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PhilHealth is the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, a government office in charge of the social health insurance coverage of the Filipinos. Simply put, when a PhilHealth member or their dependents get hospitalized, a certain part of the hospital bill is covered by this office, so for me PhilHealth is an important government entity.

My wife was recently admitted in the hospital and I need to make sure the PhilHealth forms are all in place. I believe that this interaction with a government office is a good experience so I am blogging my PhilHealth experience here as promised in my previous post.

So what did I do?

First, I asked our Human Resource (HR) Department about my Philhealth and what our the other PhilHealth Process that I need to know. HR checked their system and informed me that I still do not have the new PhilHealth ID number, but assured me that we are paying our PhilHealth. I believe PhilHealth deployed some new system recently so I need to go to PhilHealth office to apply for PhilHealth ID.

HR then provided me with a Certificate of PhilHealth Contribution (this list contains my PhilHealth Contribution to which bank/receipts number/ which branch/etc.). HR also gave me PMRF (PhilHealth Membership Record Form) and PhilHealth Form CF1 (Claim Form 1).

Next PhilHealth Process is that PhilHealth Membership Record Form (PMRF) together with the Certificate of PhilHealth Contribution need to be submitted to the PhilHealth office to get my PhilHealth and updated MDR (Member Data Record). Member Data Record contains critical information needed including your list of dependents that our entitled to PhilHealth services.

I am sharing the first of my PhilHealth Tips: Go to Philhealth Office as early as you can. I went to PhilHealth Pasig office the next day but it was a little late already (9:30AM) and the guard is dispensing waiting number. My number is 347 and the attendant is calling Number 150 🙁 so less than 200 numbers to go. I will just say that after some exciting X number of hours of waiting, I got my PhilHealth ID with the new ID number and updated MDR (Member Data Record). The Philhealth employee who attended to me was very accommodating.

Next in my Philhealth Process is to go the PhilHealth office in the Hospital to get PhilHealth Form CF2 (Claim Form 2). Together with PhilHealth Form Claim Form 1 that contains some information related to your employer

PhilHealth Form Claim Form 2 contains information about the Hospital. Complete PhilHealth Form CF1 and fill up PhilHealth Form CF2 especially parts assigned to your patient and let the attending Doctor fill up some parts of PhilHealth Form CF2.

The last of my Philhealth Tips is to make sure that as soon as PhilHealth Form CF1 and PhilHealth Form CF2 are ready, submit them withthe MDR (Member Data Record) to Hospital’s Philhealth office before the patient gets discharge ( or as early as possible).

Based from our recent experience, Philhealth deducted some 20% of our hospital bill and that is really helpful for us in this challenging times. Thanks to the PhilHealth and to all people involved in this good system and process.

Hope you find my PhilHealth Forms and PhilHealth tips helpful.

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