On Droids and Threats

TrendLabs published some cool infographic about Android and threats. And since I mentioned in my previous post that I’d do my best to write more about Android here at menardconnect.com I am featuring that infographic here.

To commemorate the first year of the discovery of the first Android trojan, TrendLabs released a blog post on A Snapshot of Android Threats. Some great highlights includes the following:

  • 1410% increase on the number of malware samples discovered by the team from January 2011 to July 2011
  • 51.9 Million Android OS-based devices in use now
  • 33% of Facebook users access the Facebook site via their mobile devices

and a lot more.

My favorite part of the infographic is about the six :). What six? In the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I am listing the six types of Android malware according to TrendLabs:

  1. Data Stealer
  2. Premium Service Abuser
  3. Click Fraudster
  4. Malicious Downloader
  5. Spying Tools
  6. Rooter

Image Credit: blog.trendmicro.com

To know more about the Android threats and the infographic kindly visit Batangastoday.com and Trend Micro Malware Blog.

Before I end this post, some disclosure:

I work at Trend Micro. The post I have here in menardconnect.com are my own personal views and does not reflect the views and stand of my employer.

To know more about me, kindly visit my about page. To know about this blog’s disclosure policy kindly visit my disclosure page.

Hope you like my Android blog post 🙂

Bonchon Chicken!!!

Have you tried Bonchon Chicken?

Raven always brings home some tasty chicken when she meet-up with our friends in Makati. When I asked her what is this fried chicken called, she’d tell me that its Bonchon chicken. I initially taught it was botchog chicken, but when I’ve tried it, it’s Bonchon Chicken FTW! 🙂 and it definitely secured its place on my menardconnect.com food fave list.

Bonchon Chicken is a crunchy, non-greasy fried chicken with a great flavor. I think the bonchon menu and chicken recipe came from Korea and the restaurant is also popular in the US. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pics of Bonchon Chicken:

Bonchon Chicken

Image Credit: Me via my camera phone

Bonchon Chicken and Calamari at the back

My mom, Raven and I enjoyed our Sunday lunch at Bonchon Chicken in Robinsons Galleria. Aside from the Bonchon chicken menu, they also serve this Mogu Mogu drink that my mom is raving about (similar to the white grape juice in Taipei, but I guess it will be worth another post in the future.)

Bonchon Chicken Philippines have branches in Ayala Triangle Gardens and Greenbelt 1 in Makati, SM Megamall, Acropolis, Libis (along C5) and in the Promenade, Greenhills.

I heard the there are planned branches in the future (Tomas Morato in Q.C.) and I will try my best to update this post or do a follow up post in the future.

If you are interested in Bonchon Chicken order and pick-up, you can try the following telephone numbers (No Delivery for now)

Bonchon Chicken Telephone Numbers (Pick up only)

Image Credit: facebook.com/Bonchon.Chicken.Philippines

If you are a chicken lover and haven’t tried Bonchon Chicken, I suggest you give it a shot.

And if you have tried Bonchon Chicken already, let me know if you like it too by leaving some comments below.

Let me end this post by saying: Bonchon Chicken For The Win!

The Switch to Android

I recently switched to Android OS!

Image Credit: Android.com

I’ve been itching to jump ship since the year started because my old mobile phone OS was a little bit out of date already.

I will not bash Symbian and Nokia here. I am a little sentimental today because I remembered that Nokia was my first phone and I stayed with the Nokia brand for a long long time.

As a tribute to my very first phone I am posting a pic it

Image Credit: gsmarena.com

There is really no going back to the old OS but I might be willing to try out Nokia again when their Windows Mobile integration is smooth already.

The Android experience is great and I love it. I feel like a noob last week but I think I’m getting better with it day after day.

I will try to post some Android related stuff here at menardconnect.com soon.

Support the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook Page and Win an iPad 2 Contest

I am very happy to announce that the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook page is now live, and to start the Facebook page launch with a big bang, Trend Micro is running a Facebook contest and they are giving away some cool prizes like iPad 2 16GB (Wifi) and some Sodexho premium pass and gift checks.

Here’s how to join:
1. Join via going to this link or clicking the image below
Join na!

The link will lead you to my contest referral page and will tell you the next steps that include Liking the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook Page and other steps. It will also ask if you would like to join to the Win an iPad 2 Contest, so you can start your own referral too.

I recently blogged about the Facebook Contest do’s and don’ts and I am glad that TM’s contest is fully compliant 🙂

I encourage you my friends and readers to like the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook page and join the Win an iPad 2 Contest. Who knows, you might be the lucky one to grab that iPad2 :). And while we are in Facebook Page topic, kindly like Menardconnect.com Facebook Page too 😀

Lastly some disclosure: I work at Trend Micro. The posts I have here at menardconnect.com are my own personal views and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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This post is _NOT_ a paid post; it’s my own little way of supporting Trendlabs and the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook Page.

What are you waiting for? Sali na!!!

Googtorola and the USD 12.5B Deal

The tech week started with a bang! Google decides to buy Motorola for USD 12.5B (40 bucks per share in cash, some 63% premium on last week’s Moto’s stock closing price). Wow! Google’s got a pile of cash 🙂 .

