SMS Spam Alert: Grace Poe Foundation Spam

It’s been a long time since I got some SMS Spam. So imagine my surprise when I got this one yesterday morning (April 23).


SMS Details:


Congrat’s Ur sim#had won. Php780,000.2nd price.winner.From.”grace poe”FOUNDATION” to claim ur me now..I’m sec.rey v.acosta.Dti#6303s14

So this type of “You just won XXX thousand pesoses, Call me now” sms spam still exists in 2014?

Again dissecting the spam, it contains the usual “big money” promise with the usual spin of using a popular political figure (to gain trust). Now this spam contain the DTI permit number series of 2014. But sorry Miss or Mr. SMS Spammer, I’m not new to this SMS Spamming and scamming world. Why? because I eat spam’s cousin for breakfast :-p .

I am sure that the good senator (Grace Poe) is _NOT_ in anyway connected to this SMS spam. But I am not sure if the supposed foundation (Grace Poe Foundation) do really exists. Honestly, I decided there is no need to contact her Senate office or her PR folks to confirm because my spider sense tells me that this sms is an SMS SPAM.

One surprising information here is “WTH is this Sec. Rey V. Acosta” the guy I need to call to claim my prize. No exact match in my gathered spam intel so this character remains a mystery to me. Another interesting note here is that this is the first (or maybe second) SMS Spam I got this year (Good job to new mobile telco :-D, yah my new telco is the one that does not recycle/reuse old mobile numbers !). The last noteworthy SMS Spam I recall was the Manila Banker SMS Spam which I also featured here at

To my readers and friends, always be wary of SMS spam and scam campaigns as they are still making rounds in the Philippines.

Free Six San Francisco Treats 2014 Edition

I was at San Francisco for the RSA 2014 last month and just like the tradition here in I am posting another free six post about my San Francisco trip. For this post it’s about free six San Francisco treats (food, drinks, places or maybe a combo of any two of the three)

I really love Clam Chowder (see my 2010 and 2011 posts as forensic evidence :-p) so the first pic is Clam Chowder in sourdough bread from Boudin Cafe with matching Snapple drink.


I always make sure I eat at Boudin and/or at the Fisherman’s Wharf whenever I’m in Frisco. Yum!

Next pic is another Clam Chowder overload. This one is from the San Francisco Soup Company, Westfield food court.

A good variety of chowder, especially when you are in a hurry!

Next pic is Inay Filipino Kitchen at the Metreon Food Court.

I would like to thank Inay’s crew for serving us great Pinoy dishes during the RSA week 🙂 Their bistek, adobo and dinuguan are bestsellers!

Next is the very tasty garlic steak courtesy of The Stinking Rose. This place is great too as I had good time there with some of my good old Pinoy AV peeps.

Next is the Cybar: CodeBreakers Bash Party for RSA Conference 2014.
In the pic collage you can see Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, some samplers of what Cybar has to offer (btw, I love those fresh San Francisco catch).

Last but not the least is the pic about the thing that made sure I’m awake at RSA 2014 Tech sessions: Coffeeeeee!

6-20140226_153042This pic is taken from RSA Expo where Trend Micro (and other security vendors) sponsored free coffee.

That’s all for now.

Will post some free six about my recent Taipei trip in the coming days…


On Pokemon, Google and April Fools

I love the Pokemon game! So when Google launched their Google Pokemon April Fool’s Game I wasted no time hunting pokemons over google maps in my Droid.

My first catch was a Rotom


Next was Dragonite
Google Pokemon Challenge

And my first high profile pokemon was Bulbasaur

For the first ten to twenty or so pokemons, I usually caught them near Google offices worldwide (Googleplex in Mountain View, Google offices in Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, etc).

Google Pokemon Challenge JP


Some other interesting locations: Competitor Campuses (Apple in Cupertino CA)

Google Pokemon Challenge De Anza

Google Pokemon Challenge Cupertino

In the Philippines too: Manila

Google Pokemon Challenge Manila

Google Pokemon Challenge Manila 2

Albay, Bicol, near Mayon Volcano

Google Pokemon Challenge Mayon Volcano


In Davao, near Mt. Apo


Google Pokemon Challenge Mt Apoand there are some other pokemon too in Batangas (near Taal Volcano) and Palawan.

I then focused on completing my favorite pokemon:





I’m happy for the first day!!!

Day 2: Gotta catch them all!!! 150 of them. Its a difficult task but…

Google Pokemon Challenge eevee



With the help of reddit and other basic internet sleuthing skillz

Google Pokemon Challenge last 1





One of the most enjoyable and fun-filled Google April Fools!

Thank you Google!!!