MyBrute Cheats and Tips Part 4: Weakling Brute List Update

A follow up post on my MyBrute Cheats series. Presenting the updated list of my Free Six Info MyBrute Cheats and Other Tips:

Menardconnect’s Weakling Brute List:

3N3RGY – Lvl 11 – Kinda weak brute
MENARDKONEKT – Lvl 10 – My brute, low stats, but may spoil the list
PICCIA – Lvl 10 – warning with whip
MOONSHIELD – Lvl 10 – hehe no shield
ESTEHTAWAT – Lvl 10 – few weapons
JIXX – Lvl 9 – warning: have dog
GR33N – Lvl 8 – warning: have dog but weak overall
ASHACAP – Lvl 7 – warning: have net
STV – Lvl 7 – Weak Brute with cute Martial Art pose
4UL3 – Lvl 7 – Hopeless Brute
GIOLOL – Lvl 5 – only 6 victories? maybe his pupils are doing all the dirty work
BUSPIRONE – Lvl 5 – no weapon
JB1 – Lvl 5 – no weapon
ZENN – Lvl 5 – no weapon
NIXS – Lvl 4 – no weapon
EL CS – Lvl 4 – no weapon
NORI – Lvl 4 – have 1 weapon only
YCL – Lvl 4 – have 1 weapon only
ROARJEEK – Lvl 4 – no weapon
DILMAN – Lvl 4 – stuck in lvl 4 since May, no weapon
DUSTING – Lvl 3 – stuck in lvl 3 since May, no weapon

Thanks to Batang Cubao, Mark and the rest of the contributors to the list. If you have other weakling brutes that you have been grinding, please leave some comments here.

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Free Six Info: Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips

Update 08.13.2009
I have posted some new tips on

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 2

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 3

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 4

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 5

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 6: Free FarmCash

You must be searching for some Farm Town Cheats or Tips and that is why you were sent to this page. Don’t worry I will share some in due time.

I’ve seen Raven playing this Farm Town game for several weeks now. Since I checked out my Facebook recently to reserve my Facebook profile, she sent me an app invite and I have tried it out and enjoyed playing the Farm Town game. In the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six fishville cheats and six mybrute cheats and tips posts, I am sharing some Free Six Info on Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips.

#1. First, you should have a Facebook Account. Why? Because Farm Town is a application/game in Facebook. If you still do not have one, try going to and register for an account (its free btw)

#2. My next advise is to plow the field before planting seeds. This is included in the tutorial at the start of the game. But many of you might be so excited to play the game and did not pay attention to the tutorial.

#3. My next tip is to plant seeds and estimate what time will you go online next time. This is critical so that you will be online by the time your crops are ready for harvest.

For example, if you can go online within the next 4~5 hours, I suggest planting the seeds that can be harvested after 4 hours (example: strawberry grapes) so that you will be online when it is ready to harvest.

If you are a busy person and cannot play much, I suggest planting those seeds that can be harvested within 1 day, so that when you go online after 24 hours you can harvest them.

For super busy folks (or if you will be offline for the whole weekend) I suggest planting the seeds that takes 2~3 days to grow and harvest (corn, rice and wheat are a good example).

With this technique, you make sure that you are online when your crops are ready for harvesting. Then see the next tip.

#4. Important tip on harvesting, DO NOT harvest your crops by yourself. Hire a friend to harvest so that you get better quality crops (that sell at better price in the market) as well as help your friend get more coins in Farm Town.

Farm Town is a social game in Facebook and with this tip and feature, online players are encouraged to reach out to other players and make friends. Then see next tip.

#5. If you do not have something to do, go to the market and offer yourself to be of help to others. Other players needing some help on harvesting their crops will hire you.

Again this is beneficial for both the player and the owner of the farm (see tip #4 above).

