Very Late Angry Birds Post

I’m a late bloomer Android dude so forgive me for sharing this Angry Birds vid so late (after it got some 9M+ hits already).

Got this from Youtube and if you have played Angry Birds via Android or iPhone or Symbian or Chrome or Google+ (or put all other supported devices and platforms here) you’ll get the point why most of us (if not all) love this video.


Video Credits: and Uploader Keshet
My fave moments and highlights:

Angry Blue Bird’s “Weeeeeeeh” at 0:26
Angry Black Bird’s eating habits from 0:30 and onwards
Pig’s amazement and “Huh” at 0:47
Angry Red Bird‘s “Say what?” at 0:50
<Bleep> off!!!” at 0:52
It’s all good!” at 1:02
Angry Birds theme song at 1:35
And the rest of video is all-out LOL moments already 🙂

I am also doing this post so that after viewing it (the Angry Birds Peace Treaty video) you will know what’s coming next when I say “Say what?” 🙂

Update 2012.02.09
The youtube video was taken down recently. Kindly view a copy of it below

Or search “angry birds peace treaty” in youtube

Hello from Doha International Airport

I am blogging from Doha International Airport 🙂 .

This is my first time in Doha, Qatar (and my first time flying with Qatar Airways too) so this experience is worth a blog post here at

As Qatar Airways flights in Manila check in counters are located at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1, I have to endure the chaos of Terminal 1. But since I arrived earlier than usual, the NAIA Terminal 1 the experience was more bearable.

Qatar Airways is great. Their Boeing 777 is spacious and the staffs are very helpful and courteous. Food is OK as I am not “maarte” naman with food when I’m traveling. I enjoy their in-flight movie channels too. No wonder they are one of the top airline companies nowadays.

Doha International Airport is great too. It’s got lot of space and is not crowded. They also offer free wifi! Woot!

They have this color code scheme that facilitates passenger and terminal transfer.

They gave me a yellow boarding pass wallet to identify that I need get off the transfer bus and go to the Transfer and Departure. They advised their passengers to keep the wallet visible upon arrival at Doha International Airport so that their ground attendant can help travelers.

There are other colors too. Purple is for Premium Transfer Terminal. Blue is for Doha Arrival and Green for Satellite Transfer.

Not so much food place though but maybe I have not scoured all the corners of this place.

Will do share more adventures here at next time.

Lighters: Bruno Mars, Eminem, Royce da 5’9 and Pacquiao

I first posted something related to Bruno Mars as part of my Poreotics post last April 2011.

Recently I heard a good song in the radio and I think it was Bruno Mars singing in the chorus and Eminem rapping. So I searched in the net and found out that the song title is Lighters, from the Bad Meets Evil (the duo of Eminem and Royce da 5’9) and the song really featured Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars + Eminem seems to be a good combo so I also looked for the video via youtube. I liked Bruno’s piano and the lanterns/lighter at the end part of the video so I am sharing the video here at

Video Credits: and BadMeetsEvilVEVO

So where’s the Manny Pacquiao connection?

I listened closely to the song and it seems Pacman was mentioned. See video from 3:14 to 3:25

The Eminem Bruno Mars Lighters lyrics go like

Every hour, happy hour now
Life is wacky now
Used to have to eat the cat to get the p**sy
Now I’m just the cats meow, aw
Classic now always down for the catch weight like Pacquiao

Wow! Pacqui-ao with a twang!

But listening to the song several times more gave me another question: Is this Pacquiao reference from Royce 5’9 a praise for Pacman? Or some cheap trash-talk directed to Pacquiao?

Interesting 🙂


I don’t want to connect the dots. But if you want to read related article, kindly visit:

Philhealth Tips: Philhealth Hotline, Comments, Questions and Answers Part 2

I am still receiving some comments and contact form inquiries from my previous Philhealth posts. I think this is good (maybe readers find my post useful?).

Image Credits:

As a public service to my readers and commenters, and in the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six Tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I will answer six Philhealth questions here at

Again some disclaimer and disclosure:
I am _NOT_ employed nor is connected with Philhealth. Hindi po ako nagtratrabaho sa Philhealth. I’m a happy Philhealth member who’s got some good encounters with this office and I want to help them in my own little way. My posts here are based on my personal experiences with Philhealth. If you want to know more me, kindly visit my about page.

