Happy Ham-O-Ween!!!

Rovio released a new patch for the Angry Birds Seasons last week. It is the time of the year for some trick or treat games so I guess it is perfect timing too for Ham’O’Ween. Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween also features a new angry bird. Meet Angry Orange Bird who can blow up like a big balloon 🙂

See official video for the Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween by Rovio Mobile

Angry Orange Bird starts to shine around Angry Birds Seasons Ham’O’Ween 1-4.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Its Official: Mist of Pandaria is the next World of Warcraft (WoW) Expansion

Two months ago, I blogged about the rumor going around in WoW communities that there is a WoW Expansion in the works and it will be named as Mist of Pandaria. And today its official, Mist of Pandaria is the next World of Warcraft expansion. So what can I say?

Wow! Pandaren! Pure awesomeness! Exciting!!!

Image Credit: Blizzard.com/us.battle.net

Blizzard confirmed the news at BlizzCon 2011 being held today and tomorrow at the Anaheim Convention Center at Anaheim, California.

Image Credit: Blizzard.com

So what do we expect from Mist of Pandaria. According to the news releases here are some highlights:

  • Pandaren, a New Playable Race, can be Horde or Alliance
  • Monk, a New Playable Class whose adept in martial arts. Can be DPS, healer, or tank.
  • Level Cap Increased to 90
  • New Zones: Jade Forest, Kun-Lai Summit, Wandering Isle and other exotic areas
  • Dungeon “Challenge” Modes
  • Pet Battles: Challenge other players’ companion pets with your own collection in a new tactical mini-game (Pokemon-mode as Spiderham explained it to me)
  • New Talent System

And a lot more of course 😀

Image Credit: Blizzard.com/us.battle.net

Want to see more???
Here is a video of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Preview

To know more visit batangastoday.com and blizzard press release.

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November 7 is declared a Regular Holiday

Just a week after the October 28 to November 1 break, comes another long holiday weekend as November 7, 2011 a Monday is declared a regular holiday in the Philippines.

Malacanang posted the news via Official Gazette. The post states that PNoy signed Proclamation No. 276 declaring November 7, a holiday in celebration of Eidul Adha, one of the two greatest feasts of Islam.

Image Credit: Official Gazette. www.gov.ph

According to the proclamation, the exact date of Eidul Adha was on November 6, 2011 but National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) recommended that the observance of Eidul Adha be on November 7, 2011 and the Eidul Adha prayer be held on November 6, 2011.

I am happy and will not complain about this holiday 🙂 . Any long weekend holiday is always a welcome break for me 🙂

For more details on this Proclamation No. 276, kindly visit batangastoday.com or read the Official Gazette.

For the complete list of holidays in the Philippines 2011, kindly read these posts.

Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich

Simple. Beautiful. Beyond Smart.

That’s how Google and Samsung describe their new Galaxy Nexus mobile phone.

Galaxy Nexus was unveiled yesterday in Hongkong. It is the first phone officially running on Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android 4.0 Operating System.

Key Features:

  • 4.65″ Super AMOLED Display (1280×720 res)
  • Dual Core 1.2Ghz processor
  • 4G LTE/HSPA+ ready
  • 1GB RAM
  • Face Unlock Feature
  • Live Effects

and loads of other powerful stuff courtesy of Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS

I love those colorful motorcycle-riding Droids in the video as well as the droids in space (reminds me of R2D2). I don’t know if one of them seems to morphed into an Angry Robot (see 0:07).

Image Credit: Android.com/Wikipedia.org

According to the Official Google Blog, Galaxy Nexus will be available in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia starting November 2011. Let’s hope and pray that Galaxy Nexus can really make it to stores just in time for Christmas!!!

Free Android Fix: Process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher error Without Factory Reset

I encountered this process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher loop error last week. I tried doing a reboot (turn off the phone and turn on) but it did not fix the issue. I tried to reboot++ (turn off, remove the battery, return battery and turn on) but still it did not fix my problem.

