I’m back

Blog Experiences

…from my short blogging break. I feel refreshed so there are many ideas playing in my mind. I would like to share some of the blog post ideas that I have and I will make it six blog post ideas in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six Facebook social city cheats and my six tagalog love quotes posts.

  1. Holy week experience: some churches and pilgrimage sites that me and my family visited during the holy week.
  2. Foodstuffs and fun-stuffs: kite flying, other adventures for the holy week
  3. Book Review: Warcraft lore books that I’m into now
  4. Gaming: 1 game for young and old.
  5. Gaming: a promising 2.0 version beta game suggested by SpiderHam – Starcraft 2.0 Release on July 27
  6. Kids “board” game that I think is very “IN” nowadays: the waveboard

I’m not sure it all of these planned posts will be completed but wish me luck OK?