Nokia X2-01 One Time Big Time Sale January 29, 2011

To those bargain hunting for a new mobile phone and or to those that have some leftovers from their Christmas pamasko from their ninongs and ninangs, Nokia have something in store for you.

I just heard about this Nokia One Time Big Time Sale this Saturday January 29, 2011. Unlike the Nokia sale last month, this time it will be pure Nokia X2-01 sale only and it will be available to some 97 Nokia Stores and Selected Partner Mobile Phone Outlets nationwide. See posters below for details.

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Some specs of Nokia X2-01:

  • Quad-band GSM
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.4 inch display
  • Resolution of 320 x 240 pixels
  • GPRS and EDGE network connectivity
  • Stereo FM radio
  • VGA Camera with 4x digital zoom

Nokia X2-01 in my opinion is a definitely good bargain for a QWERTY phone. The price is attractive (P3,950) especially after and P1000-discount. But the trade off will be sacrificing the WLAN and 3G capability (there’s GPRS/EDGE) so its really a tough choice for me if ever I’m the one buying the phone.

As usual the timing of this Nokia Sale is good because its just a day after a Friday Payday!!!

For more details, kindly visit Batangas Today and Yugatech.

EDSA Buendia Bus Explosion (Updates and Photo)

Some updates on the EDSA Buendia Bus Explosion. An explosion rocked a passenger bus in Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) near the MRT Buendia Station around 2PM (GMT+8) today January 25, 2011. As of writing this post, news reports confirmed that 4 lives were lost and 14 other people were hurt. The passenger bus is a Newman Goldliner with license plate number TXJ-710.

Authorities have closed the northbound lane of EDSA and are advising travelers to use alternate routes.

It’s really sad that this unfortunate incident happened in the Philippines. I hope the authorities will be do their best effort to get to the bottom of this case.

Below are some photos of the affected Newman Goldliner bus courtesy of MMDA Twitter account and



For more details on this EDSA Buendia Bus Explosion incident, kindly visit Batangas Today posts.

Foursquare Mayor Cheats: Mobile Web Checkin Does Not Count Now

I just recently learned that Foursquare mobile web checkins are not counted in Foursquare Mayor Battles.

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This means that Foursquare users should use Foursquare apps available in a wide range of mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm/WebOS, Windows Mobile 7, and Symbian) in order to grab the mayorship of a venue.

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Foursquare explained in their support page that because most mobile web browsers do not support GPS and other advanced features so they have customized it to fit limitations and still provide some useful functionality.

Foursquare added that the following features are still supported when using mobile web:

  • Checking in (earn badges, but no count in mayorship)
  • Shouting
  • Viewing friends’ check-ins
  • Searching venues
  • Adding friends
  • Viewing the Leaderboard
  • Viewing badges

But I’m guessing that there were some Foursquare Mayor cheats out there 🙂 and this move is really a welcome one as it aims eliminate those Foursquare cheats.

I’m now using Foursquare for Symbian available for free from the Nokia Ovi Store.

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and it may be worth a review post in the future.

Metro Walk Scandal: CCTV Caught New Laptop Theft Modus Operandi

Below is a video spreading in the blogosphere. This is supposedly the video from a CCTV of one the restaurants in Ortigas (Oyster Boy Metro Walk(?)) showing a new laptop theft modus operandi. I am posting this as an awareness campaign to all, so that we can prevent this kind of activities from happening again.

Checkout the video starting 1:34 when the suspected thief entered the restaurant, and make “pa-simple” moves to get the laptop bag (upper right table) and successfully completed his deed.

The video comes with a note in Youtube.

Please inform me if the suspect is spotted, or if you know of any leads to his whereabouts. Please forward and share this video:) Any form of help will be greatly appreciated 🙂

Look at the top-right table. Black knapsack with neon reflectors. Suspect (white shirt, shorts, gray knapsack) enters at approx 1:34.

Video courtesy of Youtube and uploader teddypork. Some thank you and linklove to Pinoy Ambisyoso for the tip.

My Six Resolutions for this 2011

I hope it’s not too late for some new years resolution post, so in the tradition of my six cafe world cheats, my six free wow cheats, my six new philippine money, and my free six video posts, here are my six new year’s resolutions for

1. More posts
I admit that in 2010 I have not posted much. I did some 190 blog posts in 2009 but in 2010 I only did 139 posts 🙁 . I promise to post more here at this year.

2. More Optimization
I have not done much optimization (SEO and stuff) last year. I promise to do more optimization and continue to do more guerilla blogging this 2011.

3. New Look
Last year, I stayed on my comfort zone and decided to stick with 1 theme. As part of my 2nd year anniversary, I experimented with another theme late last year and I like the new look and feel of the blog.

No I do not plan to change the theme every month but I guess I will be more open-minded to changes for the blog this year.

4. More Social Media Integration
Related to the last item, I promise to do more social media integration for the blog. Yes that means Twitter, Facebook and other new stuffs in the net for the blog that will be integrated together with the new look and feel.

5. More Interaction with the Blogosphere
I always feel guilty that I am not doing much on this area. I promise to do more interaction with the blogging community (maybe attend blog conferences, join blog contests and other related activities 🙂 )

6. More Fun
I admit there are some challenges this blog faced last 2010. But there’s a saying that goes like “what won’t kill you will make you stronger” and I think its true because is still here and its still going strong. I believe I have hurdled the challenges and together with the lessons learned last year I just plan to enjoy blogging more this 2011!!!

Happy New Year and Welcome 2011

Happy New Year to all readers, officemates, blog-mates, friends, family and relatives and all!!!

2010 was a great year for my blog (and for me too) and I would like to bid it goodbye hence this post. I’m looking forward for a greater and more exciting year this 2011!

I wish all readers, friends and family good health, more wealth and more blessings for this New Year 2011.

I’m back in the city and have a stable internet connection now but I’m still cooking up some blog post about the blog’s 2010 recap (and some New Year resolution type post too perhaps) but I need some time to polish it so I’ll settle with this Happy New Year as my first post for 2011.

Again Happy New Year to all 🙂