#6. Last but not the least: DO NOT CHEAT! Why? Like what I advised on my MyBrute Cheats post: Cheaters never win! C’mon Farm Town is a social game, and there is no need to cheat. Also beware of the executable programs that supposedly will do some cheat and/or hack for Farm Town. Many sites are offering these kinds of tools, but unless you know what you are doing (read: can reverse-engineer an executable file and know exactly what it is doing on the file and system level) then don’t try to run it on your precious machine. There are a lot of malware, keyloggers, Trojan downloaders out there that lurking out there just waiting for the weakest link in the infection chain. Better safe than sorry OK?

Hope you like my Farm Town Tips. Enjoy the game!

If you like this post or have other Farm Town Tips, please feel free to leave some comments here.

MyBrute Cheats and Tips Part 3: Six Favorite Weapons

Do you have a favorite weapon in Mybrute? Me and my brutes have some 🙂
And in the tradition of my free six video, and six mybrute cheats and tips posts, I am sharing my six favorite mybrute weapons.

1. First on the list is the Lance.
lanceIt is a great all around weapon with 12-19 damage. It can block and counter attacks. It can also do multiple attacks.

2. For some fast small weaponry, my next choice is the Sai.

saiWith its 6 to 11 damage and disarm its way cooler than the traditional knife.

3. Next is the Whip.

whipThis is a good multi-hit weapon with 10~15 damage. My experience with this weapon is that it can also disarm the opponent brute.

4. And then we have the Scourge.

scourgeWith its 45 to 55 damage, this is really a scourge to all low health brutes. Even high health points brute should be wary of this slow and heavy weapon imho.

5. If you can’t get the Scourge, settle with the one balled Iron Mace.

ironmaceLike the scourge its a slow and heavy weapon but the damage is relatively decent at 20 to 30 damage. My observation with this weapon is that it is very difficult to block even with shield.

6. Last but definitely not the least  is the Stone Hammer.

stonehammerWith its massive 50 to 75 damage (the biggest damage I think) this weapon is really a killer. It will really break the bones of your opponent brute.

Image used courtesy of

For a complete list of MyBrute weapons and skills kindly visit Gamer Toolz MyBrute Page

For other MyBrute Tips, kindly visit my MyBrute Tips post.

Do you also have favorite weapons in Mybrute? Feel free to leave your comments here.

Facebook and the Konami Code

I’m an old-school gamer. On the first month of this blog I promised that I will write something about my Jurassic gaming experience (from Atari to World of Warcraft) but alas, that article is still on the drawing table. Hope I can finish it before my blog turns 1-year old.

And to prove my old-school gaming prowess to all of you: I am blogging that I know the Konami code by heart:


Then you have your 30 lives in Contra as well as the other games of Konami (Gladius is the one I recall using this code too)

Try the Konami Code in Facebook, and see what will happen.

1. Login on your Facebook Account

2. Type the Konami Code


Facebook will trigger some sort of an Easter egg trick.

I know this may be already old, but hey I just found about it today 🙂 Thanks to Raven for the tip.

MyBrute Cheats Part 2: Predict your Brute’s Future Skills, Weapons and Pets

A follow-up to my MyBrute Cheats Post. Do you want to know what weapons, skills and pets will your Brute have in the future? Then read on…

1. Go to this site hxxp://
2. Input the name of your Brute in the text box besides
3. Input the level do you want to predict
4. Press the GO button

….There you have it, your Brute’s skills, weapons and pets (if any) on your desired level 🙂

The site is mainly in French ( is the French version of and in the Spanish counterpart) but given the mybrute icons you can figure its english counterpart of the skills.

Also make sure Mybrute site is not on maintenance mode by the time you access it, since the prediction site access the site to get how your Brute looks and other brute stuffs.

So far the success rate for me is 100%. I chose some of my Brutes that is nearing their level up point and checked if the site before and after the level up and all of the prediction is true. My sources says it is 95%~98% accurate so you can try it out and comment back to me if this is helpful.

Special credits to the author of the hxxp:// site and to Spiderham (will post his Brute’s name later) and Raven

MyBrute Tips Update

This one is contributed by a reader on my MyBrute Cheats post as a comment. I will post Edgar’s ( comment here and give some of my personal opinion.

