Foursquare Mayor Cheats: Happy Foursquare Day 2012


Happy Foursquare Day 2012!!!

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4sqDay 2012

In 2010, foursquare fans declared April 16 4sqDay (4/4^2 – nerds after our own heart!). Two years and two billion check-ins later, you’re still why we get out of bed each day. Thanks to all 20 million of you for making us part of your lives. Happy 4sqDay!

I still remember my first post about foursquare in 2010, and also during the Foursquare Day 2011 too.

But today, with 20 million users and 2 billion check-ins! Wow! Foursquare is really amazing!

Kudos to the Foursquare team and to all Foursquare users!

My Foursquare Mayor Cheat and Tip for the day: How to get your Foursquare Day 2012 Badge?
We got our Foursquare Day 2012 Badge today by just checking in any venue! So I suggest you just do it and grab that Foursquare Day 2012 Badge too!!!

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