SMS Spam: Lets play bingo my friend

Personal Experiences

Our featured SMS SPAM for today is the Lets play bingo my friend SPAM. I got this sms spam several times today 🙂Lets play bingo my friend, Bingocards is only P1 and P40 for free, What are you waiting for? Install and Cash IN now & win up to 5.7M!


Spammer sender numbers include the following numbers:

  • +63 946 369 6607
  • +63 981 342 2645
  • +63 920 378 3410

These messages are also suspicious because I don’t play bingo on my phone. I also did not subscribe to any bingo game online so these are unsolicited text message spam. Currently I still cannot pinpoint where did the spammer got my number but I have some suspicions and will post them some other time (maybe when I have many sms spam post already). For now I’m ignoring them and sharing this post as a public service 🙂

Do you also get lots of SMS Spam? if yes, please feel free to leave some comments below.

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