Tweetdeck Update Hang?


Tweetdeck is a cool way to organize twitter updates. Tweetdeck can also act as a real-time browser, and help you manage not just Twitter tweets, but also Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Google Buzz updates as well.

Yesterday my Tweetdeck update hanged, and usually Tweetdeck updates are smooth so I got curious.

And I also noted that this issue was encountered by some of my tweeps too. So I played around tweetdeck settings and well I guess I solved it πŸ™‚ . And now I’m happy so I’m sharing how I solved my Tweetdeck Update Hang issue here at

Step 1. Launch Tweetdeck Support. How? It’s that question mark (?) button usually found at the upper right part of the Tweetdeck screen.

Just click it and proceed to next step

Step 2. The problem seems to be with Tweetdeck version 0.38.1. So you need to download the latest version, for our case the fixed version will be v0.38.2.

Step 3. Your default web browser will open the website with the Download Now button. So click the Download Now button to get the latest Tweetdeck version

Step 4. Next you will be asked to download an Adobe Air installer file. (file name is Tweetdeck_0_38.2.air) from domain.

Choose either open or save. If you open it will be simpler, but if you choose to save, you need to run/execute/double-click) the file manually.

Step 5. Important Step: Close the Tweetdeck desktop application, so that you can update it.

Step 6. Last Step is to click replace so you can update the Tweetdeck desktop update

There you have it: Tweetdeck update hang issue fixed.

If you find the steps helpful kindly leave some comments below or say “Hi @menardconnect” to me in twitter πŸ™‚

Hope you like my Tweetdeck update post!