X-Men: Days of Future Past

We watched the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie over the weekend. Good movie!!! And maybe a review post here in menardconnect.com will be a good idea for a future article. But since I don’t have the luxury of time to do a full movie review today, I will just share 2 cool videos related to X-Men Days of Future Past. The two video clips below are from the X-Men TV Series (yup! the good old original cartoon series) that was a hit in the 90’s.

So here we go… “Previously on X-Men…” and the intro song…

X-Men Days of Future Past Part 1…

Video Credits: Youtube, Marvel, and SupHero Channell

 I’m an avid and “senti” fan so I really cannot forget the 5:36 scene showing the tombstone of Cyclops, Rogue, Storm and Jubilee.


Image screenie via Youtube. Credits to Marvel and SupHero Channell in youtube


Here is X-Men Days of Future Past Part 2

Video Credits: Youtube, Marvel, and SupHero Channell

I will leave the spot the difference and other commentaries to other Marvel and X-Men fans out there.

Going back to the X-Men Days of Future Past movie, as per Marvel cinematic tradition this movie have the after-credits scene. So when you are watching the X-Men Days of Future Past movie, don’t leave right away, wait for the after credits scene OK?

I initially did not understand who that dude was in the after credits scene, but thanks to our in-house Marvel guru (Spiderham) he reminded me on who he was. Spiderham said his four companions was supposedly the giveaway clue.

So spoiler alert: the after credits-scene dude = Mr. A (and his 4 Henchmen). Decipher it and like/share/retweet/+1 this post in FB, twitter and google+ ok?

I hope you liked the video clips of X-Men Days of Future Past and liked this blog post too!

Post Pictures Now Blog Details Later

I am wondering why it’s very easy for me to post lots of photos to social networking sites (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) and yet very difficult to update this blog with the same pictures and photos with matching great stories. There may be more reasons than one (busy? procrastination? laziness?) But enough of those reasons and let me present some solutions.

Enter: Blog Experiment. I remember during the first two years of this blog, I did some blog experiments. Some are wild and crazy experiments. Some are boring experiments. Some failed abut some yielded good results that I am really proud of. So I would like to do some blog experiment starting this month of May 2014. Post Picture Now Blog Details Later.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Simple process: I will post pictures right away but delay the meticulous wordsmithing later. OK maybe wordsmithing may not be the exact word but putting in text/content may be better. In the future maybe I can add some 1-liner or 1-para introduction about the pictures. Maybe I will do it with some twist too like my six word memoirs experience. No deadline on the exact date on when the Blog Details Later (BDL) will come out but will do my best but the more important thing is the Post Pictures Now (PPN) part. The PPN part will also remind me that I still have open items related to that topic and interlinking the two posts will be good for the blog.

Let me try this blogging experiment and let us see if it will be a success. I will be backdating this post to yesterday (May 12) so that I can also do the first Post Pictures Now Blog Details Later today.

Wish me luck with this new blog experiment!!!