Starcraft 2 Crack and Cheats


Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty hit the stores this week. Based from what I have heard it was a HIT as Starcraft loyalists stormed their favorite game stores to get the boxed copy of the game. The game launch is dubbed as “Nuclear Launch Detected” and that idea was really cool:

I have seen a boxed copy of the game courtesy of my officemate and honestly I am tempted to buy one (or maybe wait for the limited collectors edition 🙂 ). My officemate’s feedback on Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty is that the game is great. Since Blizzard consolidated the login and account management of all their games into the system, I believe it will be difficult to find a Starcraft 2 Crack or Starcraft 2 keygen that really works.

If you are looking for Starcraft 2 CD key, I suggest going to the official site to get one (cut and paste the link below)

But if you are really serious in searching and getting your Starcraft 2 crack or Starcraft 2 keygen, good luck to you and I suggest you try looking in some other sites. Just be careful with what you download, as it may not be a Starcraft 2 crack afterall (but it may nonetheless crack your precious PC or Mac as it may come with a free malware, keyloggers, and FakeAV hehehe). If you are really relentless in getting your Starcraft 2 crack and you are in the Manila area, you can try Greenhills 😀