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Menardconnect.com is my personal blog. It discusses news and my personal views on Technology, Internet, Games, the Philippines, Social Issues (and some other random topics from time to time).

About the blogger

I’m Menard Oseña. I’m a product manager at Trend Micro. I’m based in Manila, Philippines. Before doing product management stuff, I also worked as a project manager, a team leader, an antivirus engineer and a quality assurance engineer.

I’m happily married to Raven (IRL:Maui). I hail from the wonderful province of Quezon (town of Lopez), but grew up in Manila. I am a product of Manila’s Public Elementary and Secondary Schools (Pio Del Pilar Elementary School and Manila Science High School). I finished B.S. Computer Engineering at Mapua Institute of Technology in Intramuros, Manila.

OK some trivial stuff.

I’m a casual PC gamer, and I’m addicted to the Warcraft lore. I occasionally play Warcraft 3x, DotA, World of Warcraft and Civilization IV . On the mobile, I usually do some Pokemon Go and ML. I’m also into facebook games like Cafe World, Mafia Wars, Petville, Fishville, Hotel City, and Social City.

I love to eat (you’ll hear more from me on some food/resto reviews I’ll post in this blog).

I’m also a driver blogger. I brave the streets of Metro Manila everyday.

On blogging.

I consider myself a late bloomer in the blogging scene. I started this blog last December 2008. I chose WordPress because its cool. It lets me tinker my blog. Its also easy to use and very flexible (since I am not a coder, and I think I’m too lazy to be one).

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