Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to Menardconnect.com

Blog Experiences

Wow! Menardconnect.com turned 2 this week.

After 342 posts, 1588 legit comments, 13416 spam comments, 60 (sometimes peaking at 79) feedburner subscribers, 175 Facebook page likes (and other stats to follow) I am very happy with menardconnect.com activities that officially started on the first complete post (Eheads Concert CD Review on December 4, 2008) and I am really amazed how time flies so fast.

Image Credit: georgiatechdopp.wordpress.com

Some other highlights on the 2nd year includes the 10,000 spam, the 4-digit thing and many other activities including attending 2 blog conferences (iBlog6 and WordCampPH 2010 )

And now my thank you notes:
First of all, thank God for all the blessings He has given my family and me.

Second, I would like to thank Raven, my family and my friends for the support and inspiration they have given me.

Next in my thank you list is of course my blogger-friends and the great blogging community out there.

Last but not the least, my appreciation goes the readers and supporters of this blog. For you I will really do my best to make menardconnect.com better!!!

Just like last year, I consider the whole December as the anniversary month of this blog and will post other related stuff to menardconnect.com 2nd anniversary here so watch out for it OK?