RSA 2011 Day 01


What is RSA Conference? The RSA Conference is one of the biggest information security conference held annually in San Francisco (and other parts of the world too).

RSA 2011 kicked off today February 14 and will continue up to Friday February 18 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, USA.
RSA 2011 is dubbed as The Adventures of Alice and Bob. This year, RSA conference is celebrating its 20th year, and this is the reason why I missed the TrendLabs event last weekend.

Just like my RSA 2009 and RSA 2010 posts, I will share some highlights, insights and other RSA stuff here in my blog.

And in tradition of my free six video, my six free wow cheats, my six foursquare mayor tips, here are some six random pics for the RSA 2011 Conference Day 01:

RSA 2011 Banners are all over the place

Even on the floor 🙂

Monday is a windy and rainy Valentine’s Day at the Moscone Center

RSA 2011 listed the twenty years of Information Security milestones from 1992 up to 2011.

Wondering who’s Alice and Bob? Alice and Bob are of course the main figures in many cryptography lessons. Remember the classic lines:

Alice sends a message to Bob encrypted with his public key

Yup. That’s them 🙂

and last but not the least is my favorite cute pic of Mallory running with the Alice’s E.

I guess I will be multi-tasking this week with the conference activities and other official business tasks. But I will do my best and blog about it so watch out for more RSA 2011 posts here in my blog soon.

To know more about the RSA Conference, kindly visit the RSA 2011 website, and check them out on twitter (hashtag #RSAC) and Facebook too.