Free Six The Croods Game Cheats and Tips

As I mentioned in my previous post, I missed doing my free six series. I also missed doing some Android and mobile gaming post so why not combine them into one post 🙂
Are you looking for The Croods game cheats or The Croods game tips perhaps? Maybe you want some free Croods coins or free Croods crystals too? If yes, then you are lucky today and you have come to the right place. Just read my tips and tricks below and try it.

I discovered this Free Android App The Croods game by Rovio and Dreamworks over the weekend and I liked it very much. The Croods game is free for Android, and is also available for free to iPhones and iPads. I discovered a lot of good game tips over the weekend so in the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my free wow mounts and my other free six series posts, here are some Free Six The Croods Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks:

The Croods Game Cheat #1. Fastest way to level is to follow Granny and do Gran’s chores.
Yes you hairy oafs Gran gives good advices at the start of the game and this true all over the course of the game. And by doing her chores you gain good The Croods XP experience points and free Croods coins.


Just follow Gran’s advice. As much as possible DO NOT create new homes/structures yet or upgrade existing ones before Gran tells you. Because Gran will request it as the game progress and it’s a waste of time/resource re-doing the structures/upgrades.

The Croods Game Cheat #2. Group similar structures (homes) together.
Keep structures or homes close/adjacent/near each other so that it will be easier to manage. I learned this in Warcraft, Starcraft and other games and this is generally useful for most games, the Croods Game included.


Here I place my Molarbear homes and Bunny Beast homes near each other so that I can create carrots and stones faster.

The Croods Game Cheat #3.Use Capacity. Queue it.
Chores can be done in queue (or sequence) when you have needed materials.
Look at the image below. My Molarbear is currently doing 6 carrots on queue.


I can feed my Molarbear with more berries so that it can do production queue up to 16 carrots and the bar below it will reach full capacity (see next image).


Capacity can be increased when evolving homes.

The Croods Game Cheat #4. Need Free Croods Coin? Trade with Ugga and create Ugga’s soup.

This is the safest Free Croods Coins tip in-game.


This is win-win because you create soup to level up the creatures and have Free Croods Coins rewards. But if you are a rich kid then go buy some Croods coins in game.

The Croods Game Cheat #5. Be Careful with the Crystals.

On my current level, the Crood Crystals are the hardest to get and therefore the most important resource in game in my own personal opinion.

I don’t know if this is really game design or maybe my phone is just too small for the game but the upgrade using crystals mechanism is so easy to use accidentally and there is no confirmation. See image below


Yes, pressing this crystal will instantly finish the resource production or animal home upgrade. But when there are lot of clickable items in the game screen (example is that there are many items to harvest already) its really easy to accidentally hit on this crystal. But again, if you are a rich kid then go on buy some Croods crystal in game too 🙂


The Croods Game Cheat #6. Increase cave storage.
As the game progresses, cave storage becomes very important because it will tell you how many resources you can keep.


Cave storage needs lots of Croods crystals and given the difficulty of crystals in-game, I would recommend paying attention to this tip and upgrading as soon as resources permit.
As a bonus cheat: like my usual game cheats and tips post, I always encourage safe gaming, meaning don’t cheat, don’t run other app/exe/scripts/surveys that promises to give you free Croods coins or free Croods crystals. There are lots of malware, spyware, keylogger, malicious downloaders, fake apps, fake surveys out there that are masquerading as cheat tools and engines. Always be safe in your gaming. OK?

Hope you like my Free Six The Croods cheats and tips post.

Update 2013.04.20

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Free Android Apps: The Croods by Rovio and Dreamworks

I’m into Android games again so I am sharing one new fantastic Free Android Game App here at


Rovio and Dreamworks teamed up in making The Croods game for Android and iOS. Cool game! Its a hunt, gather, tame, build game. The games features the characters from the movie The Croods.

To give you an idea here is the intro video from Rovio and Youtube

Another video of the gameplay of the Free The Croods game:

Quoting the Facebook Page



Try it, its available for free download via Google Play

Its also available for free for iOS iPads and iPhones (Apple Store)

And available for free too via Amazon Apps

I will try my best to come up with The Croods Cheats and Tips post soon 🙂

Security Intelligence Blog: RSA Conference 2013: On Security Awareness, Hacking Back and Going Offensive Legally

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently attended a security conference in San Francisco. As a result of that trip I was able to collect some insights and posted an article for TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog. I am reposting that article here at

RSA Conference 2013: On Security Awareness, Hacking Back and Going Offensive Legally
by Menard Osena (Solutions Product Manager)

Two weeks ago, I attended RSA 2013 Conference in San Francisco and was impressed by the number of participating security vendors. The addition of the Human Element and Breaking Research in the technical track sessions also provided a refreshing stroke to this year’s presentations.

Below are some of my experiences and insights on some noteworthy discussions involving security awareness, hacking back, and going offensive legally.

