Mafia Wars Cheats and Tips: Mumbai


The clock is ticking. Make way for the newest expansion of the Mafia Wars: Mumbai.

Mafia Wars Mumbai is a challenge mission and it will be opening soon (some 1~2 hours after posting this blog article). For starters, just travel to Mafia Wars Mumbai

Like the other Mafia Wars challenge missions it’s a limited time mission and the first thing players need to do is add more mafia members to the their mafia friends list.

Upon adding new mafia members you can start the mission. Mafia players with some free Mafia Rewards points can choose to spend 9 Rewards points for some instant mafia crew.

Quoting the text in game

Mumbai offers a world of maximum opportunity, maximum entertainment and maximum crime. This is your chance to make a killing at the box office.

  • Collect Bollywood Film Reels to do jobs in Mumbai
  • Recruit mafia members to join your Mumbai crew
  • There are three chapters – a new one each week
  • One of the Mafia Wars Mumbai tips I’d like to share is to collect Bollywood Film Reels, they are available every 24 hours. Next tip will be to fill up your mafia wars crew with new friends

    I will share other Mafia Wars Mumbai tips as the challenge mission progresses. Visit my blog again for more updates soon.

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