Question 1: (Sent by Apple Reyes via contact form)

Good day can i ask where can i contact to inquire about registration for employee thanks and have a great day

Hi Apple,
You can call the Philhealth hotline at (02) 441-7442 or email info<at> You can also visit the Philhealth offices listed here.
Hope this helps!

Question 2: (Sent by emily roque belleza via contact form)

san ko ho ba pwede i continue yong contribution sa philhealth? as a unemployed? and san ako pwede mag pa ID? nasa manila po ako sa sta cruz manila, thank you.

Hi Emily,
Since you are in Sta. Cruz, I believe the nearest office is in Malate, Manila:

Philhealth Regional Office (NCR North) and Manila Service Office
Marc I Bldg., 1971 Taft Avenue,
Malate, Manila

Since this is Philhealth Service office, you can inquire about continuing contribution and get Philhealth ID.
Hope this helps!

Question 3: (Sent by girly via contact form)

pwede ba mag apply online ng philhealth? self employed lang po?

Hi Girly,
I am not sure if Philhealth allows online application. My best suggestion is to visit the Philhealth office near you or call Philhealth hotline at (02) 441-7442
Hope this helps!

Question 4: (Sent by angelina acula via comment to post)

gud day ask ko lng po kc ung dulo ng name ko mali pde ko po bang ipabago d2 smin s las pinas o ppnta p ko ng main

Hi Angelina,
I believe Las Pinas office can change it. You can call Philhealth hotline at (02) 441-7442 first to confirm.
Hope this helps!

Question 5: (Sent by cinderella alcoriza via comment to post)

hi po ask ko lng poh kung magagamit ko n b ung philhealth ko this sept. kc kabuwanan ko na… pero nabayaran n ng nanay ko ang whole year nia.. kaya tanong ko kung credited n xiang magamit… poh. reply po kau ha, cindy

Hi Cindy,
As long as all the Philhealth Forms are ready and you are up to date with payment with Philhealth you can use it already.
You can call Philhealth hotline at (02) 441-7442 too if you have other questions.
Hope this helps!

Question 6: (Sent by henalyn via comment to post)

ask ko lang po, panu po kung kukuha po ako ng philhealth number, then nakapag work na po ako before, ang sabi po kc ng hr namin, hindi ko na po daw need magbayad ng 300php, magbabayad pa po ba ako o hindi na po?

Hi Henalyn,
When I got my Philhealth ID it is free so I am not sure why you need to pay 300 pesos. I have detailed the steps on how i got my philhealth ID here. Kindly visit the post. You can call Philhealth hotline at (02) 441-7442 if you still have questions.
Hope this helps!

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Thank you!

Rolling in the Deep by Adele, Linkin Park and Maddi Jane

Rolling in the Deep is the lead single for the album 21 recorded by singer Adele. We love the song and lots of singers (both good and wannabes) tried the song. I am featuring 2 covers that we really liked a lot.

First one is Rolling in the Deep Linkin Park Piano Cover perfomed in the iTunes Festival 2011.

Video Credits:

Next one is Rolling in the Deep Maddi Jane cover

Video Credits:

Do you like Rolling in the Deep too? How about Adele, Linkin Park or Maddi Jane? Let me know by leaving some comments at the end of the post.

Free WoW Calendar: September 2011 is Night Elves Month

In the tradition of my free wow calendar series, I am featuring the Night Elves for the Month of September 2011.

The calendar features the Night Elves Saber Mount, the Night Elves Banner and a panoramic view of Darnassus, the Night Elven Capital.

Important dates to remember according to the calendar:

  • September 5 – Labor Day (for US and Canada)
  • September 12 – Full Moon
  • September 21 – International Day of Peace
  • September 23 – Autumnal Equinox
  • September 27 – New Moon
  • September 29 – Rosh Hashanah

Hope you like my free wow calendar post.

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The PageRank Shirt


The Free PageRank Shirt arrived today!!!

When Jehzlau commented in my previous post, I am not expecting that he literally mean the 1st day of September!

And to celebrate the great start of the month of September, I am thanking the contest sponsors Jehzlau Concepts and Thank you guys!!!

Image Credits: Menard and his dependable dwoid

To know more details how I got this cool free PageRank Shirt, kindly read my previous posts here and here.

Time to work more on improving my blog to attain another PR milestone 🙂

Wish me luck!!!