SMS SCAM ALERT: Sam Mendoza, the new Marie Velasco

Note: This post is an awareness campaign to all readers of this blog. Beware! There is a recycled SMS spam and website spam making rounds that in the Philippines patterned after Marie Velasco, Anna Marie Velasco, Marie Bacolod scams. New name of the girl in the SMS scam and website scam is Sam Mendoza so I will tag this as the Sam Mendoza SMS SCAM.

I got a comment from a reader (Azeto) of my SMS Scam: Marie Velasco post telling me that they received another set of sms messages that may be related to this scam. To the benefit of the new readers this Marie Velasco SMS Scam was making rounds in the Philippines SMS since 2009. The “poor girl” is asking a would-be victim to send her some money (or electronic cellphone load) so that she can go to Manila and work. In exchange for the money, the “poor girl” who do “anything”. I leave it to your imagination on what will be the boundaries of that “anything” since the scammers seems to target the male population. I started blogging about it around August 2009, when my friends IRL and I got some random sms messages. I even got some flame comments before related to this blog posts. Read my previous posts

Going back to the new scam, I got curious so I investigated further. And wow! I will quote the site:

I’m just a simple lady… with simple dream. A dream of coming to Manila for a job. Unfortunately, the problem is… I don’t have the means (financially) to go to Manila. I’m a scholar of DOST kaya ako nakapag-tapos ng kolehiyo. About my parents, deceased na sila when I am in high school years pa lang. I am staying in a boarding house for now… kasi wala naman kaming bahay na puede kong matuluyan dito sa bacolod. Taga Surigao po talaga kami, but lumipat lang nanay at tatay ko dito nung maliit pa lang ako, kaya wala na akong idea about sa mga relatives ko. I’m the only child dahil medyo weak ang health ng nanay ko that time and so medyo delikado na kung magbubuntis pa siya uli. I’m very desperate. I’m really needing some help. I’m willing to sacrifice everything including myself in exchange for my future career sa Maynila. I have my deadline in San Miguel Ortigas and still, I don’t know if someone could help me on my way to Manila… I really need help now… I’m willing to offer an exchange for the help you give… Whatever you ask for… I’m risking it.

I spent 5 years of my life including Christmas living alone sa boarding house ko… Gusto ko rin ma-experience na magtrabaho at may makasama kahit isang relative man lang na puede gumabay sa akin… Im old enough to stand independently but I’m still young for some other things…

I don’t have any options but to offer myself… I’m decided… I better lose it for good purpose… Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako gigising isang umaga na may handa ng tumulong sa ‘kin makapunta ng Maynila… I really need a new life…”

At the sidebar:

Sam Mendoza
Name: Sam O. Mendoza
Age: 21
Height: 5’6″
Birthdate: February 15, 1989
Birthplace: Surigao del Sur
Address: currently staying in a boarding house in Purok Sambag, Brgy. Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100
Parents: Anna Ortiz (deceased); Luisito Mendoza (deceased)
Sibling(s): None

Sounds familiar???

Yup! It IS the same old and recycled Anna Marie Velasco Crying for help SMS Scam. With a new pretty pic to match the new name (Sam Mendoza, Sam O. Mendoza, Sam Ortiz Mendoza) ! It also comes with the Transcript of Records and other supporting documents and images uploaded to Flicker: But overall it IS all the same… EPIC FAIL SMS and Website Scam!!!

I guess that the picture was grabbed somewhere, poor girl 🙁
And I also guess that the supporting documents are fabricated (Anybody heard of Recto? or photoshop perhaps?) 🙂

SCAM accomplice site is:

If you also receive the same or similar SMS scam messages/website, kindly leave some comments here.

To the scammer/s behind this Sam Mendoza/Marie Velasco! Nice Try! But you’re exposed now 🙂

Update 2010.06.05
Additional SCAM accomplice sites:
.tk domain redirects to

Update 2010.06.17

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again it redirects to

Update 2010.06.20

Additional SCAM accomplice sites:

again the said TK domain redirects to

Update 2010.07.10

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.29

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.07.31

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.04

Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.08.18
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.01
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.05
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.08
Additional new SCAM accomplice sites:

Update 2010.09.21
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.09.28
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.10
Additional new SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.23
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.10.29
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2010.12.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.01.25
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.03.09
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.11
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.20
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.04.26
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.16
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.05.29
New SCAM accomplice site/s:

Update 2011.06.02
New SCAM accomplice site:

Update 2011.07.05
New SCAM accomplice sites:


.TK sites redirect to

Update 2011.11.19
New SCAM accomplice sites:
.TK sites redirect to


  1. this is the new numbers and site used in this scam.
    first text => 09165084179
    2nd text => 09064314621

    site =>

  2. hahahah.. i almost help this girl today. buti na lang naisipan kong mag search sa net ng name nya and i pulled out this blog here.

