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I’m a DOTA fan and I mentioned it in my about page. So when the buzz came out that Blizzard DOTA will be released, I got excited and looked around to check if Blizzard DOTA is a real deal.

But some basic facts for the uninitiated in the DotA ritual: DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancients, it is a custom map for Blizzard‘s Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos (War3) and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (TFT or War3x). DOTA puts two teams of players against each other: the Sentinel versus the Scourge. The Sentinels defend the World Tree while the Scourge protect their Frozen Throne.

Along with the Mist of Pandaria announcement, Blizzard also showcased some trailer for Blizzard DOTA in Blizzcon 2011. Blizzard DOTA release date was also revealed there 🙂

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Quoting the introduction text of Blizzard DOTA

In a tiny, trans-dimensional pocket universe sit two dark and terrible gods. One red. One blue. To amuse themselves, they kidnap great heroes from across time and space! And those heroes come from one company: Blizzard! These heroes are forced to fight to the death in an endless battle with no purpose…other than ladder points.

It features a lot of familiar names from Blizzard games. You’ll hear familiar names of Thrall (ex Horde Warchief), Arthas (ex Lich King), Sylvanas (of the Forsaken) and Muradin Bronzebeard (and if I get it right I saw a Paladin that looks like Uther Lightbringer) from the Warcraft game. We will also see heroic figure like Nova, Zeratul and Za’gara from the Starcraft fame, and some notable characters from Diablo franchise too.

As per intro text Blizzard tell some stuff related to ladder points. This can only mean that Blizzard DotA may be a custom map or custom map editor for Starcraft 2 and it upcoming expansions.

Rumor also say that it will be available via Blizzard Arcade. Blizzard Arcade is some sort of marketplace for custom maps in Starcraft 2. The marketplace idea is very feasible because that is where the money is (just like the Android Market or the Apple App Store concepts).

Details are not clear, but one sure detail is that Blizzard DOTA release date is soon, soonish to be exact 🙂

Watch the Blizzard DOTA release date video below for more details:


I will keep you updated if there are new developments on Blizzard DOTA. If there are Blizzard DOTA cheats or Blizzard DOTA tricks I will let you know too 🙂

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