World of Warcraft in the Philippines


I have written a lot of World of Warcraft posts here in ever since WoW Cataclysm was announced but I noticed that none of those posts directly relates to the World of Warcraft Philippines setting.

I have played both in the World of Warcraft retail server and the World of Warcraft private server so I guess I can post something informative here about playing World of Warcraft in the Philippines.

For this post I will focus on World of Warcraft retail servers.

If you have a good and stable Internet connection and a PC or Mac that meets the minimum requirement then you are good to go. Playing World of Warcraft up to Level 20 is FREE. Blizzard has released the World of Warcraft Starter Edition that will enable players to try out the game for free.

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Quoting the Blizzard Website

What is the World of Warcraft Starter Edition?

The World of Warcraft Starter Edition allows players to access World of Warcraft for free — all you need is a account and an Internet connection. Starter Edition players can play up to a maximum character level of 20 and are able to upgrade to a full, paid account at any time, allowing them to continue their adventures where they left off. The Starter Kit gives gamers who are interested in trying out World of Warcraft a chance to experience the game before purchasing a copy

Here are the steps:

1. Just visit

2. Register there and create your account

3. Download the game

And you are ready to play World of Warcraft in the Philippines or wherever you are.

Choose your realm and get ready to choose between the Horde and Alliance races.

Personally, I believe level 20 is a good level cap for the free World of Warcraft Starter Edition because if you reach this level, you have a good grasp of the World of Warcraft Race and Class that you have chosen.

If you don’t like you race and class, you can create another character and try it out again.

If you like your World of Warcraft character and will like to continue, this is the time that you need to buy the game (and buy some game time too). You can buy World of Warcraft online if you have credit card, or if you want to have a boxed copy of the game, try to buy from local electronics and game stores in the Philippines like Datablitz.

The World of Warcraft vanilla and its first expansion Burning Crusade is now bundled and it come with a 30-day game time. After that you can either buy game time from local electronics/game stores or pay subscription using your credit card. And you progress in the game, you need to buy the expansion packs, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm.

Hope the post will be helpful to those who want to try out WoW.
Before I end this post, let me share some cool video about World of Warcraft

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For now I’m still undecided if I will post something about World of Warcraft Philippines private servers next 🙂

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