Motolite Express Delivery

Personal Experiences

My car battery gave up on me last week. It was a rainy day and it was really an unfortunate day to have some automobile problem. I am just glad that Motolite is there to save the day so I’m blogging about my good experience with their Motolite Express Delivery service.

Need to buy a car battery but it’s already late at night and the auto shops and battery retail stores are already closed? Or you and your stalled car are in the middle of nowhere? Worry not because Motolite is not just Pangmatagalan: their Motolite Battery Express Delivery service is also certified Pangmabilisan. Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Call Motolite Express Delivery Hotline at (02) 370-6686
  2. Their service representative will ask you for your car model and your location and will tell you how much it will cost and you can place your order there
  3. A Motolite delivery crew will then deliver your car battery in less than an hour. Delivery time is dependent on your location (if its near an authorized Motolite dealer then delivery time will be lesser of course)
  4. The delivery crew will also install the car battery and just pay (via cash or credit card) and you and your car are good to go.

The Motolite delivery crew/technician who helped me arrived via a Motolite delivery motorcycle after 30-40 minutes (even if its raining) and he was very helpful with the battery installation and in making sure all is OK (with the battery and the car’s alternator and other electrical stuff).

You can also opt to swap or trade-in your old battery so that you can have some pesos slashed from the overall price. I believe that the price is just OK (not too expensive) as I compared with my old battery receipt that I kept.

The Motolite Express Delivery service is really great, a great time-saver and I highly recommend it to those who will need car battery replacement.