Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: London

Honestly I was expecting that Mafia Wars Las Vegas would be the next to be tried out in Facebook Mafia Wars so it’s a surprise to see a new expansion in Mafia Wars London.

Dubbed as the Challenge Mission: London I think this expansion will be similar to the Mafia Wars Paris Expansion, as current mafia players will collect passports.

Mafia Wars London will start in less than a week, and to get into the London expansion, the mafia player need to grow their mafia family by adding more  mafia crew or spend some mafia reward points (18 rewards points to be exact)

I would like to share some Mafia War Tips:
While waiting for Mafia Wars London, Zynga is giving away free 12 Mafia Wars British Passports so grab some ever 24 hours. These British passports will be needed in completing tasks in Mafia Wars London.

Also do more jobs and tasks in Mafia wars as British Passports drop while completing jobs in all expansion (New York, Cuba, Bangkok and Moscow)

Add more mafia crews, as this will be helpful in completing tasks in London in the near future.

I will update this blog when I discovered new stuffs for Mafia Wars London. Hope you liked my mafia wars cheats and tips for the London expansion.

Hayley Williams Twitpic Scandal Pics

Hayley Nicole Williams is the lead vocalist of the band Paramore. I’ve heard obscure stories and reports that she lost her phone and/or her twitter account was hacked recently and as a result some scandalous pics of Hayley Williams was posted in twitter and twitpic and is now available the Internet. I also read some blog articles that the “hack” was a staged one and this was just done as a publicity stunt. Poor girl 🙁

Are you looking for that Hayley Williams Twitpic that have been making rounds in the net? Sorry you will _NOT_ find it here 🙂 but you can enjoy some good old Paramore Video courtesy of Youtube below

My prediction:
There will be some (or maybe there already are) malicious searches related to this topic (just like what we saw with the Anne Curtis) and of course it will be courtesy of the bad guy’s black hat SEO. So be careful of what you search and click OK?

I will post some updates here soon.

Facebook Social City Cheats and Tips: City Expansion by Adding a New District

Playdom has some cool updates for the Social City Game in Facebook and its time to update my Social City Tips series.

Do you feel that your Social City is getting crowded? No city planning? Chaotic mix of residential, commercial and industrial zones? Don’t worry because Playdom now enabled building city expansion by making adjacent areas as new district in Social City.

Just click the terrain-like/map icon on the upper right part area if your city.

And you can now choose from the adjacent areas as a new district (currently only the southwest area is unlocked on my part)

Quoting the text in the game

You can use districts to open new building areas in your city.
Districts allow you to build entirely new areas in your city. Each district has its own population and happiness but money, gifts and factories are shared. Create industrial zones, peaceful suburbs, or burstling commercial districts – let you imagination run wild!

Buying a new Social City District?
A 9×9 starter grid district costs 100,000 social city coins. If you have lots of social city coins just click the Buy it icon

A new district will be like a new part of the map and it contains some bare terrain and some trees.

Currently, I have few social city coins so _NO_ structures yet for my “Expansion Pack” District 🙂

Do you like more social city cheats? Sorry I don’t have new cheats for this social city district expansion yet, but you can visit my previous social city posts:

Have fun and enjoy the game!!!, SiteAdvisor and a User Review

I got some notification that SiteAdvisor, Mcafee’s website safety reporting services have a rating for my blog.

Ok the rating for is check and green, which means that this site is safe to browse.

SiteAdvisor also noted that I have online affiliation with Nuffnang PH

which I do not and will not deny (it is in my disclosure page).

But the shocking part is the user review part: a user/reviewer of Siteadvisor classified my site as Adware, Spyware and Virus

I don’t know how to react.

Maybe the reviewer browsed some of my few Tech and Virus-related post (maybe my malware for breakfast post 🙂 )

What’s next for me?

Although Mcafee Siteadvisor is safe and fine, I am worried why a user/reviewer rated me as adware, spyware or virus- related site. FYI, as part of the Antivirus and Security Researchers community, I do know the basic do’s and don’ts on viruses and malware. I checked my site “manually” and by using other online tools and confirm all is a-OK.

So I believe the best option for me is to register in SiteAdvisor as blog owner/webmaster and comment inquire about this user’s rating via official channels. Hope all turns out well, but if all else fail… maybe there are still the unofficial channels 🙂

To the reviewer:
I hope the rating of my blog is just some minor oversight.
I encourage you to view my about page and my disclosure page so that you will know my official stand on adware, spyware, viruses and other related issues. I may have lapses and I am not perfect but all seems fine and a-OK from my end, and I would appreciate it if you can point to me why you classified my blog with that rating. You can leave a note via my contact page or leave some comments at the end this post.

