From Eastwood City to Rockwell Business Center

Personal Experiences

I’ve been itching to write something about this topic but I don’t know where and how to start. Will the post be senti-mode one (remembering all the good old memories from year 2000?) or will it be a rant post 🙂 ? Nah! Lets try it the Starcraft and foodie-goodie way post!

Yes its official! TrendLabs is moving from Eastwood City CyberPark to Rockwell Business Center. I’m not the official spokesperson on this topic but since I am seeing some discussions on social networking sites I guess it’s a not a secret anymore hence this post. Some of my teammates did a zergling rush and zealot rush last week and have already established a base camp there. I don’t know if they have built enough pylons already (to power up the servers y’ know). But for me I will be moving there in the next couple of weeks, probably when there are lots of “Carrier has arrived” and “Warp fields stabilized!” ready. I like to join the battle for the end game! Hehehe 🙂

One of the things I love about Eastwood is the food, so in the tradition of my tagalog love quotes, six social city cheats, my six hotel city cheats, my six cafe world cheats, my free six video posts I am sharing six pictures of my favorite food stuffs found in Eastwood City:

First is Momo’s Frozen Iced Tea

I love the guava and peach flavored ones. It goes well with any of the Momo Desserts

Next will be Momo’s squid calamari

How about some pizza from Pasto? The one below is the Bianca and Di Carne pizza that we had last time.

Or some Genovese Pasta, again from Pasto

On the local pinoy food how about some Halo Halo from Mang Inasal?

Yummy! I will post some pics (if I can find some more in my PC and phone) and post more updates too soon!