Free The Croods Game Cheats and Tips Part 2

I have not played The Croods much because my vacation mode is over. But I want to do a follow up post for my Free The Croods Game Cheats post so I am sharing some more The Croods Game Tips that can help you level up faster and enjoy the game more too.


On my current level, tasks (Gran’s chores) are really hard and expensive.


For example, Evolving Fish Cat home will cost you 24,300 coins


While building a Zeaver home you will need to shell out 32,400 coins


So to help fellow Croods players with some ideas, I’m sharing these The Croods Game Tips.
The Croods Game Tip #1 Evolve Berry Bush as soon as The Croods crystals are available.
Berries are the first resource and it’s like the foundation of all other Croods resources.  Evolve both berry bushes to at least 24 berry production-capacity.


Just be careful because evolving berry bush will need a lot of The Croods crystals (50 crystals for the 24-berry production, 100 crystals for the next level).

The Croods Game Tip #2 Need Free Croods Crystals? Remove Rocks and Trees.
Yes removing rocks and trees will give some XP points and the much valued Croods crystals. But you will need some Croods coins to do it.
Removing Big Trees will yield some 20 XPs and 3 crystals

Removing Big Rocks will give out some 40 XPs and 4 crystals



And to avoid the Croods Crystal waste due to accidental clicking that I mentioned in my previous post, it is recommended to do a 1-time removal of trees and rocks in 1 area and spend the crystals asap (maybe for Berry bush upgrades, see Tip #1 above)


The Croods Game Tip #3 Evolve Traps to boost luring/trapping luck.

Grug is a kinda weak when it comes to luring /trapping higher level Croods animals so help him by evolving the traps.


This cost croods coins and sometime croods crystals too.


The Croods Game Tip #4 Help Grug with his inventions

This is one of the costlier tasks in-game. Grug inventions are needed to progress and expand in the game. Help Grug with his inventions and get some extra coins too (but a lot of resource needed and the inventions are in 3 stages).
Here is Grug invention materials needed (Folklift, Stage 3)

Hope you liked my Free The Croods Game Tips and Cheats post. You can also visit my previous post: Free Six The Croods Game Cheats and Tips  know more The Croods Game Cheats.

The Voice Season 4: Come Together

Just sharing a video clip of one of our fave TV Shows.

Here is Adam Levine and Blake Shelton singing “Come Together” with the new coaches Usher and Shakira for The Voice Season 4.

Video Courtesy of

We will definitely miss Christina Aguilera and Ceelo Green but I believe Usher and Shakira will bring much fun to the show too! With this performance and the first episodes of the blind auditions we can see that the four coaches have good chemistry and Season 4 will be an exciting season for The Voice USA.

The Voice Season 4 premiered last week and is NBC is currently airing some blind auditions episodes. Will try to do more post about The Voice soon…

Holy Week Break: To South and Back

We went to south of Manila for the Holy Week break. We drove some 450+ kilometers (whole trip) and its really great as its been a long time since I last visited my beloved town (Lopez, Quezon) due to too many personal and family activities for the last 12 months. Just sharing some good news about the travel (and some bad and ugly bits too)

The Good
Bypass Roads FTW!

The Tiaong Bypass Road and Candelaria Bypass Road are great developments to South luzon travel. The Tiaong bypass


have been around for some time while the Candelaria was inaugurated at the last half of the year 2012.

Btw, the Lucena-Pagbilao-Atimonan roads are in better shape now 🙂

The Bad
Somewhere along our way to Batangas (Sto Tomas town I believe), the traffic was moving at a snail pace, the suddenly a convoy of vehicles with a police car in front did a counterflow along Maharlika highway. The plate is easy to spot and identify so I just asked my assistant to tweet it for me:

Akala ko hanggang Manila lang sya, pero abot pala ng probinsya yung utak-wangx2 nila.” (Sorry I can’t help it. As much as possible I avoid #politics and political commentaries here in so I will keep it as short as a 1-liner)

For the uninitiated on what does that plate number stands for kindly visit this wikipedia page

The Ugly

Yup, Sariaya traffic was a mess! I twitted about it here.

My tweet is worth a thousand words. Nuff said! I really hope that they (sariaya local government officials) fix and remedy this recurring problem soon.

This south luzon travel explains why there have not benn much post here at But I’m back in Manila and will be blogging more often soon…