To my readers:
You can visit the Mcafee SiteAdvisor site by going to

Just cut and paste the quoted text above on your browser. You can input (or your site or any other site) in the “View a site report” on the right sidebar and there you have it the Mcafee SiteAdvisor Rating for the site that you have inputted.

Will try to collect and post some other related website safety/rating/sites from Antivirus/IT Security Vendors (and possibly some independent ones too) and other website safety related sites and tips soon.

Pacman in Google Doodle

Update 2010.05.26
The pac-man google doodle is gone as a doodle but it will be a mainstay at and Enjoy!

Pacman FTW!!!

I just saw the coolest google doodle ever: a playable pacman arcade game. I thought its just an ordinary google doodle image linked to a search of that item but its a working pacman game with matching original arcade sound, insert coin and the pacman maze with the Google word! I believe its in celebration of pac man’s 30th anniversary! Try it now and just use your arrow keys! 🙂

Here it the screen capture in english

and in Filipino

Cool! with matching game over 🙂

You can also play it on 2 player mode, I just dont know what will be the key config for the CPU-2 🙂

Sorry if this is old news already (I’m sick and have not been surfing the net much for the last 2 days).

SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

Note: This post is an awareness campaign to all readers of this blog. Beware! There is a recycled SMS spam and website spam making rounds that in the Philippines patterned after Marie Velasco, Anna Marie Velasco, Marie Bacolod scams. New name of the girl in the SMS scam and website scam is Sam Mendoza so I will tag this as the Sam Mendoza SMS SCAM.

I got a comment from a reader (Azeto) of my SMS Scam: Marie Velasco post telling me that they received another set of sms messages that may be related to this scam. To the benefit of the new readers this Marie Velasco SMS Scam was making rounds in the Philippines SMS since 2009. The “poor girl” is asking a would-be victim to send her some money (or electronic cellphone load) so that she can go to Manila and work. In exchange for the money, the “poor girl” who do “anything”. I leave it to your imagination on what will be the boundaries of that “anything” since the scammers seems to target the male population. I started blogging about it around August 2009, when my friends IRL and I got some random sms messages. I even got some flame comments before related to this blog posts. Read my previous posts

Going back to the new scam, I got curious so I investigated further. And wow! I will quote the site:

I’m just a simple lady… with simple dream. A dream of coming to Manila for a job. Unfortunately, the problem is… I don’t have the means (financially) to go to Manila. I’m a scholar of DOST kaya ako nakapag-tapos ng kolehiyo. About my parents, deceased na sila when I am in high school years pa lang. I am staying in a boarding house for now… kasi wala naman kaming bahay na puede kong matuluyan dito sa bacolod. Taga Surigao po talaga kami, but lumipat lang nanay at tatay ko dito nung maliit pa lang ako, kaya wala na akong idea about sa mga relatives ko. I’m the only child dahil medyo weak ang health ng nanay ko that time and so medyo delikado na kung magbubuntis pa siya uli. I’m very desperate. I’m really needing some help. I’m willing to sacrifice everything including myself in exchange for my future career sa Maynila. I have my deadline in San Miguel Ortigas and still, I don’t know if someone could help me on my way to Manila… I really need help now… I’m willing to offer an exchange for the help you give… Whatever you ask for… I’m risking it.

I spent 5 years of my life including Christmas living alone sa boarding house ko… Gusto ko rin ma-experience na magtrabaho at may makasama kahit isang relative man lang na puede gumabay sa akin… Im old enough to stand independently but I’m still young for some other things…

I don’t have any options but to offer myself… I’m decided… I better lose it for good purpose… Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako gigising isang umaga na may handa ng tumulong sa ‘kin makapunta ng Maynila… I really need a new life…”

At the sidebar:

Sam Mendoza
Name: Sam O. Mendoza
Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Birthdate: February 15, 1989
Birthplace: Surigao del Sur
Address: currently staying in a boarding house in Purok Sambag, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100
Parents: Anna Ortiz (deceased); Luisito Mendoza (deceased)
Sibling(s): None

Sounds familiar???

Yup! It IS the same old and recycled Anna Marie Velasco Crying for help SMS Scam. With a new pretty pic to match the new name (Sam Mendoza, Sam O. Mendoza, Sam Ortiz Mendoza) ! It also comes with the Transcript of Records and other supporting documents and images uploaded to Flicker: But overall it IS all the same… EPIC FAIL SMS and Website Scam!!!

