Free Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security!!!

Happy New Year!!!

To start the year, let me post about some freebies that we are giving away!!!

My company (Trend Micro) is giving away some FREE AV (Antivirus) product.

This means you and your family and friends in the Philippines can get a legit Trend Micro Security Product for 1 year! Yes 12 months FREE!!! Cool right?

The product is Trend Micro Antivirus+ and it is an essential Online Protection for your PC!

How??? Just go to this website and click that “Get your FREE Subscription”.

image credits: Trend Micro

You will be guided into the registration process there and you will be given a link and activation code then you can proceed in the installation na in your PC!

Try it na!!!

Before I end the post, let me give the usual disclosure:
I work at Trend Micro. The information contained in this post is taken from Trend Micro website.

Again Happy New Year to all 🙂

I will do my best to post more here at this 2021 🙂

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Throwback Thursday: Menardconnect Gaming and Game & Watch

I recently had a twitter convo with my some Pinoy tweeps and we discussed our favorite PC and Famicom Games 🙂

It was an enjoyable twitter moment for me and it inspired me to post some gaming related moments for

What was the first electronic game that I enjoyed playing?

Game & Watch!!!

Game & Watch are handheld games made by Nintendo. It had very simple controls and an LCD screen like below, and the games are very addicting.

image credits: and user ThePViana

I remember enjoying Popeye, Octopus and Mickey Mouse (catching eggs) games in game and watch. These games are from the single screen/wide screen series.  I also love that the game and watch have the clock and alarm function so its very useful.

Recently we moved to a new house and during the lipat-bahay preps I unearthed our Game & Watch collection and found these 3 Game and Watch goodies

Game & Watch Multiscreen

Meet our survivor Multi-screen Game & Watch: Oil  Panic, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong 2.

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On Covid19 and ECQ

I’ve attended a webinar discussing ways on how to cope with challenges that can affect our mental health during this covid-19 pandemic times.

I am sharing some helpful info-images that was shared to us in the webinar:

Focus on the things that you can control
Learn to prioritize

Image Credits: Trend Micro Pilipinas

I hope you find the info-images helpful! 🙂

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ECQ Haircut Achievement Unlocked

Hello World!!! Hello May2020!!!

This is a good vibes post to update my friends and readers of that Menard is doing well during these pandemic covid19 times. Look I even unlocked the ECQ Haircut Achievement 🙂

Before and After Pic. ECQ Day 49 (May 2)

I’m juggling the work for home, projects, house chores, and other side activities during the past 60 days. But don’t worry I’m back blogging and I will post more (about our ECQ experience, blogging experience, gaming related stuff, and other mixed topics/ideas) here at soon! 🙂

Watch out for it!

Stay safe guys & gals! !!

Free AV/Security Product: Trend Micro Work From Home Assistance Program

Hi friends and readers!!! I hope you are all-OK during this trying Covid-19 times. I am doing great and is currently working remotely because Manila and the rest of Luzon, Philippines is under the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Long time no post here in but today, I have some good news for those who are also working from home that I would like to share to all:

Our company Trend Micro is giving some FREE security products for those working remotely/work-from-home/teleworker. If you have employees/staff currently working from home using their personal computers, Trend Micro would like to provide your employees with 6-months free access to our consumer internet security product, Trend Micro™ Maximum Security.

How? how? how? Business Owners and/or IT Admins can go to

and fill up the form. It’s so easy ha!

More details below:

Let Us Help Secure Your Teleworkers The effects of COVID-19 have been far reaching. We want to help where we can.

If you have staff currently working from home using their personal computers, we would like to provide your employees with 6-months free access to our consumer internet security product, Trend Micro™ Maximum Security.

Trend Micro Maximum Security provides comprehensive protection against online threats. With Maximum Security, users can:

– Defend against web threats such as ransomware and other online dangers.
– Shield their privacy by blocking dangerous websites that can steal personal data.
– Avoid fraud and scams by guarding against phishing emails.

How it Works

Sign up to receive a product download URL that you can share with your employees.

