Free Android Fix: Process error Without Factory Reset


I encountered this process loop error last week. I tried doing a reboot (turn off the phone and turn on) but it did not fix the issue. I tried to reboot++ (turn off, remove the battery, return battery and turn on) but still it did not fix my problem.

So I was stuck with the error “process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” message box and then the option available is force close.

Even if you try to do force close, it will just go on loop and the annoying message box will pop up again. After some time the droid would go on vibrate-forever-until-you-turn-it-off-mode (it’s kinda scary for first-timers) but I guess my tech and security mindset kicked in and I just applied one of the basic rules in emergency troubleshooting: DO NOT PANIC.

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Of course I searched the internet for related Android solutions but they all suggested doing factory reset or mobile phone hard reset. But factory reset is like format your PC option and for me it is a last resort solution.

It seems that the problem on the Twlauncher app is common with Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Ace, happens in both in Froyo 2.2.x and GingerBread 2.3.x Droidies.

I found some solution (with some good possible description of the problem), I tried it and I modified it to fit my purpose and I am happily sharing it here at 🙂

Here is what I did to fix my process has stopped unexpectedly error:

1. Use your desktop or laptop and login to your Android Market account

2. Search for an alternative launcher app
a. For me I read good reviews of this free app called Go Launcher Ex, so I tried it:

3. Install the alternative Launcher App remotely to your phone

4. Turn on the phone, you will see in the background that alternative Launcher App is being installed.

5. After the alternative Launcher App is installed, your phone will ask you which home launcher you want. Choose your new launcher (whether this be the Go Launcher Ex or your other alternative launcher app).

6. Problem Solved. No more process loop error. Fix without the need to do factory reset or hard reset 🙂

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