Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to Menardconnect.com

Blog Experiences

Yes! Menardconnect.com turned 3 this month!!!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons and Cary Bass de Morburre

After 448 posts, 2072 legit comments, 18411 spam comments, 208 Facebook page likes (and other blah blah blah stats that might follow 🙂 ) I am very happy that menardconnect.com is very much alive and still going strong!

And so here are my thank you notes:

First of all, thank God for all the blessings He has given me and my family!

Second, I would like to thank Raven, my family and my friends for the love and support they have given me.

Next I would like to thank my online friends and blogger friends (I won’t mention you one by one but my hugs to you guys ‘n gals) and I am very happy that I am part of a great blogging family and community.

Last but not the least, my deep appreciation to my readers and supporters of menardconnect.com. I promise to do my best to make menardconnect.com better and better each day.

Just like last year and last last year, I consider the whole December as the anniversary month of menardconnect.com, so watch out for more related post/s soon…