Palace BBQ Buffet

Its dinner time again here in Cupertino and my teammates and I went to this korean BBQ place called Palace BBQ Buffet.

I left my camera at my bag so I will again trust my dependable camera phone for the pics.

Palace BBQ Buffet offer a wide range of meats and seafood stuffs that you can cook at the barbecue grill available in the dining table (ala shabu-shabu style). My favorite is the beef short ribs.

The food was good! We were dining and chatting about works stuffs, blogging (Ka Igme and PinoyFitness was in the in the haus), Jejemon and other SEO stuffs (whitehat stuffs since some experts like Rap, JC and Marco are in the same table too).

Overall, the BBQ experience is good.

If you want to check it out, kindly visit them at 1092 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA.

Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Collect All Properties

When Zynga updated the Mafia Wars Paris expansion, I also noted that they did some good changes on the properties section of each Mafia Destinations.

Before only New York have the one click collect all for New York properties

But now both mafia wars Bangkok

As well as Mafia Wars Cuba and Moscow expansions have the one click collect all properties option.

This is a great improvement and will be a time saver for mafia wars players, Thanks to Zynga and the Mafia Wars Team!

Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Paris

Zynga have decided to give Mafia Wars fanatics some glimpse of the upcoming Paris expansion.

I was checking out my facebook mafia wars and found the some good promotion for the Mafia Wars Paris Extension. But first you must add 1 more mafia crew to your mafia family so that the Mafia Wars Paris expansion will be opened.

Upon visiting Paris, you will be offered a challenge missions to Paris: to get your hands on that precious Mona Lisa painting.

Accepting the challenge mission will lead you to collect 5 maps that will be for free available every 24 hours, and it can be also a drop in completing other mafia wars tasks.

Quoting the game:

You’ve been hired to steal the Mona Lisa! A wealthy art collector wants to add the Mona Lisa to his collection, and has tasked you with “acquiring” it. Each chapter, you’ll be given 3 new jobs to master, each with an exclusive unique item reward should you complete all the jobs. These jobs will require a special item, Parisian Maps, to complete. You can get these from this Challenge Mission page every day, as well as through doing jobs, fighting and robbing in other cities

You can also post something on your facebook wall telling your friends that you have taken the Mafia Wars Paris Challenge.

Travelling to Paris in Mafia Wars is available by the travel tab too

Mafia Wars Paris Chapter 1 will be opening in the next 24 hours so this I will be watching the exciting changes that will unfold in Mafia Wars and update this blog.
Hope you like my Mafia Wars Paris Tips and update post.

Jejemon and Jejetyping

You see them in Facebook and other social networking sites. You might probably see some of their works in your IM (instant messaging applications) and SMS message. Some love them, some hate them. So what is Jejemon?

Jejemons are people who use of irrational spelling, alternating capitalization of letters, and other weird characters and punctuations in their messages, comments and status in social networking sites, IMs and sms messages.
Same samplers:

aRe u tYpFing LyK diZS?

kHamuSta Kha na fPhoE?

eoW P0wh p0wHzz jejejeje

gAnitOh phoH uNg jhejhemOnH mga pHafanShiN kOngH Mhag TypHe KakAiniZh nUh? aNg aRtE!

Long time ago, I refer to this kind of typing as rtard or retard commenting (especially in comments in blogs and Facebook), but since Jejemon seems to be the official term now I will use it from now on.

I got my share of Jejemon or r-tard commenting when I posted the stoya party issue last year. provides a somehow derogatory description about jejemon, but I learned that the term was coined because Jejemons usually type Jejeje instead of the usual hehehe, and they morphed the jeje word with –Mon suffix to relate it to the famous Pokemon/Digimon (poor Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle).

Some sources say that Jejemon is some type of l33t-speak, but I think its a far-fetched idea 🙂

Jejetyping is the act of typing of these weird messages and I agree that this is really annoying to non-jejemons.

I will not condemn Jejemon on this post, but I will not support them either. As the song goes Live and Let Live (or better yet… Live and Let Die)

Several groups have emerged to combat Jejemon. Jejebusters, Anti-jeje and GOTTA KILL ‘EM ALL JEJEMON! are just some example groups who vowed to wipe out jejemons existence in this world 🙂

And if pokemons are captured by using a pokeball, Jejeballs are the one used to capture jejemon.

Put Jejemon Here

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Are you a Jejemon? Or do you find Jejemons’ annoying???

Kindly leave some comments here in my blog. (Jejemon comments are welcome for this post. No decision yet on the need of modifying my comment policy to explicitly prohibit Jejemon comments in the future)

Free Six Info: Waveboard

I have been wondering what was that skateboard-like device that is being used by kids in our neighborhood, so I asked my niece and she told me it is called a waveboard. She borrowed one from our neighbors and happily did a demo to me on how the board works.

