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Blog Comment Spam Part 02

Posted on February 5, 2011  in Technology

I have observed that popular posts here in are getting attractive… to comment spammers. I mentioned in my old spam comment post that I’d update my readers when I see some new and interesting comment spam so here we go:

The screen capture below from my admin console. As Akismet and reCaptcha caught it I’m kinda cool about it.

Looking at the URLs, the comment spam seems to be optimizing adult related keywords and redirects to several <dot>info domains.

What’s interesting is that these <dot>info domains? They are using one nameserver (nameserver is <xxx-digit-number><dot>info) and the nameserver is acting weird (and suspicious too).

So bye bye comment spams 🙂 You won’t make it because of my strict comment policy in place 🙂

0 thoughts on “Blog Comment Spam Part 02”

  1. I really hate spams too entering my blog as if they are the real owner. and they are not just senseless but so “garapal” by including a long list of non-sense sites…