The 7 Highly Effective Habits of a Security Awareness Program

Samantha Manke and Ira Winkler of Secure Mentem discussed their views on the difference between security training and security awareness. They highlighted the importance of a security culture in companies in enabling employees to apply best computing practices on a daily basis, resulting to long-term security awareness within the organization.

They presented the results of their recent study conducted among Fortune 500 companies in the Health, Manufacturing, Food, Financial and Retail sectors. This study focuses on security awareness campaigns that companies implemented and how effective these were. They came up with key findings that lead them to create their 7 Highly Effective Habits of a Security Awareness Program, which are:

  1. Create a Strong Foundation
  2. (Have) Organizational Buy-in
  3. (Encourage) Participative Learning
  4. (Have) More Creative Endeavors
  5. Gather Metrics
  6. Partner with Key Departments
  7. Be the Department of HOW

My key takeaway for this session is of course the last part.  We, the information security professionals, should be the “Department of HOW” and not the “Department of NO”. We must focus on how to allow users to do what they want safely, not simply saying no to our own customers and further locking down systems.

While I understand the need to establish dos and don’ts in company security policies, we should raise the bar and let security be a key part of solving business challenges, not an obstacle to it.

On Hacking Back and Going Offensive Legally

During the conference, I attended several sessions discussing intriguing concepts like hacking back and going offensive legally. One of the sessions was Highway to the Danger Zone…Going Offensive…Legally presented by George Kurtz and Steven Chabinsky of  CrowdStrike. The discussion focused on the idea of active defense as a form of offense against targeted attacks affecting companies. They clearly differentiated this concept from hacktivism and online vigilantism. However, Steven Chabinsky, being a lawyer, also expounded on its complexities like the differences of laws and legislation in different countries, making the concept difficult to define as of the moment.

Another session that covered very similar ground was Is it Whack to Hack Back a Persistent Attack?. Trend Micro’s Dave Asprey moderated this session. He was joined by Davi Ottenheimer of EMC Corporation, David Willson of Titan Info Security Group and again  George Kurtz from CrowdStrike. The panelists discussed the active defense/ hacking back phenomenon and its legal, ethical and business liabilities and complexities when practiced over the Internet.


My personal key takeaway from these sessions is the active defense concept entails risks and complications that may spur more problems instead of solving the situation. Instead, organizations, in particular security administrators, should have the correct mindset when it comes to targeted attacks and deploying an inside-out protection.

For now, I would stick with law enforcement agencies and private sector partnership as the best (and safest) path to combat targeted attack, exemplified by the Rove Digital Takedown last year.

Original article RSA Conference 2013: On Security Awareness, Hacking Back and Going Offensive Legally from : Trendlabs Security Intelligence Blog – by Trend Micro.

My special thanks to Jonathan, Gelo and Badette for their assistance with the article. Special mentions to my RSA 2013 session buddies (Benj, Cathy, Paul) their ideas and encouragement (they really kept me awake and sane during the RSA week)!!!

I miss my free six series so I will post more SF and RSA stuff here in soon…

Free McDonald’s McMuffins for National Breakfast Day on March 18

McDonald’s is celebrating National Breakfast Day tomorrow, March 18, 2013 and will be giving away free McDonald’s McMuffins to the first 1000 customers starting 5AM on some Mcdo Philippines stores. Yes this is Mcdonald’s Philippines but other McDonald’s around the world will also be celebrating their own National Breakfast Day.

Image Credit: McDonald’s Philippines and

I am having hard time accessing Mcdo Philippines website so I will assume a lot of folks are accessing the site and confirming this offer.

Quoting the official Mcdonald’s Philippines website:

Hooray for National Breakfast Day! On March 18, Monday, McDonald’s Philippines, joins 5,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Asia, Middle East and South Africa in staging the region’s first and biggest breakfast celebration to date—National Breakfast Day.

Filipino customers will join in the fun and have another great reason to cheer Hooray for Today!.

All McDonald’s restaurants serving breakfast in the country will be offering 1,000 delicious McMuffins for FREE from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM via Dine-In, Take-Out, or Drive-Thru.

Terms and Conditions:
•Coupons for the FREE McMuffin will be given to 1,000 customers on a first-come-first-served basis.
•Coupon must be surrendered to the crew upon redemption. Redemption does not require any purchase.
•The coupon is valid for dine-in, take-out and drive-thru only.
•Only one (1) coupon will be given per customer.
•Only one (1) McMuffin can be claimed per coupon.
•Only one (1) coupon can be redeemed in a single transaction.
•No coupon, No free McMuffin.•Coupon/offer is not exchangeable to cash and/or other McDonald’s products.
•McDonald’s reserves the right to refuse redemption if coupon was found to be tampered with.
•Only original McDonald’s issued coupons will be accepted.
•Free product may vary from illustration. McDonald’s reserves the right to replace the free item at its discretion, without any prior notice.

So tomorrow, just go to the nearest McDonald’s early and grab some coupons for the FREE McMuffin OK?
Kitakits sa Mcdo!!!

For more details kindly visit: