Osaka Trip 2010


During my recent Japan trip this week, we had the chance to visit the wonderful city of Osaka. And in the tradition of my six starcraft 2 crack, my six tagalog love quotes, my six free cafe world cheats, my six free petville cheats, my six free social city cheats, my six free wow mounts and my free six video posts here are six photos from my Osaka visit:

1. Shinkansen

Shinkansen is the Japanese Bullet Train. We took this Nozomi Shinkansen from Shinagawa to Shin-Osaka. The ride is smooth, fast, comfy and amazingly on-time.

2. Universal Studios Japan

After doing our official business-related activities, we dropped by Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.
3. Universal City Walk

I am not missing Eastwood City Walk as our office already left Libis. But it’s good to see that there is another City Walk here in Osaka and decorations are all ready for the Halloween.

4. Jump Shop

Seen in Jump Shop Universal Studios Osaka. Cool Luffy!

5. Osaka Castle

We tried to go near the Osaka Castle, but I cannot get a decent shot with my low-tech point and shoot cam as it was getting late at night. So I’ll settle with this clear shot of the buildings near the outer walls.

6. Okonomiyaki

And lastly, we had Osaka-styled Okonomiyaki for dinner. My officemates told me that “okonomi” means “to one’s liking” and “yaki” means grilled, so this pancake is a grilled pancake that can contain anything from pork, beef, seafood, veggies or a mixed of anything you like. This is the last 2 slices as we have finished some 3~4 whole Okonomiyaki before (I forgot to take pic, too hungry 🙂 )

Hope you like my six pictures from my Osaka trip.