Spam SMS for January 2010

I got another spam sms this month:

Greetings! This is Hector Gaylican of CO*CO*PLANS INC. We are proudly informing you that you are chosen as one of our lucky recipients who is entitled to claim a two year SCHOLARSHIP CERT. GRANT and PERSONAL INSURANCE CERT. Your security claiming code is (M*V*S-2*436-C*C*P) ABSOLUTELY FREE! you may claim your certificate on Jan. 06 to 07, 2010 in our Makati redemption center. Please call @Tel.# 8563170/8563167/8562317 between 10am-5pm Thanks and God bless!

Sender: +639266718572

Wow! You guys now have security code, but for me this SMS is still a SPAM.

For now I am classifying this text message as spam sms, since sender is just spamming, I also bleeped some details of your supposed company. But if you keep on spamming me and my friends I might elevate your status to SMS SCAM (like the This is my new roaming number sms scam or the infamous Marie Velasco sms scam).

Facebook Cafe World Tips: Free Cafe Coins in VIP Dinner Dish

Do you want some free café coins in Café World? Read the Cafe World Cheats post below to know how to have some free goodies for your cafe.

Zynga release a new dish in Facebook Café World today. It is called V.I.P Dinner.

It contains 99 servings of VIP Dinner and gives 99 coins per serving and it cost 0 (zero) coins so it’s absolutely free. That’s whopping 9801 free café coins per stove, just wait for 18 hours to cook.

Just hurry since this offer is valid up to January 7, 2010 only.

What are you waiting for? Login and cook some VIP Dinner now!

Hope you like my Café World Tips update.

Menardconnect and Pagerank Part 3

I’m happy to announce that is now PageRank 3!!! This is the first time this blog got PR3 so this is some sort of a milestone for me and my blog 🙂 . And to add icing to the cake: Google also gave out another Adsense check as a New Years gift!!!

Actually there are this blog’s pagerank have its up and down moments. I got PR1 update in April 2009 and PR2 update in May 2009, and then it dropped to PR1 in October 2009. Quoting one of my learnings on the PR drop post

…Pagerank is one good indicator or metrics for a blog/website, but it is NOT the only indicator that a blogger should watch out for and should take into consideration. For me, I’ll just continue to blog and seek ways on how to improve my blog (and hopefully Pagerank will follow).

I just continued to blog and seek ways on how to improve on blogging, and I am happy that the efforts are paying off now.

Again my sincere thanks to the readers, supporters and friends of this blog. Since this PR update has some rewards included (GA checks) I will be doing a separate thank you post in the coming days (just like the link love posts  here and here).

Happy New Year y’all!

Facebook PetVille Cheats and Tips Part 2: Free Petville Coins, Garage, Cars and Lost Toys

I am back from my long vacation. And for the opening post for 2010 why not an update for my PetVille Cheats series 🙂

Zynga have released an update over the holidays. The 5th and 6th rooms are now available for purchase. The fifth room in Petville is the Garage and you can get it for 25,000 Petville Coins

When you buy the Petville Garage the default view is a garage door and a busted car.

If you want to buy a new car in Petville go to the World Menu and click the Petville Cars.

Clicking the Petville Cars menu, you will be going to the Petville Luxury Car Emporium with lots of assorted cars for your pets. Car prices ranges from 15,000 to 150,000 petville coins

Are you short of petville coins? Worry not!!! Just click the Buy More Coins tab and you will be directed to Petville Bank. The Petville bank offers Petville coins in the 3,000, 8,000, 25,000 and 80,000 denominations

Payment is via Paypal or via Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) of course 🙂

There are also some treasure chests scattered on your pets home or neighbor’s home.
Pic here (chest)

Just click on this chest because they give free petville coins as well as lost toys for your petville friends. You can let your petville friends take them home via posting it in your Facebook wall. Lost toys can either be a toy robot

Or a unicorn

Or a cute cat

Hope you like my petville tips update.