So I was stuck with the error “process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” message box and then the option available is force close.

Even if you try to do force close, it will just go on loop and the annoying message box will pop up again. After some time the droid would go on vibrate-forever-until-you-turn-it-off-mode (it’s kinda scary for first-timers) but I guess my tech and security mindset kicked in and I just applied one of the basic rules in emergency troubleshooting: DO NOT PANIC.

Image Credit: Android.com

Of course I searched the internet for related Android solutions but they all suggested doing factory reset or mobile phone hard reset. But factory reset is like format your PC option and for me it is a last resort solution.

It seems that the problem on the Twlauncher app is common with Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace, happens in both in Froyo 2.2.x and GingerBread 2.3.x Droidies.

I found some solution (with some good possible description of the problem), I tried it and I modified it to fit my purpose and I am happily sharing it here at menardconnect.com 🙂

Here is what I did to fix my process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher has stopped unexpectedly error:

1. Use your desktop or laptop and login to your Android Market account

2. Search for an alternative launcher app
a. For me I read good reviews of this free app called Go Launcher Ex, so I tried it:

3. Install the alternative Launcher App remotely to your phone

4. Turn on the phone, you will see in the background that alternative Launcher App is being installed.

5. After the alternative Launcher App is installed, your phone will ask you which home launcher you want. Choose your new launcher (whether this be the Go Launcher Ex or your other alternative launcher app).

6. Problem Solved. No more process com.sec.android.app.twlauncher loop error. Fix without the need to do factory reset or hard reset 🙂

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Free Six Munich Treats

I presented in Trend Micro Enterprise Security Konferenz 2011 in Munich, Germany last month. I’m lucky that the event coincided with Oktoberfest 🙂 .

Just like my San Francisco and Cupertino visits and in the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six Tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I’m posting six Munich Germany Treats here in menardconnect.com.

First on my list is the Nuremberg sausage. I had this for lunch in the hotel.

Next is the Bratwurst and sausages in Oktoberfest. Roaming around in the Weis’n grounds really made me hungry. So I just pointed at the picture of the sausage with bread and told the salesman to add ketchup only and hunger solved.

This one is the lebkuchenherzen or the famous German Gingerbread Heart. There’s a lot of these lebkuchenherz in Oktoberfest and this one is a complimentary gift from the hotel.

For the fourth one, let’s have some Schweinsbräu Gold beer. German beers are really good stuff and this one was served during one of the dinners we had (forgive me for the poor lighting, maybe I’m already tipsy when I shot this one) 🙂 .

Learning from the previous shot, I took a sip first and took this picture early. This one is the Andechser Spezial Hell. Prost!!!

And last but definitely not the least is my survival foodstuff during nighttime: the Moser Roth milk chocolates, the salt and pepper potato chips and of course the ever dependable “Naturelle” mineral water.

Sorry no techie stuff for this post (maybe it’s worth a post in my other blog).

Hope you liked my six Munich Germany treats post.

Free WoW Calendar: October 2011 is Goblin Month

It’s October already so I need to update my free wow calendar series. For the month of Oktoberfest I am featuring the Goblin as they are the star for the Month of October 2011.

The October 2011 WoW calendar features the Goblins of Bilgewater Cartel who joined the Horde in the Cataclysm Expansion. I also contains a view of the Kezan island, three fully armored goblins standing on a beach (most probably this is near Bilgewater Harbor), and a lot of artworks for the goblin race (includes their classic and pointy look for male goblins as well artworks emphasizing on the ears, nose and chin features of the goblins.

Unlike the Night Elves in September and the Tauren in August, the October calendar does not feature the Goblin Banner and the goblin Turbo-Trike racial mount.