Employees download and activate the Maximum Security product for either their personal Microsoft® Windows® or Mac computer (one device per download).

Your employees will be given 6-months free access. After the 6 months, their access will simply expire (unless the individual decides they would like to renew the product—no obligation).

Again just visit and fill up the form.

Hope this post help you and your company 🙂

Until next post!

—Menard, #EngineeredToDoGood

Happy 11th Year Anniversary to! turned 11 two weeks ago! Time really fly so fast 🙂


I would like to thank God for all the blessings this year!!! My gratitude goes to my family and friends for the love and support they are showering me. Lastly, my thanks to the readers of Salamat po! I promise to do my best to make this blog better and have more activities and posts in the coming months!

Pokemon GO Team GO Rocket Battle Text Clues, Cheats and Tips

I love playing Pokemon GO and I have not posted something about it here in for a long time. In the Pokemon GO game we have this ongoing event called Team GO Rocket Battle, and I noticed that when the Team GO Rocket Grunts do their trash talk and taunt (ala Jessie and James in the anime), they give clue on what will be their pokemon so you can counter it with your pokemons

For example:

NORMAL does not mean weak means the Team Rocket Grunt will use Normal-type pokemon so it will be wise to battle with Fighting-type pokemons like Machamp and Makuhita.

Another example will be:

In “These WATERS are treacherous“, Water is the clue, so the best pokemon counter will be Electric or Grass-type pokemons.


Psychic is a giveway clue and Team Rocket dude will use psychic-type so best to battle with either Bug, Dark or Ghost pokemons.

And with:

Tangle is related to plants, vines and Grass, so this means Rocket will use Grass-type pokemon so the best counter will be Fire Pokemon.

Here are the complete Team GO Rocket Grunt Battle text taunt, what it means and how to counter them:

  • Normal doesn’t mean weak = Normal. See above
  • Dont tangle with us = Grass. See above
  • These waters are treacherous = Water. See above
  • Are you scared of psychics that use unseen power = Psychic. See above
  • ROAR … How’d that sound? = Dragon. Counter it with Ice, Fairy or Dragon
  • Coiled and ready to strike = Poison. Counter it with Ground and Psychic
  • My bird Pokemon wants to battle with you = Flying. Counter it with Electric or Rock
  • Do you know how hot Pokemon fire breath can get = Fire. Counter it with Water (or Ground or Rock)
  • Go, my super bug Pokemon = Bug. Counter with Fire, Rock or Flying
  • You’ll be defeated into the ground = Ground. Counter with Water or Grass
  • Get ready to be shocked = Electric. Counter with Ground
  • You’re gonna be frozen in your track = Ice. Counter with Fire, Fighting or Steel
  • This buff physique isn’t just for show = Fighting. Counter with Psychic, or Flying or Fairy
  • Let’s rock and roll = Rock. Counter with Water, Grass, or Fighting
  • Wherever there is light, there is also shadow = Dark. Counter with Fairy, Fighting or Bug
  • You’re no match for my iron will = Steel. Counter with Fire or Fighting
  • Check out my cute pokemon = Fairy. Counter with Poison or Steel.
  • Ke…ke…ke…ke…ke…= Ghost. Counter with Dark or Ghost too

Note: not sure if counters above are complete, but its the best counter/s I can remember.

There are other Team Go Rocket Grount Battle trash talk text but they have no direct equivalent because they seem to change pokemons from time to time. Like these 3 below:

  • Don’t bother, I’ve already won. No cheat here
  • Winning is for winners. Again no cheat for this
  • Get ready to be defeated. No idea here

I hope my fellow Pokemon GO Players will find these Team Go Rocket Grount Battle cheats helpful. if you have other Team GO Rocket grunt text that I may have missed feel free to leave a comment below.

Hope you like my Pokemon GO Cheats and Tips post here at

Free Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potion Speed Cheats and Tips

Its been a long time since I posted some gaming articles here and currently I am enjoying this new game from Niantic called Harry Potter Wizards Unite. I have stumbled upon some cool potion speed tricks and I have shared them in social media (twitter). The tips are very cool so I would like to share it here at so that it may help other Harry Potter Wizards Unite players.

