Free WoW Cheats: Gamon needs 300 Orcs to Take Him Down


I found this epic video last month, and I almost forgot to put the legendary story of Gamon here in my blog.

But who is Gamon? Gamon was a low level Tauren Non-Player Character (NPC) based in Ogrimmar, the Horde Capital. He is a favorite punching bag of both low level and high-level players for a long long time. Players even compete on how far can they kite him (I heard reports that Gamon kiting even reached Silithius in 2006).

But after WoW Cataclysm, things have changed… a lot.

Gamon is now a mean fighting machine with around 2M health and can critically hit players up to 100K.

How mighty and strong Gamon have become… It now requires  some 300 Orcs to take him down 🙂

Below is his WoW Gamon epic video:

Video courtesy of Youtube and GameBreakerTV

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