I guess that the picture was grabbed somewhere, poor girl 🙁
And I also guess that the supporting documents are fabricated (Anybody heard of Recto? or photoshop perhaps?) 🙂

SCAM accomplice site is:

If you also receive the same or similar SMS scam messages/website, kindly leave some comments here.

To the scammer/s behind this Sam Mendoza/Marie Velasco! Nice Try! But you’re exposed now 🙂

Update 2010.06.05
Additional SCAM accomplice sites:
.tk domain redirects to

Update 2010.06.17

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again it redirects to

Update 2010.06.20

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again the said TK domain redirects to

Update 2010.07.10

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.29

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.31

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.04

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.18
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.01
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.05
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.08
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.21
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.09.28
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.10
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.23
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.29
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.12.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.09
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.11
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.29
New SCAM accomplice site/s:

Update 2011.06.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.07.05
New SCAM accomplice sites:


.TK sites redirect to

Update 2011.11.19
New SCAM accomplice sites:
.TK sites redirect to

Pinagong Part 2

One of things I love about Quezon province is the food. Take Pinagong for example:

This is a good reward for me after that long wait to cast that vote last Monday

That’s oven-fresh Pinagong with some oven-fresh monay on the side! Goes well with ice-cold softdrinks! 🙂

If you also love Pinagong, feel free to leave some comments here.

Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Rooms

In the early stages of the Hotel City game in Facebook your funds will be limited so most of the time you will buy the budget room.

But I noticed that budget rooms earn less experience points and hotel city coins as compared to the bigger rooms.

Take note that budget rooms cost earns 1 coin and XP point only. And I also observed that as the game advances you will need to expand your hotel and if you build many budget rooms you will need to build a lot of cleaning closets, which means it will be more expensive in wages. So I will share how I manage my hotel using this hotel city tips: As soon as your have enough money, buy the small room:

Since small rooms occupy 2 blocks but earns 3 XP points 3 Coins and this will mean more coins and XP points as compared to the budget rooms. If you have lots of hotel city coins, it will better to buy the large room

Since large rooms occupy 3 blocks but earns 7 XP points and 7 coins this is good investment for producing more hotel city coins and XP points.

If you are lazy in decorating your rooms, and you have lotsa lots of hotel city coins, try the spooky room, it occupies 3 blocks earns 7 XP points and 7 coins, and is already decorated and costs 34300 coins which I guess is a good bargain given the many room decorations it already contains.

Spooky rooms are my favorite rooms in Hotel City. No need to redecorate come Halloween season :p

Seriously, Spooky Rooms are good hotel coins and XP points earner and give good hotel ratings too as compared to other plain rooms, so its my favorite at this stage of the Hotel City game.

Hope you like my Facebook Hotel City cheats and tips post.

Kimwell is Giving Away Some Freebies

My blogger friend Kimwell of is giving away some cool prizes for his birthday this month of May. Three domain names and three blog hosting packages await the winners of his Birthday Bash contest, and if I read it correctly some premium themes and cash prize are at stake too. Big time!

As as support to his contest and advance birthday greets too, I’m blogging it here at

The mechanics are really simple:


1. Subscribe to his RSS Feed via Email (Required)
Please do not forget to CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION in your email address.

2. Leave a Comment in his Post indicating that you have joined. (Required)

For those of you who want to get hold of the freebies or just want to support his contest, kindly visit Kimwell’s post for the complete details:

  • My Birthday Bash : Domain+Wordpress Hosting Giveaway

What are you waiting for? Visit his blog and join na 🙂

Facebook Social City Cheats and Tips: Buses and Fiesta

It’s been a long time since I last posted some Facebook social city tips, so let me blog some cool updates that I noticed with my Social City.

I usually people walking and jogging around my city. One time, when my police station was just recently built, I noticed a policeman patrolling my city. But today was the first time that I saw some vehicles roaming around the city. I forgot to do some screen capture but I now know what these vehicles are doing in my city.

So my social city cheats of the week are: 1) if you want to have vehicles roaming around your city, build some school:

One social city school provides 1,300 happiness points and 73 coins every day. It costs 25,000 social city coins and build time is 5 hours and rewards builder with 100 experience points.

Next social city tip is to send Fiesta to your social city friends. Fiesta and Festival provides additional 250 happiness points to your city

Hope you liked my social city cheats and tips update.