Manila Bankers SMS Spam

Personal Experiences

I got this SMS spam over the weekend. I consider this as SMS SPAM because I did not subscribe to anything related to MANILA BANKERS.


Sender’s Number: +639998886367

Message from:

Good day!
As part of our THANKSGIVING PROGRAM, you are entitled to receive EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES from MANILA BANKERS.

For further information, call:
(02) 5776949
(02) 5708339
(02) 5776972
from 9am-5pm only and look for Ms. Grace Laza for assistance. Thank you and God Bless.

The text message have the classic “enticing reward” bait but sorry MANILA BANKERS spammer, it was a epic fail sms spam. Try it again so that I may consider upgrading your classification to sms scam.

It is interesting to note that with my previous mobile service provider, I got tons of these sms spam and scam but with my new mobile service provider this was the first SMS spam in about six months of subscription.

And speaking of sms spams, I got some replies from twitter that it seems Sam Mendoza SMS spam and scam is making rounds again in 2013? Maybe I need to do an update post here at soon…

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