Metro Walk Scandal: CCTV Caught New Laptop Theft Modus Operandi

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Below is a video spreading in the blogosphere. This is supposedly the video from a CCTV of one the restaurants in Ortigas (Oyster Boy Metro Walk(?)) showing a new laptop theft modus operandi. I am posting this as an awareness campaign to all, so that we can prevent this kind of activities from happening again.

Checkout the video starting 1:34 when the suspected thief entered the restaurant, and make “pa-simple” moves to get the laptop bag (upper right table) and successfully completed his deed.

The video comes with a note in Youtube.

Please inform me if the suspect is spotted, or if you know of any leads to his whereabouts. Please forward and share this video:) Any form of help will be greatly appreciated 🙂

Look at the top-right table. Black knapsack with neon reflectors. Suspect (white shirt, shorts, gray knapsack) enters at approx 1:34.

Video courtesy of Youtube and uploader teddypork. Some thank you and linklove to Pinoy Ambisyoso for the tip.