Foursquare Mayor Cheats: Mobile Web Checkin Does Not Count Now

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I just recently learned that Foursquare mobile web checkins are not counted in Foursquare Mayor Battles.

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This means that Foursquare users should use Foursquare apps available in a wide range of mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm/WebOS, Windows Mobile 7, and Symbian) in order to grab the mayorship of a venue.

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Foursquare explained in their support page that because most mobile web browsers do not support GPS and other advanced features so they have customized it to fit limitations and still provide some useful functionality.

Foursquare added that the following features are still supported when using mobile web:

  • Checking in (earn badges, but no count in mayorship)
  • Shouting
  • Viewing friends’ check-ins
  • Searching venues
  • Adding friends
  • Viewing the Leaderboard
  • Viewing badges

But I’m guessing that there were some Foursquare Mayor cheats out there 🙂 and this move is really a welcome one as it aims eliminate those Foursquare cheats.

I’m now using Foursquare for Symbian available for free from the Nokia Ovi Store.

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and it may be worth a review post in the future.