First is  the DAWDLE DRAUGHT speed trick

Second will be my favorite BARUFFIO’s BRAIN ELIXIR speed tip. This Baruffios brain elixir is a must have one for power-leveling 🙂

Next is the EXSTIMULO POTION speed cheat

Here goes the STRONG EXSTIMULO POTION speed cheat

And now I present to you the  POTENT EXSTIMULO POTION speed cheat

Next in line is the  HEALING POTION speed tip. This potion is very helpful in Fortresses.

Here is INVIGORATION DRAUGHT speed trick

Next is the STRONG EXSTIMULO POTION speed trick

Last but not the least is the POTENT EXSTIMULO POTION cheat

I will post other #WizardsUnite tips and tricks soon so watch out for it 🙂

Hope you like this gaming post here at

Beware: Bitcoin Extortion Scam Part 01

This is a public awareness on a Bitcoin Extortion Scam that I encountered here in my blog. Below is the content of the email they sent me:


From: *redacted*
To: *redacted*
Date: 7 Mar 2019 hh:mm:ss +0x00

Subject: Security Alert. Your accounts was hacked by criminal group.

Hi, your account has been infected! Renew the password this time!

You do not know anything about me and you may be probably surprised for what reason you’re reading this particular letter, proper?

I’m hacker who exploitedyour emailand all devicesnot so long ago.
Never try out to msg me or alternatively seek for me, it’s impossible,
because I forwarded you this message using YOUR hacked account.

I’ve installed special program on the adult videos (porno) site
and guess that you visited this site to have fun (you understand what I mean).

While you have been keeping an eye on video clips,
your internet browser started out to act like a RDP (Remote Control)
having a keylogger that provided me access to your screen and network camera.

Then, my softobtainedall information.
You have typed passcodes on the online resources you visited, I caught them.
Surely, you are able change each of them, or have already modified them.
However it doesn’t matter, my program renews needed data regularly.

What actually I have done?
I generated a reserve copy of every your system. Of all the files and each contact.
I formed a dual-screen videofile.
The first part displays the film that you were watching (you have got an interesting preferences, ahahhh…),
and the second screen displays the recording from your own camera.

What exactly should you do?
Clearly, I think, $761(USD) will be a fair price for our small riddle.
You will make the deposit by bitcoins
(if you do not understand this, go searching “how to purchase bitcoin” in any search engine).

My bitcoin wallet address: 1PAcoXVyzBDRryyg3MAmBQhDuofNYu55Uo
(It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it).

You will have 2 days in order to make the payment.
(I have an unique pixel in this letter, and at the moment I understand that you’ve read through this email).

To tracethe reading of a messageand the actionsin it, I utilizea Facebook pixel.

Thanks to them. (That whichis usedfor the authorities may helpus.)

In case I fail to get bitcoins,
I shall undoubtedly send your video files to each of your contacts, along with relatives, co-workers, etc?


Nice try Mr. Hax0r! But sorry no BTC now, so next time try asking for some XMR and the blogger may reconsider 🙂 .

Will have part 2 article soon because this Mr. Hax0r here seems to have victimized some website owner so this one need some follow up soon.

Again: beware of this Bitcoin Extortion Scam!

Password Manager: Free 1 Year Subscription for 1Password

1Password is giving away Free 1 Year Subscription. Current 1password subscribers (like yours truly) can send out invites, we just need our friends email address

OK some basic intro. 1Password is a Password Manager across windows PCs, mobile phones (Android and iOS), apps, browsers (Chromie, Firefox, and Safari) and I love their #security features and neat integration across platforms so I am a proud 1password user subscriber 🙂 I might post my 1password experience here as a Thank you post for 1password soon so watch out for it too 🙂


Want more info on 1password, visit their website and
watch their video.

if you are interested with the Free 1 Year Subscription for 1Password, please send me your email via contact form OR

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