The Manny Pacquiao Twitter Scandal

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NO! This Manny Pacquiao scandal is not with the sexy starlet-leading lady of Manny. This one is hotter than that… and it’s on Twitter 🙂

We all know that Congressman MannyPacmanPacquiao is on Twitter. His account is @CongMP and he admitted owning this account in live TV (via GMA News sometime last month).

From then on I know that @CongMP account is legit so I was really surprised to learn that I cannot access it today around 3:45PM (GMT+8). So I did some research and some twit brigade check.

My twitter friends sent some replies related to this and behold, Manny Pacquiao twitter account DID send some nasty tweets to some pinoy tweeps last night (maybe during the heat of discussion regarding the impeachment case of the Ombudsman).

Even though @CongMP twitter account was deleted this afternoon, we all know that digital evidence stays in the Internet thanks to Google Cache and TwitPic, so let me present to you the Manny Pacquiao Twitter Scandal:

See screencapture of the @CongMP twitter account

This one is via google cache (Hat tip to Marhgil). Google Cache link below (kindly cut and paste)

And this one is via Twitpic courtesy of @antonholmes and @momblogger
Full twitpic image link below (kindly cut and paste)

One of the tweets from @CongMP reads

e di mag reklamo ka sa lolo mong panot hahahaha

And to the benefit of my non-Filipino readers, the tweet roughly translates to

Go complain to your bald grandfather, hahahaha

in Filipino.

It seems that Pacman can take the trash talk from Mayweather Jr and Sr and Margarito but he is pikon to some pinoy tweeps’ political tweets.

I am not a language expert but to my knowledge this “Lolo mong panot” reply is a childish one given by someone is really annoyed (or maybe pikon na). I’m not here to judge Manny, but my opinion is that even if Manny Pacquiao said it as a joke, I think it’s an inappropriate tweet from a respected public official with 27,000+ followers in Twitter.

There are a lot of scenario (of excuses and palusots) that we can play here. Maybe its not him tweeting or maybe his twitter account got hacked (haha conspiracy theory again?). The scenarios may be too many to mention but the bottomline is that I find the the decision to delete the @CongMP account an admission of  “I messed up my twitter account badly” and “maybe if I delete this, we can all forget about this issue”. But the fact remains… digital evidence stays in the internet for a long long time.

At the end of the day, Pacman is still my idol on the boxing ring… but definitely he is not my favorite on Twitter.


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