Image Credit: Android.com

Google’s Mr. Page tags that the move will supercharge Android ecosystem. Motorola’s Sanjay Jha is happy and proclaims that the deal is a great value for Motorola stockholders.

Google’s Mr. Rudin (SVP for Mobile) is quick to allay rational fears (of closing the open source Android project) and promises to continue to work with all Android partners to deliver innovative Android-powered devices.

I am not an acquisition expert but my feeling is that this is a good strategic move for Google. I’ve read dozen of stories that Motorola have some 1000+ patents that might prove to be useful for Google in the Patent Wars with the combatants like Microsoft and Apple.

I just hope that Google’s relationship with the rest of the Android community (especially Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG and the other handset manufacturers) will not be affected… much.

For more details on the Googtorola deal, kindly visit Batangastoday.com and the official Google blog.

Let me end this post with a phrase I learned from a 90’s game 🙂

Googtorola, Quo Vadis?

Free PageRank Shirt from Jehzlau Concepts

And I want them 🙂

Yes I want a free PageRank shirt from Jehzlau Concepts.

I think my pagerank is not moving/progressing so much this year (PR3), but I still want the t-shirt so I am doing this post.

Even if I don’t make it to Jehz’s Top 20 list, I will still support him because he have helped me a lot when I was starting my blog.

Jehz, Men’s XXL for me ha 🙂

For more details, kindly visit Jehzlau Concepts

Google+ Games: Let the Google Plus Games Begin

The Internet was abuzz with Google+ Games yesterday as majority of the major news sites reported that Google+ Games is now live. I checked my Google+ console yesterday but I got the usual four Google Plus icons only: Home, Photos, Profile and Circles.

But this morning came the big surprise, the fifth icon: Google+ Games.

Here are some available Google+ Games now

I tried the famous Angry Birds from Rovio.

And the Google+ Games will ask for user’s permission to access some of your data just like the Facebook app and Facebook games. If you don’t agree then you can decline but sorry no Google Plus Games for you.

I also tried Zynga Poker as Zynga gave me my favorite Facebook games before and another google+ games request permission access page is present

It is interesting to note that if you click more info, the google+ games developer email will be shown. The request permission page also have link to google plus game developers Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

Going back to the Google+ games Angry Birds. One glaring observation that I have is that commercialization is back as a lot of angry birds merchandize and goodies are available. I guess this is where the money is (for the devs/publisher) so it will be a staple feature.

But an interesting feature for Google+ games Angry Birds is the Teamwork level.

Latest from Angry Birds: Chirp! Have you checked out the teamwork level yet? Pop pigs with your friends and pool your stars to unlock exclusive new levels!

Some sample list of Google+ Games available:
Angry Birds
Zynga Poker
Collapse! Blast
Crime City
Sudoku Puzzles
Zombie Lane
Dragons of Atlantis
City of Wonder
Diamond Dash
Bubble Island
Wild Ones
Bejeweled Blitz Beta
Monster World
Dragon Age Legends

Well I hope Google+ learns from the lessons on security and privacy of their competitor. And I pray that my google+ stream will not be flooded by google+ games notifications.

Hope you like my google plus games post.

Linkedin Sneaking In

I’m a Linkedin user and I like their website and services. I am just a little disappointed that they sneaked in some default privacy settings that allowed them to display my name and photo in their so-called “targeted social advertising”.

Earlier this week, I was doing my usual Linkedin chores (managing groups and community stuff). After some minutes of trying out the Linkedin poll feature, I noticed that there is a catchy advertisement at the lower right pane. And lo and behold the ad sported my name and photo 🙂

I checked it with a teammate and he said Linkedin is offering some ad space now. So I just tweeted about it

And I paid not much attention to it after.

Fast-forward today, my colleague Rik Ferguson of CounterMeasures Blog posted an interesting article about Linkedin doing some Facebook-ish moves. It seems Linkedin is really using members name and photo on their targeted social advertising. Rik further described that there are several privacy options the Linkedin added the default values are set and freely:

Linkedin may use my name, photo in social advertising

I immediate contacted Rik and told him that I think I may have experienced this Linkedin privacy snafu myself and showed him my twitter timeline. I also logged in to Linkedin and fixed my privacy settings.

How to fix this Linkedin privacy issue:
Step 1. Mouse over your Name at the upper right pane, and click Setting

Step 2. Go to your account settings and look for the Privacy controls.

Step 3. Choose Manage Social Advertising, uncheck the tick box and save settings.

Step 4. Choose Turn on/off enhanced advertising, uncheck the tick box and save settings

I guess that’s all for now. Hope you find this post helpful and informative.

If you want to know more details kindly check Rik’s post on CounterMeasures Blog.

Lastly, some disclosure:
I work at Trend Micro. The post I have here in menardconnect.com are my own personal views (and does not reflect the views/stand of my employer).
To know more about me, kindly visit my about page. To know about this blog’s full disclosure policy kindly visit my disclosure page

How about you? Do you have a Linkedin account too? If yes, have you checked your privacy settings recently?

Google Search Top Results Change

Have you tried searching for your favorite blog or website using its domain name/URL via Google recently?

I tried and I liked the result 🙂

I am not sure what this display is called (too lazy to research for it) and when did Google change it but it is a welcome change.

I tried other blogger-friends’ site and most searches returned this kind of display results.

And we love it 🙂