Max’s Chicken All You Can Eat for 165 Pesos

Max’s Restaurant is celebrating their 65 years anniversary with a big bang: Chicken All You Can Eat for only 165 pesos.

Yes, its all the sarap-to-the-bones fried chicken you can eat, from 6PM to 10PM daily at all Max’s Restaurant branches nationwide. Diners can add 39 pesos for unlimited soft drinks too! 🙂

We are avid fans of Max’s Restaurant. We love their Fried Chicken as well as their Crispy Pata and Lumpiang Ubod too. View my Fried Chicken and Crispy Pata post o! We will try this promo in the coming weekends, as it will run until July 17, 2010 only 🙂

If you already tried this Max’s Chicken All You Can Eat promo, feel free to leave some comments here.

In Love and War: Wasak Waltz Lyrics

I am posting the lyrics of one of my favorite tracks from the In Love and War Album by Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona. This is track 8: Wasak Waltz and this song reminds me of the good old eheads days with its pace, melody and familiar lyrics. Goosebumps 🙂

Wasak Waltz

Eto na naman
Panahon ng tag-ulan
Di maiiwasan sa buhay nino man
Tulad mo rin ako
Isang pulo sa dagat
Na walang hanggan
Naghahanap ng masisilungan

Sa dinami-dami ng lugar
Ay dito pa nagkita
Gaano nga ba katagal
Ako’y tumatanda na

Pagkakataong tulad nito
Di dapat pinapalampas
Sabay nating harapin
Ang pag-asa ng bukas

Itaas ang kamay
At iwagayway
Masarap mabuhay
Itaob na ang tagay
Saan ka man pumunta
Meron man o wala
Diyan nagsisimula
Ang wasak na pagsasamahan

Pagkakataong tulad nito
Di dapat pinapalampas
Sa sakit na dinadala
Isa lang ang ating lunas

Itaas ang kamay
At iwagayway
Masarap mabuhay
Itaob na ang tagay
Saan ka man pumunta
Meron man o wala
Diyan nagsisimula
Ang wasak na pagsasamahan

Ely Buendia – Vocals/Keyboard/Percussion/Guitar
Francis M – Vocals
Sancho – Acoustic Guitar
Dok Sergio – Bass
Wendell Garcia – Drums
Jerome Velasco – Guitar
Andi Trinidad – Backing Vocal
Anna Rubio – Backing Vocal

The song was produced by Ely Buendia, Robert Javier and Angee Rozul, and was recorded at Tracks Studio, Pasig City. Wasak Waltz track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Angee Rozul.

Update 2010.10.01
I have posted the official Wasak Waltz Full Music Video on my Wasak Waltz Video post.

Free Six Info: Happy Father’s Day Quotes

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Special greetings to my Papa in Quezon and my Tatay in Laguna the two persons that Raven and I greeted last week a super-advanced happy fathers day (honestly it was a minor boo-boo, we thought that it was last week, but our moms reminded us it 3rd week of June, so we just said was a 1-week advance… palusot). Special Father Day greetings also goes to my kuyas, my friends and barkadas, my titos and my ninongs.

In the tradition of my free six video, my six tagalog love quotes, my six hotel city cheats, my six social city cheats and my six cafe world cheats, I am posting some six father day quotes below

“A father is a banker provided by nature.” – French Proverb
“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” -Anonymous
“The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” – Tim Russert
“It is a wise child that knows his own father.” – Homer Simpson
“Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected.”– Red Buttons
“By profession, I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am prouder – infinitely prouder – to be a father. A soldier destroys in order to build; the father only builds, never destroys. The one has the potentiality of death; the other embodies creation and life. And while the hordes of death are mighty, the battalions of life are mightier still. It is my hope that my son, when I am gone, will remember me not from the battle field but in the home repeating with him our simple daily prayer, ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’ ” – Douglas Macarthur

Quotes taken from my Happy Fathers Day Quotes post.

Hotel City Cheats and Tips: Luxury Items and Backgrounds

Playfish updated the Facebook Hotel City game recently and I am sharing some Hotel City Tips here.

There are some new cool stuff added by the developers. The hotel city luxury items like gold watches, sunglasses and plane tickets are new items that you can gift and collect to unlock hotel city backgrounds and new rooms.

