Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Rooms


In the early stages of the Hotel City game in Facebook your funds will be limited so most of the time you will buy the budget room.

But I noticed that budget rooms earn less experience points and hotel city coins as compared to the bigger rooms.

Take note that budget rooms cost earns 1 coin and XP point only. And I also observed that as the game advances you will need to expand your hotel and if you build many budget rooms you will need to build a lot of cleaning closets, which means it will be more expensive in wages. So I will share how I manage my hotel using this hotel city tips: As soon as your have enough money, buy the small room:

Since small rooms occupy 2 blocks but earns 3 XP points 3 Coins and this will mean more coins and XP points as compared to the budget rooms. If you have lots of hotel city coins, it will better to buy the large room

Since large rooms occupy 3 blocks but earns 7 XP points and 7 coins this is good investment for producing more hotel city coins and XP points.

If you are lazy in decorating your rooms, and you have lotsa lots of hotel city coins, try the spooky room, it occupies 3 blocks earns 7 XP points and 7 coins, and is already decorated and costs 34300 coins which I guess is a good bargain given the many room decorations it already contains.

Spooky rooms are my favorite rooms in Hotel City. No need to redecorate come Halloween season :p

Seriously, Spooky Rooms are good hotel coins and XP points earner and give good hotel ratings too as compared to other plain rooms, so its my favorite at this stage of the Hotel City game.

Hope you like my Facebook Hotel City cheats and tips post.

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