Throwback Thursday: Menardconnect Gaming and Game & Watch

Gaming Personal Experiences

I recently had a twitter convo with my some Pinoy tweeps and we discussed our favorite PC and Famicom Games 🙂

It was an enjoyable twitter moment for me and it inspired me to post some gaming related moments for

What was the first electronic game that I enjoyed playing?

Game & Watch!!!

Game & Watch are handheld games made by Nintendo. It had very simple controls and an LCD screen like below, and the games are very addicting.

image credits: and user ThePViana

I remember enjoying Popeye, Octopus and Mickey Mouse (catching eggs) games in game and watch. These games are from the single screen/wide screen series.  I also love that the game and watch have the clock and alarm function so its very useful.

Recently we moved to a new house and during the lipat-bahay preps I unearthed our Game & Watch collection and found these 3 Game and Watch goodies

Game & Watch Multiscreen

Meet our survivor Multi-screen Game & Watch: Oil  Panic, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong 2.

Game & Watch Multiscreen open

So many great memories with Game & Watch and I love those gaming memories.

I believe that the game and watch was the first game that used the cross-directional pad (D-pad control) that was prevalent in the succeeding games (Famicom) that I loved.

So thats my gaming Throwback Thursday post 🙂 and I hope you liked it.

I plan to post other gaming nostalgic moments here at soon.

Do you have Game & Watch too? which games? Share your Game & Watch memories at the comment section below.

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