You might be searching for ways on how to get Hotel City Luxury items so here are some tips:

Check out your Hotel City friends wall if they are giving away luxuries and grab it

Also another hotel city tip is that whenever you get Hotel City Luxury items, you share it with your hotel city friends

Sharing is great since they will return the favor and share back.

Also try visiting other friends lobby since they give out hotel city coins and sometimes hotel city luxury too. Just look for the shopping bag icon

Or if you are really eager, buy it via Playfish cash 🙂

To unlock the Night View background and rooms you will need 15 gold watches and 10 plane tickets.

To unlock the New York background and rooms you will need 8 coffee, 10 plane tickets and 15 movie-looking tickets

Hope you like my hotel city cheats and tips post.

WordPress Three Dot Oh!

Last night, I got some news that WordPress 3.0 is now available. As it was already late and I’m feeling a little bit sleepy I just triggered a backup creation for my blog so that in the morning it will be ready to update.

I updated this blog to WordPress 3.0 this morning and found the new WordPress build cool. The update was smooth and the new admin console look and feel is a-OK. Some features that I’ve seen on action is the bulk update for the plugins and theme, and its like unified now and can be done on a single click. The WordPress blog also mentioned that WordPress 3.0 release is codenamed Thelonious, after Thelonious Monk, the jazz pianist and composer. Other features of the release is the merge of WordPress and MU (WordPress for Multi User), an introduction of a new default theme called Twenty Ten, adding wordpress child themes, and more than a thousand bug fixes.

For the complete feature walk-through, kindly view the video below:

To my fellow WordPress bloggers out there: Have you updated to WordPress 3.0 already? Feel free to leave some comments below.

In Love and War: Higante Lyrics

As part of my In Love and War Album review, I am posting the lyrics of one of my favorite tracks in the album: Higante by Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia.

Higante (feat. Hardware Syndrome)

Narito palagi
Di nawawala
Ang bendisyon ng pari
Laging nasa kanya
Sintaas ng Ulap
Ang kanyang tindig
Nakaupo sa palad
Ang buong daigdig

Ah siya ay dambuhala
Siya’y nakakalula
Dadalhin ka nya
Sa sukdulan

Tumingala sa langit
Kung nais kong makita
Ang higanteng pangit
Tila naninindak
Sa nuo nakasipat
Ang aking saltik
Sa lakas ng tira
Sa lupa sya humalik

Ah siya ay dambuhala
Siya’y nakakalula
Dadalhin ka nya
Sa sukdulan

Maliliit na tao ay walang kalaban laban

Sino ka makaasta
Isa kang kontrabida di ba
Maliliit na tulad namin
Sinasaktan mo kinakain
Magtago ka na dambuhala
Kakampi namin si Bathala
Kung ayaw mo na maniwala
Sa bato mapipinsala

Meet the cool dudes behind the Higante song:
Francis M – Vocals
Ely Buendia – Vocals/Keyboard
Carlo Sison – Guitar
Francis Villanueva – Bass
Otep Concepcion – Drums
Noel Mendez – Guitar
Jerome Velasco – Guitar
Robert Javier – Percussion

Produced by Robert Javier. Recorded at Tracks Studio, Pasig City. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Angee Rozul. Asst. Engineers – Paolo Santiago / Monti Macalino

Watch out for more lyrics and review post for the In Love and War CD.

In Love and War Album

At last, Raven and I finally got our In Love and War Album. In Love and War is of course the CD Album of Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia.

The In Love and War CD has 10 tracks. It features some great collab works with the good bands of today like Hardware Syndrome, Pupil, Gloc 9 and Turbogroth, Hilera and Brigada, The Purplechickens and Radha.

Complete In Love and War Album Track List

Higante is of course the early favorite as this track have been teasingly aired since 2009. And as one commenter from my previous In Love and War blog post, it really brings goose bumps :). The 8th track Wasak Waltz is my next favorite since I love the familiar melody and cool lyrics too (reminded me of some old eheads songs 🙂 ) and definitely this one will be on the fav playlist. The Dreamdate (5th track) is a good and catchy one too. And Raven and I seems to have heard the Bus Stop (3rd track) somewhere else (don’t know if they have played it in the radio also).

The Album is a good one and I will do some follow up post here in my blog. When? Soon…

In Love and War CD Album costs 305 pesos. Grab your copy from your favorite music store… now.