    “Tulungan nyo naman po ako, I hope you can feel my sincerity.”


    God is really good. Thank you.

    1. unbelievable!!

      parang gusto ko pilipitin leeg ng taong ‘to. kawawa naman yung kung sino man ang may ari ng picture na nagamit nya.

  3. sam mendoza #09064325877
    muntik na ako!!! gosh! mahirap pala ang masyadong maawain. lesson learned. 🙁

    1. @ysabel , mga bata lang mga yan na nagtrip. hindi naman taga bacolod mga yan so yun instruction nila na send to address bacolod hindi nila maclaim yun pera. tripping lang mga yan.

  4. Muntik na din akong mabiktima, I received the text and naawa ako…however when I checked the documents I noticed something na familiar, so one of the signatory is the cousin of my friend, so I contacted my friend to seek if this is true and she is one of their student, kawawa namn almost nagbebenta na ng laman…. Anyway he replied to me and said that it is all fake 2 years na daw yan …University of St. Lasalle is doing appropriate action regarding this. NBI is also investigating this matter since the school already filed an official complain…. Mahirap talagang maging mabait hehehehehehe…



  5. just checked….(0906) 431-4621 Globe number used in sending text messages is still active…try dialing the number NOW

    would somebody try to locate, investigate and arrest this Sam Mendoza…am sure she/he and co-horts are somewhere in the Philippines NOW.

  6. Imagine that sam mendoza sent me a message saying “pinaasa nyo lang po ako, sana wag nyong gawin sa iba yan – sam” — she sent it from 2 numbers – 09064325877 and 09064314621 – almost 200 times!!!! unbelievable.

    I put my phone on a silent mode just to keep my self composed. hahhahaha…. nakakatawa sya. karma karma lang yan. may katapusan din ang kasamaan ng taong yan.

  7. she use ‘’ on me, same number 09064314621.
    i knew she was a scum with a scam. i tried to play her along a few days and take note, she doesnt want you to get her an online e-ticket but prefers money through western union.
    piks of poor victim lady in the blogsite is pretty pa naman…. does she know kaya her piks and possibly her ‘own’ docs are being circulated in the net by a scammer?

  8. just today nakausap ko yun number na 09064325877
    boses ng batang babae at english speaking. parang takot or patago na ngsasalita. hindi na ito ang orig i think. mga nakisawsaw lang mga ito or nag trip. they dont intend to get the money. gusto lang nila makita kung ilan ang maloloko nila. either contest nila ng barkada or anything. bottom line they dont intend to get the money. pero halata na mga bata lang at mahina pa sa diskarte.

  9. thanks a lot for this alert. I just got an SMS which directed me to a website of a SAM MENDOZA. I googled the name and I got to your website which warned about this person. whew!

  10. wow…. is this really true, she’s using hxxp:// as her link, I just received a text from her or them last week and since then I’ve been texting her for the details so that I could send her money, pero buti na lng I googled her name and this is what I found out. Sayang naman, but the thing is that, she is trying to come to Manila for her Interview on Nov 22 at San Miguel COrp. so I texted her na its already Nov 21 an hour ago, until now she’s not replying. Maybe its really a scam. well anywys, thanks for this Blog.

  11. i also recieved a text message, nanghihingi ng tulong..then binigay wedsite na to: w then it redirects to sam o. mendoza page, na curious ako kc im connected with the government agency where she got her scholarship..

  12. Yes, i got also some text messages from a certain Sam O. Mendoza. Also from Bacolod asking for help because she has a deadline for final briefing with SMC Ortigas. At first I just ignore her messages, then after a few days, another text same messages with her bio data. Then another text after another, I almost wanted to help,that is why i googled the ff website which she give me to make sure. she also uses different numbers. thanks for this blog..
    09278634036 w
    09151806457 w

  13. i got the same sms. new website ridirected to same sam mendoza page w sms number used: 09156652615

  14. I just received SMS this morning about Sam Mendoza….if someone who really want to help, to be rest assured try confirm first at said company if they have an applicant naming Sam Mendoza for thier briefing schedule. At first, i want to believe it but really wondering how come they can able to send many SMS as they can and yet don’t have the money to come in manila? And if she’s really desperate she can do some alternatives in bacolod just to go to manila…if she really wants to offer herself offer it personally where she’s staying just to make money..huh!..not with this kind of scam.

  15. take note ang dami nyang # ha… 09053795437….muntik na talaga akong maniwala…pano kasi kung totoo?…but in the end i realise now adays talaga sobrang dami talaga ng mga manloloko!..kaya wag magpapaloko….

  16. Also received from 2 different nos.09156652615, then after a month ds is her new no 09053795437 with her file., makakarma din cya. Poor girl.

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