Palace BBQ Buffet

Its dinner time again here in Cupertino and my teammates and I went to this korean BBQ place called Palace BBQ Buffet. I left my camera at my bag so I will again trust my dependable camera phone for the pics. Palace BBQ Buffet offer a wide range of meats and seafood stuffs that you… Continue reading Palace BBQ Buffet


Jejemon and Jejetyping

You see them in Facebook and other social networking sites. You might probably see some of their works in your IM (instant messaging applications) and SMS message. Some love them, some hate them. So what is Jejemon? Jejemons are people who use of irrational spelling, alternating capitalization of letters, and other weird characters and punctuations… Continue reading Jejemon and Jejetyping

Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse

My teammates and I had dinner at Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse last night. And by luck I forgot my point and shoot camera at the hotel, so I will settle with my reliable camera phone I had their famous Texas Ribeye, a12 oz USDA Choice piece, their most flavorful cut with the most marbling… Continue reading Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse


My iBlog6 Experience

This was my first iBlog conference and I was really excited to attend and this is the reason why I registered as early as February. Too bad that I misread the dates (I initially thought it was a Saturday and Sunday event) but since I got official commitments on the the first day (Friday) so… Continue reading My iBlog6 Experience

Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Flexible Hotel Area and Shifting Tips

As a follow up post to my Hotel City Cheats post last time, I am sharing two Hotel City Tips that I discovered today. Playfish recently deployed some improvements on how to expand your hotel area. Before players were limited by strict expansions (example is 3×4, 4×6, 4×7, 4×8…) and this resulted to super tall… Continue reading Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Flexible Hotel Area and Shifting Tips