Free, or Not Free, That is the Question


One of the important concepts in the Android scene is the Android Market. The Android Market is the online software store that holds most of the apps made by 3rd party developers. Android users can also search for and read comprehensive information about apps on this market.

Right now I’m into the free apps (of course) but I am also considering buying apps that I believe is worth my hard-earned money in the future.

I came across this very interesting slides (via slideshare) about pricing of mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 Mobile). It was presented by Distimo in Verizon Dev Community Conference 2011. If you are into Android or iPhone or iPad app development and marketing this is definitely a good read as it has good pricing and comparison data across platforms and other monetization strategy and tips for your mobile apps.

Special thanks to Jon Gatrell, I saw the slides is his blog this morning.

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