Shellshocked: Some Bash #Vuln Useful Links

Last week, I was “literally” fooling around with the bash bug by reposting 9gag images about it 🙂 For you @ErrataRob #ShellShocked #TMNT — OMG ??XOR (@SynAckPwn) September 25, 2014 and mashing it up with old movie flicks: Everytime I read/hear about this #vuln the names of #Popoy and #Bash comes to my mind… Continue reading Shellshocked: Some Bash #Vuln Useful Links

Hearthstone Deck Cheats: Free Shaman Deck

My Hearthstone Hunter Deck and Hearthstone Paladin Deck is getting some traction so I am sharing another of my favorite Hearthstone Deck here in Like my previous posts on Hearthstone Deck Hunter and Hearthstone Deck Paladin, thisHearthstone Deck for Shaman is a free Hearthstone deck as all the cards used are all basic cards.… Continue reading Hearthstone Deck Cheats: Free Shaman Deck

Congrats Gilas Pilipinas!!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so… Image Credits: and FIBA Congrats guys!  Congrats also to the Team Pilipinas crew! Warm greetings also to all Pinoys worldwide celebrating this victory!!! Mabuhay! #Puso!

Twitter Analytics Online

Twitter launched some cool features last week. Going to will give you great metrics about your tweets and your followers. For followers stats, it shows data about your followers interests (Top Interests and Most Unique Interests), location, gender and list tweeps your followers also follow. For the tweets metrics, it highlights your tweets impressions… Continue reading Twitter Analytics Online