Happy Independence Day Philippines

Today is the 112nd Independence of the Republic of the Philippines. Google have a cool doodle for the Philippines Independence Day

just like last year’s google doodle

The Independence Day falls on a Saturday, so the holiday will be moved to Monday instead so this is again a long weekend for Filipinos. Aside from the usual fun activities, I hope Filipinos celebrate and cherish our independence!

Mabuhay ang Kalayaan! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

FakeAV and the AV Security Suite Removal

FakeAV, Rogue AV, Rogue Antivirus, Fake Antivirus, Rogue Security Software, Scareware.

Different Security Vendors call them by different names. Simply put, these FAKEAV’s are malicious programs and software packages that mislead users by mimicking legitimate antivirus (AV) programs and giving false warnings (that the machine/ PC that they are using are infected by malware, viruses, spyware and lots of other bad stuffs).

AV Security Suite Image courtesy of Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia and TrendLabs Malware Blog

And after running the supposedly antivirus scan, FakeAV offers some protective and removal solution if you buy and install their product. Beware: take note that this supposedly antivirus product will do more damage than good since it will do a lot of bad stuffs: it may download and install other malware or steal confidential information from your machine. FakeAV software package price ranges from 40 US dollars and above. And yes, definitely this is a lucrative moneymaking scheme for the bad guys. Read more in Trend Micro Report (PDF): The Business of Cybercrime: A complex business model

So what are my personal tips and suggestions for this Fake AV? How do I suggest dealing with this AV Security Suite Removal?

One good resource that I recommend is scanning your machine with Trend Micro HouseCall. This tool is Trend Micro’s free online malware scanner and cleaner and the new version (HouseCall 7) uses the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network technology that is both powerful and lightweight. If you are a techie-type of person you can try out other free tools like Hijackthis.

Ideally prevention is better than cure. So having a good antivirus/anti-malware/security product on your desktop is a basic and keeping it up to date is a must. Update it daily (at least) as there are tons of new malware coming out every day (read my old Malware Blog post on 1H 2009: Malware Threat Grows Ever Larger). Some personal suggestions is of course Trend Micro Internet Security Pro (PC-Cillin) or Trend Micro Titanium (cut and paste the links to your browser)

But there are also a lot of other good, trustworthy and legitimate AV and Security products out there  (I will not list them all since I worry that I might miss some AV/AV products and my AV’er friend/s from that company might get mad at me (in Filipino: baka magkaselosan lang sila) so stick with TM products only 🙂 )

It is also wise to make sure that your operating system (OS) and other critical programs are patched with the latest updates.

Awareness is the key. Be aware of the programs that you are installing and running in your machine. Trust only those legitimate software. If suddenly an unknown program tells you that your machine is infected with some malware: DO NOT PANIC. Check first if the notification came from your legitimate Antivirus/Anti-malware/Security product installed. If not then be paranoid and double-check by running a scan from your AV product. Check also if the product is similar to the known FakeAV/Rogue Antivirus program names (and do not trust them right away). Partial list of FakeAV as compiled by Wikipedia.

