Spam SMS for February 2010

I call this the Insurance-Scholarship-Plus-Extra SMS Spam.

Greetings! This is Mr.Gilbert Palmon of COCOPLANS, Incorporated. We are proudly informing you that you are one of our lucky recipients who is entitled to claim the following:
1. Two-year DATAMEX SCHOLARSHIP Cert. with a FREE tuiti0n fee.
U may claim these items as soon as possible in our Quez0n City business center, for m0re info. and for your security claiming c0de which you will need up0n claiming, you may call us bet 9am-5pm at, 41×1116,41×5115 41×1175 or 09xx5303152, 09xx9989849, 09xx8397342. Thank you and Godbless! (PLS DISREGARD IF CLAIMED OR N0T INTERESTED).

Sender: +639264765247

This sms is an sms spam since I did not subscribe to receive such texts and yet they keep on sending it to me. Whether this is a legit promo or not, sorry I don’t care.

My wild guess is that they will be selling you something in exchange for the free insurance and the scholarship thing so contact them at your own risk.

I have seen variants of the sms spam in the internet, and its seems they are just changing the name of the sender.

If you also receive this spam let me know by adding some comments to this post.

Petville Cheats and Tips: Free PetVille Cash and the Petville Premium Store

I’m sharing some petville cheats today: Zynga is giving away some free stuff in Petville. It is called petville cash, and it can be used to buy premium items in the petville premium store.

I got some free petville cash by visiting petville friends and opening treasure chest there.

You can share the wealth by posting it on your wall, so that your friends can get some free PetVille cash too.

You can then use these petville cash in the petville premium store. Selecting the world icon and choosing the PV premium store icon will lead you to the Petville store.

Petville Premium Store definitely have some cool stuffs to offer. The design is elegant too.

If you really want to have lots of petville cash, it is so easy:

Just prepare your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discovery) or your Paypal 🙂

Hope you like my Petville Tips post.

Taipei Visit 2010

I was of official business in Taipei this week so there was not much posts in Time to catch up so in the tradition of my six cafe world cheats, my six petville cheats, my six fishville cheats, my six mafia wars Bangkok tips, and my free six video post, here are six photos of my favorite foodstuffs in Taipei for this trip

1. Fried Chicken Curry Rice

On one of my solo adventures, I have feasted on this Fried Chicken Curry Rice from one of the food court at a nearby mall in Dun Hua. It’s an adventure since I do not usually like curry and spicy food but this one turns out fine.

2. Beef Noodles Wins

My JM (Project Manager) brought me to this nice noodle house and he let me try this delicious beef noodles. What so special about this beef noodles? He says that Taipei City have an annual contest for the best noodles in town and this beef noodle is the winner of the 2007 contest. For me this one deserves its win!

3. Lifesaver: Mos Burger

As per my previous Taipei visit, Mos Burger saved my day again. On the first day, I was not on the adventurous mood so I decided to have a quick bite at Mo’s Burger. While waiting for the Teriyaki chicken burger, I grabbed my phone camera and took a picture of my hot and tasty mushroom soup and drink.

4. Another Curry: Beef this time

One of my colleagues treated me to nearby restaurant. Since I just had noodles last time, I tried another rice curry dish. This time its beef and again I requested that it should not be spicy. We had some great talk about life and politics in Taiwan and Philippines

5. Guava Juice

One of my favorite fruit juices here in Taipei and I buy one or two tetra pack to bring back to Manila. I’m posting the photo here so that if some teammate will be kind enough to buy me one as pasalubong, I will redirect him/her to this post 🙂

6. Raven’s Favorite: White Grape Juice

This one is a real winner! This is Raven’s favorite and we love the unique taste of this white grape juice and its grape pulp. This is best served chilled. Recently this brand was made available in plastic bottle so I brought some in tetra and in the bottle. Again, I’m posting the photo here so that if some good soul will buy me one as pasalubong but he/she does not know how the product look like, I will redirect him/her here 🙂

Sorry no Din Tai Fung and Xiaolongbao this time, but this visit is still a good experience for me. Til next time again Taipei! Hopefully with Raven na!