Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Done

Personal Experiences

I am happy to announce that I am fully vaccinated already and the 14 days waiting (after 2nd dose) is over. Hurray!!!

Below is the timeline:

  • 1st week of April – I signed up for vaccine and filled up the google form that Pasig LGU used to profile Persons w/ Comorbidities (A3)
  • 1st week of May – Got an SMS from PasigBakuna that I pre-qualified for vaccine for the next day. Just need to bring a valid ID, Pasig Pass QR Code, and ballpen. Tip: If you are taking maintenance meds its useful to bring a list of it too
  • Next day – Got my 1st dose at The Medical City. Sinovac. Overall process was a breeze (registration/Q&A/etc) took less than 20 minutes + 30 mins post-vax observation time
  • 4th week of May – Got SMS from PasigBakuna that my 2nd dose will be on 1st week of June. Need to bring PasigPass QR, vaccination card, and valid ID
  • 1st week of June – Got my 2nd dose at The Medical City. Again overall process was a breeze and took less than 15 minutes + 30 mins post-vax observation time. Doctor who administered the vaccine reminded me to wait for 14 days to complete the vaccine process (and greeted me HBD, because yes my 2nd dose fell on my exact bd)

My wife got her 2nd dose too (she got Pfizer) and the timeline is similar to minde above (just had interval of around 1 week after me).

For the side effects, with my 1st dose, I got sore arm. But for the 2nd dose I got headache and fever but the doctor has advised me to take meds (paracetamol) for the common side effects like this. Fever and headche is gone after 1 and a half day so all good here 🙂

Thanks to PasigLGU (Health Care Workers/PIO/Volunteers) and The Medical City staff for a smooth and safe covid vaccination experience.

Are you vaccinated already? If yes that’s great! If not yet, I highly encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Don’t worry about the brand of vaccine, because the best covid vaccine is the one available now so go get it!!! Inquire and work with your LGU on the vaccination plans for the community/barangay.

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