Important dates to remember:
October 3 – Labour Day (for S. Australia), Queen’s Birthday (for W. Australia)
October 8 – Yom Kippur
October 10 – Columbus Day and Thanksgiving (for Canada)
October 11 – Full Moon
October 24 – Labour Day (for New Zealand)
October 26 – New Moon
October 31 – Halloween

Hope you like my free wow calendar post for October.

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Tweetdeck Update Hang?

Tweetdeck is a cool way to organize twitter updates. Tweetdeck can also act as a real-time browser, and help you manage not just Twitter tweets, but also Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google Buzz updates as well.

Yesterday my Tweetdeck update hanged, and usually Tweetdeck updates are smooth so I got curious.

And I also noted that this issue was encountered by some of my tweeps too. So I played around tweetdeck settings and well I guess I solved it 🙂 . And now I’m happy so I’m sharing how I solved my Tweetdeck Update Hang issue here at menardconnect.com.

Step 1. Launch Tweetdeck Support. How? It’s that question mark (?) button usually found at the upper right part of the Tweetdeck screen.

Just click it and proceed to next step

Step 2. The problem seems to be with Tweetdeck version 0.38.1. So you need to download the latest version, for our case the fixed version will be v0.38.2.

Step 3. Your default web browser will open the Tweetdeck.com website with the Download Now button. So click the Download Now button to get the latest Tweetdeck version

Step 4. Next you will be asked to download an Adobe Air installer file. (file name is Tweetdeck_0_38.2.air) from download.tweetdeck.com domain.

Choose either open or save. If you open it will be simpler, but if you choose to save, you need to run/execute/double-click) the file manually.

Step 5. Important Step: Close the Tweetdeck desktop application, so that you can update it.

Step 6. Last Step is to click replace so you can update the Tweetdeck desktop update

There you have it: Tweetdeck update hang issue fixed.

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Another Long Holiday as October 31, 2011 is a Special Non-Working Holiday

Yehey! Another long holiday for the Philippines! Yes folks, October 31 (Monday) and November 1 (Tuesday) are holidays!!!

Malacañang Palace officially declared that October 31, 2011, Monday a special non-working holiday in the entire country.

As per Official Gazette, President Noynoy Aquino signed Proclamation No. 265 entitled DECLARING MONDAY, 31 OCTOBER 2011, AS A SPECIAL (NON-WORKING) DAY THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY.

According to the Proclamation No. 265, October 31, 2011 falls between Sunday and Tuesday, and November 1, 2011 is All Saints Day and has been traditionally declared a special non-working day throughout the country.

The proclamation further stated that to give full opportunity to our people to properly observe the day with all its religious fervor which invariably requires them to travel to and from different regions of the country, October 31 will be declared as a special non-working holiday without detriment to public interest.

For more details kindly visit batangastoday.com or the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines (www.gov.ph). For details on other holidays in the Philippines for 2011 kindly refer to my previous post here and here.

Oktoberfest 2011 at Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest is the famous beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany. Since I was in Munich during the festival, I took my camera, rode the SBahn from my hotel to München Hackerbrücke station and walked all the way to Weisn where the festivities are in full swing.

Oktoberfest celebrations in Theresienwiese have been happening for a long time already. Sharing some history of the event, Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12 1810, and the citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates. The fields have been named Theresienwiese (“Therese’s meadow”) in honor of the Crown Princess and the locals have since abbreviated the field’s name to “Wies’n” or “Weisn” and the Oktoberfest festival was born.

München Oktoberfest 2011 officially started September 17, 2011 and lasted until October 3, 2011.

In the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six Tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I am posting some six photos taken from Oktoberfest 2011.

Hippodrom’s colorful beer tent seems to stand out imho.

HB Festzelt is next



and last but not the least is my (and hopefully my #security #infosec friends’) favorite: Hacker Festzelt

All beer tents pics for now. I’ll check if I can come up with Oktoberfest 2011 part 2 post to include the biergartens, rides, food stuff and other views.

Hope you like my Oktoberfest 2011 photos and blog update.