My iBlog7 Experience

Blog Experiences

I attended iBlog7 yesterday. This is my second iBlog conference as I also attended iBlog6 last year.

Meet and Greet the Bloggers
I arrived early at the Malcolm Theater with SpiderHam and some minutes later Jeff joined us. During the registration I saw my teammates from I met and shook hands with Marhgil, Shella, Angel, Alex and Mischelle and they gave me my BT Shirt :). I also met Anton and he took some pictures of my friends and the BT Team.

I also met emcee Flow and shook hands with him on one of the sessions. I also greeted a fellow BT news patroller Iris a little later. Shook hands with Jehzlau (I think he arrived at the end of the session), Regnard and Marcelle before I left the venue late in the afternoon.

I met other bloggers too but my poor memory of low level skills of matching the face with the name and the blog prevented me from mentioning them all here. Guys and Gals, drop me a note via the comments sections so that I can do some shout out and link for you.

Morning Sessions
First Roby Alampay of TV5 introduced the attendees to TV5’s web portal Jinkee Umali and Jonel Uy followed Roby and they discussed blogging 101 and the basics. Adrian Pena discussed Podcasting next and Roy Dela Cruz talked about Dealing with Writer’s Block. Roy’s presentation is really great (and is one of my favorite sessions for iBlog7) and I am following him on twitter now. Sonny Santos discussed Blogging for Advocacy and shared his advocacy with Web Safety PH.

Before the lunch break the organizers initiated the Brag and Plug your Blog session, and Janette encouraged me to stand up and talk about my blog. I really have to put my shyness away (for a minute or so) and grabbed to the microphone to promote, and my twitter account too.

Good Food
Food is not a problem with iBlog7. I believe iBlog7 got a lot of sponsors now and attendees had a good lunch with morning and afternoon snacks to boot. Mang B, the mascot of Binalot roamed around the iBlog7 venue during lunchtime.

Afternoon Delights
In the afternoon, UP Concert choir serenaded the attendees with three songs including a good rendition of the Tong song (that’s the tong pakitong-kitong alimango song). Next to the songs, Grace Nicolas continued the discussion on Blogging for Advocacy. Fitz Villafuerte discussed an interesting topic called Blog Traffic without SEO and he shares his experiences with his food and beverage blog Fitz idea is great and I believe that if the ideas are applied and mixed with SEO techniques it will bring great results.

Mon Macutay of Level Up discussed blog and Facebook integration and I got some good tips from his session that I will try out in soon. Michael Rubio talked about Building a Discussion Community and he gave some good pointers about trolls (commenters that is) on his anime blog. Last presenter is Ria Tirazona and she discussed Blogging and Online Relationships as Support System.

The organizers gave away many freebies and I got the iBlog7 T-shirt. And the attendees had a great group picture to wrap up the sessions in the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law, UP Diliman.

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Congrats to Jannette and the organizers!

Hope to see you all again in iBlog8 next year!

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