truth. The crew, Alloys said his apologies infront of us at the end of the conversation and asked to forgive him of the things he had done. We also proved that the store does not have sanitary permit.

On January 14th, the lawyer called me and my lawyer and told us that the DNA testing was done and that they have found no evidence of the saliva from their crews and that I have no basis for my claim. My lawyer who is my sister-in-law was surprised with the investigation as previously they had stated that it would take months for the DNA results to come back. Afterwards she said to schedule another time to meet up. The lawyer responded back with intimidation questioning matters immaterial to the case. Some questions were:

a) Is my lawyer capable of handling private matters knowing that she is only a government employee?
b) Is she really married? (fyi- she just recently got married so the change name has not been processed yet)

These questions are immaterial to the case and that the intimidation would not work. More so, I am concerned with how the store is handling the situation. I am afraid that action should be taken and that attention should be given for them to respond truthfully and honestly for the welfare of the consumer. We are a thousand employees here in IBM and there are also other people who are buying food from their store. If this incident was not handled properly how much more the management of their crews, and how are they preparing our food. This poses a big concern and I would like your help to achieve the result of the investigation and to warn the employees. I decided not to pursue meetings with them as I do not know if they are truthful to their words with the harshness of words and intimidation they are showing opposite of what they said to settle this amicably. I don’t think they are putting action to my complaint.

Further: it would perhaps have been more “acceptable” if I found human hair on my sandwich, or found the tuna /any of the sandwich ingredients to be spoiled. There was phlegm spat on my sandwich – that to me is not a matter of gross negligence, it was a deliberate insult to myself as a paying customer of their store.

My intention of airing this grievance is not to blackmail the store into paying me some amount of money; my intention is for them to a) admit to their mistake and b) put policies/practices in place that will prevent such an occurrence from happening to some one else in the future.

Hope you would consider this note.

Company Details:

Name: The Sandwich Guy
Owner/Franchisee: Mike Pangan
Lawyer: Atty. Pangan
Store Manager: Ernesto “June’ Pangan Jr

Address: Food for Fun City Walk 1 Eastwood City
E.Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis QC 1110

I would admit that most of the sandwich they serve there is good. But after reading about the incident, I now have second thoughts on getting ANY food from that establishment.

On my part, I know of another “minor” incident involving the same store: I need to confirm the details (was it spaghetti (or was it the carbonara(?)) that triggered some food allergy in the middle of the night) and will update this post asap.

Have you also received the same email containing that incident? If yes, kindly leave some comments at the end of this post (just make sure you understand and read my comment policy).

If you have concerns/issues on this post, kindly drop a note via my contact page.

What or who is honey88868?

What is honey88868? Or will it be better to ask “Who is honey88868?”.

I know Honey is a popular term of endearment among couples (see my related post here). And 8 is a lucky number among the Chinese. Honey88868 might be a username in some social networking sites. Although if somebody with that username (or a name of a girl followed by some random digit numbers) follow me in Twitter, the usual scenario is that the twitter profile pic is a seductive one and they are most probably spammers, so I will just block her.

All I can say is: Honey88868 was hot. 19th when I started this post and now its 28th

Facebook Petville Cheats and Tips: Boogie Monster, Coffee Fiend and Free Petville Coins

Zynga have release some new features with the Petville Game. Its called Petville Challenges, some sort of a complete within a week task that will enable your pet to have more free petville coins, badges and petville love points and this will be my petville cheats post for the day.

First is the Boogie Monster. This one is very easy especially if you have many neighbors in Petville. Just “Dance” with 10 neighbors within the challenge period (1 week) and you can complete the challenge.My pet have finished this in a flash 🙂

Next challenge is the Coffee Fiend. You have to pick up and clean 10 spilled coffee cups that can be found when cleaning your pet’s and neighbors home. This will require some effort especially if you are lazy like me, since not all neighbor’s home will have the coffee cup as trash. At my usual browsing of some friends house I got 4 out of 10, most probably I will finish this up over the weekend

Hope you like my Petville Tips post.

Update to Adobe 9.3

It’s been a while since I last posted a tech and security related  post. So let me start the year by posting this useful note.

I got some notification that an Adobe update is available on their website. I remembered from the malware blog entry that they (Adobe) have an unpatched 0-day being used by an in-the-wild malware so I checked their website as well the their PSIRT Blog and yes its true an update is available. Quoting their blog

Today a Security Bulletin has been posted in regards to the January 12, 2010 quarterly security update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The update addresses critical security issues in the products, including a patch to resolve CVE-2009-4324 previously discussed in the Adobe PSIRT blog on December 15, 2009 (“Security Advisory APSA09-07 update”). Adobe recommends that users apply the updates for their product installations.

Read the complete blog advisory here.

Since I regularly use Adobe products, I wasted no time and patched my machines. You can get updates from Adobe download page

How about you? Have you updated to Adobe 9.3 too?

Facebook Cafe World Tips: Out of this World Dishes

Just want to update you all on one of my favorite games in Facebook: so here is a post on my cafe world cheats series.

Zynga released some new Out of this World Dishes: Stardust Stew and Martian Brain Bake.

The Stardust Dew recipe costs 1000 cafe coins, serves 425 @ 6 coins per serving.

The Martian Brain Bake recipe costs 2200 cafe coins, serves 1560 @ 5 coins per serving. It provides the highest profit for all the 1-day recipes in the game today.

Don’t forget to share the dishes upon cooking it so that your friends can get 100 servings.

Hope you like my cafe world tips update.