Advanced Cleaner, AKM Antivirus 2010 Pro, AlfaCleaner, Alpha AntiVirus, ANG Antivirus (knock-off of AVG Anti-virus), Antimalware Doctor, AntiSpyCheck 2.1, AntiSpyStorm, AntiSpyware 2009, Antispyware 2010, AntiSpyware Soft, Antivirus 7, Antivirus Soft, Antivirus Suite, Antivirus System PRO, AntiSpyware Bot from 2Squared Software, AntiSpywareExpert, AntiSpywareMaster, AntiSpywareSuite, AntiSpyware Shield, Antivermins, Antivirus 2008, Antivirus 2009, Antivirus XP 2010, Antivirus 2010 (also known as Anti-virus-1), Antivirus 360, Antivirus Pro 2009, AntiVirus Gold, Antivirus Live, Antivirus Master, Antivirus XP 2008, Antivirus Pro 2010, AV Security Suite, Avatod Antispyware 8.0, Awola, BestsellerAntivirus, ByteDefender also known as ByteDefender Security 2010, Cleanator, ContraVirus, Control Center, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Desktop Security 2010, Doctor Antivirus, Doctor Antivirus 2008, DriveCleaner, Dr Guard, EasySpywareCleaner, eco AntiVirus, Errorsafe, ErrorSmart, Flu Shot 4, Green Antivirus 2009, IE Antivirus (aka IE Antivirus 3.2), IEDefender, InfeStop, Internet Antivirus, Internet Antivirus Pro, Internet Security 2010, KVMSecure, Live PC Care, Live Security Suite, MacSweeper, MalwareCrush, MalwareCore, MalwareAlarm, Malware Bell (a.k.a. Malware Bell 3.2), Malware Defender (not to be confused with the HIPS firewall of the same name), Malware Defense, MS Antivirus (not to be confused with Microsoft Antivirus or Microsoft Security Essentials), MS AntiSpyware 2009 (not to be confused with Microsoft AntiSpyware, now Windows Defender), MaxAntiSpy, My Security Wall, My Security Engine, MxOne Antivirus, Netcom3 Cleaner, Paladin Antivirus, PCSecureSystem, PC Antispy, PC AntiSpyWare 2010, PC Clean Pro, PC Privacy Cleaner, PerfectCleaner, Perfect Defender 2009, PersonalAntiSpy Free, Personal Antivirus, Personal Security, PAL Spyware Remover, PCPrivacy Tools, PC Antispyware, Protection Center, PSGuard, Privacy Center, Rapid AntiVirus, Real AntiVirus,
Registry Great, Safety Alerter 2006, Safety Center, SafetyKeeper, SaliarAR, SecureFighter, SecurePCCleaner, SecureVeteran, Security Master AV, Security Scan 2009, Security Tool, Security Toolbar 7.1, SiteAdware, Security Essentials 2010 (not to be confused with Microsoft Security Essentials), Smart Antivirus 2009, Soft Soldier, SpyAxe, Spy Away, SpyCrush, Spydawn, SpyGuarder, SpyHeal (a.k.a SpyHeals & VirusHeal), SpyMarshal, Spylocked, SpySheriff (a.k.a PestTrap, BraveSentry, SpyTrooper), SpySpotter, SpywareBot (Spybot – Search & Destroy knockoff, Now known as SpywareSTOP), Spyware Cleaner[135] SpywareGuard 2008 (not to be confused with SpywareGuard by Javacool Software), Spyware Protect 2009, SpywareQuake …

Important Note: This is partial list only. And these product names are just names in the UI (User Interface). FakeAV Developers can update this anytime by adding the year (and year next year) as what Legit AV products do. They can also add the usual legit product suffixes like Pro and Security Suite. Bottom line: use the name list with caution OK?

Original list taken from wikipedia

I hope you find my FakeAV and AV Security Suite Removal post useful. I’m glad finally I finished one as I have been contemplating on writing a post on this topic since 2009. To know more about FakeAV, I recommend reading the TrendLabs Malware Blog

Lastly some background info on me, my blog and some disclosure:
This blog is my personal blog and I discuss my personal views on Technology and IT/ Security here at This post is _NOT_ a paid post by Trend Micro but I disclose that I’m employed with Trend Micro. Read more on my about page and my disclosure page.

From Eastwood City to Rockwell Business Center

I’ve been itching to write something about this topic but I don’t know where and how to start. Will the post be senti-mode one (remembering all the good old memories from year 2000?) or will it be a rant post 🙂 ? Nah! Lets try it the Starcraft and foodie-goodie way post!

Yes its official! TrendLabs is moving from Eastwood City CyberPark to Rockwell Business Center. I’m not the official spokesperson on this topic but since I am seeing some discussions on social networking sites I guess it’s a not a secret anymore hence this post. Some of my teammates did a zergling rush and zealot rush last week and have already established a base camp there. I don’t know if they have built enough pylons already (to power up the servers y’ know). But for me I will be moving there in the next couple of weeks, probably when there are lots of “Carrier has arrived” and “Warp fields stabilized!” ready. I like to join the battle for the end game! Hehehe 🙂

One of the things I love about Eastwood is the food, so in the tradition of my tagalog love quotes, six social city cheats, my six hotel city cheats, my six cafe world cheats, my free six video posts I am sharing six pictures of my favorite food stuffs found in Eastwood City:

First is Momo’s Frozen Iced Tea

I love the guava and peach flavored ones. It goes well with any of the Momo Desserts

Next will be Momo’s squid calamari

How about some pizza from Pasto? The one below is the Bianca and Di Carne pizza that we had last time.

Or some Genovese Pasta, again from Pasto

On the local pinoy food how about some Halo Halo from Mang Inasal?

Yummy! I will post some pics (if I can find some more in my PC and phone) and post more updates too soon!