I find this waveboard (or wave board) interesting, so in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six social city cheats, my six Petville cheats, six Fishville tips, and my six hotel city cheats posts,  I am blogging about some six useful info about the waveboard.

1. What is a waveboard? Its difficult describe a waveboard (or wave board) so here are some pictures of it.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia commons and majortom7.

2. What is the difference to the traditional skateboard?
I’m not a skater boy, but my first observation is that the main difference to a skateboard is that it is actually two boards connected to a bar (as opposed to a single piece of bar for the skateboard). You can ride it like a skateboard and once you gain speed you can grind or swivel your foot (forward and backward motion) to create some propelling motion. The back of the waveboard looks like the picture below

Images courtesy of Wikimedia commons and majortom7

3. Waveboard Prices

I have checked the waveboard prices in the international scene and it ranges from USD 20 to USD 100+, while waveboard prices in the Philippines ranges from PHP 500 to PHP 1000+.

4. Do you want some tips on how to ride a waveboard, view the video below

Video courtesy of youtube and awesomescreenname

5. Safety using the waveboard.
Just like the skateboard and other board devices, there are available safety gears available to avoid injuries when riding (or learning how to ride) a waveboard. The usual gears like elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and helmet are recommended.

6. What are the other devices similar to the wave board? There are many boards similar to the waveboard. The Hi-tide, Ripboard, Blade-board, Rip Stik, and the caster board and its variants are just some examples.

Hope you liked my wave board post.

Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse

My teammates and I had dinner at Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse last night. And by luck I forgot my point and shoot camera at the hotel, so I will settle with my reliable camera phone

I had their famous Texas Ribeye, a12 oz USDA Choice piece, their most flavorful cut with the most marbling which I requested to be cooked medium-well and some mashed potato

Juicy hah!

And to gulp it down … a bottle or two of ice cold Bud Light…


My iBlog6 Experience

This was my first iBlog conference and I was really excited to attend and this is the reason why I registered as early as February. Too bad that I misread the dates (I initially thought it was a Saturday and Sunday event) but since I got official commitments on the the first day (Friday) so I settled for the 2nd day only.

I arrived late since I’m not familiar with the UP Diliman campus routes and it was almost half of Vince Golangco’s Video Blogging topic. After that Juned Sonido amazed us with his collection of cameras (a wide array of point and shoot, SLRs and their “ancestors”. Emerson Banez discussed the blogging policy basics (disclosure, comment, corp social media guidelines) and Racquel Cagurangan discussed Blog’m and mobile blogging.

After lunch, the UP Concert Chorus serenaded the audience with their 3 songs, and then Mark Rimorim passionately discussed his views on political blogging (how blogging can be a memory or record of the past). Noemi Dado then discussed blogging in the election time and the Blogwatch initiative. Jinoe Gavan discussed running a blog contest (which I skipped since I attended to some concern) then Joseph Gonzales discussed Baler and blogging for your community, which is a very interesting session since the speaker is so natural in delivering his presentation. Last but not the least was Marhgil Macuha who presented SEO and some tips on how to make money with your blogs. 40 minutes was really not enough to discuss all of Macuha’s tricks so like what he suggested, it would be great if you download his and Zigfred’s guerilla blogging e-book.

Some other personal highlights:

  • Finally met Macuha and Mrs. Macuha and had some short chat with them on what’s happening online and offline.
  • Shook hands with Manuel Viloria.
  • Had some chat with Tonyo Cruz, Ms. Noemi Dado and Fitz Villafuerte, and some mascian iBlog6 attendees.
  • Met Lei De Guzman and plsburydoughboy over lunch.
  • Met and greeted a lot of other bloggers (some I met in Wordcamp 2009). Sorry if I can’t remember all of you guys since most of the time I really have poor memory on remembering faces and names (but leave me a note here in the comments section so that I can remember and acknowledge).

I plan post links of other bloggers who shared their iBlog6 experience so watch out for it.

Update 2010.04.22

Here are the initial list of links of other bloggers who shared their iBlog6 experience:

Note: This post is a work in progress and I will add more bits and pieces (and some link love too) as soon as I have time and stable internet connection (I’m now at the airport waiting for my boarding time).

Hyatt Place Dallas Arlington

I enjoyed my stay last month at Hyatt Place Dallas Arlington, so I am featuring this place in my blog. And in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six social city cheats, my six tagalog love quotes and my six hotel city cheats, I am sharing some six pictures of Hyatt Place Dallas Arlington.

Hyatt Place Dallas Arlington is about 10 miles from the Dallas Forth Worth International Airport. For those who love sporting events it is near the Texas Rangers Ballpark as well as the Dallas Cowboy Stadium the place that hosted the Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey bout. It is also very near the Six Flags over Texas (can be seen in the background of the next photo)

I had my first snowfall here last month 🙂

Some of the things I like most about this place are the big and comfy rooms

And nice entertainment system and complimentary wifi too

They also serve complimentary continental breakfast

And their snack bar serves great food 🙂

They also provide complimentary transportation to the airport and nearby places.

If ever I will go again to Arlington, Texas I’ll definitely stay again in this place 🙂

Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Flexible Hotel Area and Shifting Tips

As a follow up post to my Hotel City Cheats post last time, I am sharing two Hotel City Tips that I discovered today.

Playfish recently deployed some improvements on how to expand your hotel area. Before players were limited by strict expansions (example is 3×4, 4×6, 4×7, 4×8…) and this resulted to super tall hotels where rooms do not fit the current screen and you need to zoom out get a clearer view. Now they gave the flexible option of just placing the total area

And then you can arrange the room as you like it.

And here are some Hotel City Shifting Tips. I noted that 48-hour shift is very expensive while 2 hour shift is very cheap. The rates are not proportional to the length of time (example is this: the 48-hour shift may cost 20,000+ coins while 24-hour shift may cost some 5000+ coins only). The risk of the short shifting time is that if you did log in and your hotel is closed, you do not gain coins and experience.

So as I mentioned on my first post, it is critical to plan your shifting time based on your Facebook log in time.

Hope you like my Hotel City Tips post. Watch out for more Hotel City Cheats and Tips in the future here.

Free Six Info: Facebook Hotel City Cheats and Tips

I’m sure you are looking for Hotel City Cheats and Tips and that’s why you came here. Worry not!!! I will share some tips and tricks below.

But what is this Hotel City? Hotel City is a game in Facebook produced by Playfish the same development outfit behind the popular games like Pet Society and Restaurant City. In this game you will build, decorate and manage a hotel. Your success will depend on several factors.

And of course in the tradition of my free six video, six cafe world cheats, six social city cheats, six Petville cheats, six Fishville tips, six ninja saga tips, and six mybrute tips posts, I am sharing some six info, cheats and tips about the Facebook Hotel City:

1. Rooms. Create more rooms since there are always guest looking for rooms to stay. At the start of the game, your hotel city coins will be limited so stick to the budget rooms first. You can upgrade to the bigger rooms as the game progresses. There are also special rooms like the gym and restaurants that you can create in the later part of the game. Early in the game create a Cleaning Closet so that you can keep your hotel clean.

2. Hotel Area. You need to expand your hotel area as soon as it is available. The logic here is the more hotel area, the more rooms and hotel amenities you can add, the more coins and experience points. The prerequisite here is the level so as soon as you level up, check if you can expand you hotel area (3×4, 4×6, 4×7, 4×8 and so on)

3. Hotel Shifting Time and Planning. Plan your Facebook online time and assign hotel-shifting time that will fit your schedule. Your hotel will earn coins and experience once it’s open (on shift), so you need to make sure it’s always open. This is one Hotel City tips is very critical so that you will enjoy the game while have good results. Example is that if you go online once a day, I suggest setting the shift into 24-hour schedule.

4. More Friends. More Neighbors, and More help for you in Hotel City. Friends are very helpful in hotel city. First they can provide daily gifts that you can use to decorate your room. When a friend also joins hotel, they will be placed on your hotel city friends neighbor (with *New* text added to their icons)

And then you can go to their hotel to pick some free hotel city coins.

You can also do daily visits to friends when their icons have coins.

You can also click your hotel’s sleeping guest (and friend hotel guests too)

and earn some extra free hotel city coins

5. Staffing. As you build additional special commercial rooms (gyms, restaurants) you will need staff. The game assigns temporary staff but they say temp staffs are expensive in wages. You can hire your friends as your hotel staffs to save some coins on the wages. You can do this by posting some Hiring on your wall.
Pic wall

6. And as always: Do Not Cheat! Why? Like what I advised on my other gaming posts: Cheaters never win!!! Hotel City is a fun game, and there is no need to cheat. Also I highly recommend that you DO NOT run Facebook apps and other executable (EXE) programs and that promises to do miracles and tricks on hotel city and other games.

Yes, there are sites offering these cheat tools, cheat engines, cheat trainers, etc. and most of the time they are deceptive and it is better to stay on the safe side. If you do not know what the cheat engine or tool is doing on the code and system level (maybe via doing some reverse engineering, system monitoring, etc.) then do not try to run it in your computer, else you risk infection and exposure to bad-ware. There are a lot of bad stuffs out there: malware, spyware, keyloggers, fake Antivirus programs, rogue applications and Trojan downloaders out there in the Internet that are may harm your PCs. Be vigilant and always practice safe computing.

I will post some more new hotel city tips as I advance in the game!

Hope you liked my hotel city cheats post.

Happy gaming!!!