On Droids and Threats

TrendLabs published some cool infographic about Android and threats. And since I mentioned in my previous post that I’d do my best to write more about Android here at menardconnect.com I am featuring that infographic here. To commemorate the first year of the discovery of the first Android trojan, TrendLabs released a blog post on… Continue reading On Droids and Threats

Bonchon Chicken!!!

Have you tried Bonchon Chicken? Raven always brings home some tasty chicken when she meet-up with our friends in Makati. When I asked her what is this fried chicken called, she’d tell me that its Bonchon chicken. I initially taught it was botchog chicken, but when I’ve tried it, it’s Bonchon Chicken FTW! 🙂 and… Continue reading Bonchon Chicken!!!


Support the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook Page and Win an iPad 2 Contest

I am very happy to announce that the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook page is now live, and to start the Facebook page launch with a big bang, Trend Micro is running a Facebook contest and they are giving away some cool prizes like iPad 2 16GB (Wifi) and some Sodexho premium pass and gift checks.… Continue reading Support the Trend Micro Pilipinas Facebook Page and Win an iPad 2 Contest

I’m One of the Lucky 20

Remember the t-shirt contest: Free PageRank shirt from Jehzlau Concepts several days ago? I’m happy to announce that I’m one of the lucky lucky winners!!! Yey! 🙂 Thanks to Jehzlau Concepts and thanks to Bloggershirts.com too. Congrats to all the lucky winners!!! And to all those who did not make the cut, just keep on… Continue reading I’m One of the Lucky 20

Linkedin Sneaking In

I’m a Linkedin user and I like their website and services. I am just a little disappointed that they sneaked in some default privacy settings that allowed them to display my name and photo in their so-called “targeted social advertising”. Earlier this week, I was doing my usual Linkedin chores (managing groups and community stuff).… Continue reading Linkedin Sneaking In

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