From Edgar

So how do you get a pet dog, a pet wolf or a pet bear in MyBrute?

1. First, create a new MyBrute character but make sure that your name uses exactly three vowels. Vowels are the letters A, E, I, O and U. An example is my MyBrute character which uses exactly three vowels – A, U and I. It doesn’t matter how long the name or if you use numbers, as long as there are only three vowels.

2. Then more important, you must pupil that character under someone that has a pet. You can sign up under my brute because I have a pet dog.

3. Level up your character until Level 3, which will take you only a few minutes. The pet will appear when you reach Level 3. It will be random, you might get a pet dog, a wolf or a bear. There’s no guarantee which but for sure you will get a pet.

4. That’s it! Easy and takes only 5 minutes to do. So you can do it again and again until you get a pet bear.

heres my brute that you can sign up with coz i have a dog pet


OK here is my personal opinion about your tip:
For Step 1.
I have 50% success rate 🙂
My Main MyBrute (Makonat) has 3 vowels (A,O and A). He doesn’t have a pet, but he is one hell of a makonat brute 🙂
My other alt-brute (name of brute withheld for privacy purposes 🙂 ) have a dog as pet. So yes, this might work, 50-50 based on my experience.

For Step 2. Kindly see my MyBrute Cheats Info#1

For Step 3. Yes. One of my alt-brute with 3 bowels in the name got his pet dog at level 3. So this adds credibility to your tip.

For Step 4. 5 minutes. Wow! But IMHO this is still trial and error and you will flood with trial brutes. No wonder there’s a lot of MyBrute downtimes/technical maintenance every now and then.

So What do other Mybrute players out there think about this Mybrute Tip? Please share your opinion by leaving some comments here.

Free Six Info: MyBrute Cheats and other Tips

Update 06.14.2009
You can check out my other posts on

MyBrute is a flash based internet browser fighting game. This game is popular in the Philippines, Portugal, Lithuania, Costa Rica and other countries.

Players create “brutes” and fight other player’s brutes. You can modify the looks and appearance of your brute but you cannot modify its stats, abilities, weapons and pets. Brutes gain experience when they fight other brutes; if they win they usually gain 2 experience points, when they lose they gain 1 experience point. Only the fight initiator will be awarded experience points. On the first day, the brute can initiate 6 fights, on the succeeding days 3 fights and then they rest until the next day. Brutes can also gain experience by having a pupil. When pupil brute levels up, the Master Brute gains some experience point.

You must be searching for some MyBrute cheats or hacks. Well there is plenty out there in the internet. And in the tradition of my free six video and my six tagalog love quotes posts, I am sharing some six MyBrute ideas (maybe a cheat or a tip or both).

Info #1. Usually MyBrute cheats in the internet give false promises. They will give you their MyBrute link (the one with http://{name of brute here} Then ask you to create a pupil under them. And then you do some silly stuff and then nothing. This cheat is usually 1-way, they gain pupils then you got either random things (may work or not work) or nothing.

Info #2. Some MyBrute cheats even have video links in YouTube explaining how to do it. The usually do the same promise in the Info #1, and some of the videos show Info #3 below.

Info #3. Some cheats will even ask you to download a supposedly MyBrute cheat executable program and run it while playing MyBrute.

WARNING: Beware of these executable files!!! Why? Malware, Spyware, Keyloggers and other bad stuffs are rampant in the internet. I’m not saying that all executable files they will give are dangerous, but unless you know exactly what you are doing (e.g. you can debug/trace executable files) then be careful OK?

I’m predicting that some bad guys will use the popularity of MyBrute. This is Social Engineering 101, and its not as hard as predicting the next Philippine Lotto winning numbers.

Info #4. Some of these MyBrute cheats may be working because of a known bug in MyBrute.  But remember CHEATERS NEVER WIN. Period.

I’ve heard that the MyBrute admins are working hard to fix these bugs and this is the reason why MyBrute is having some downtime/unavailability whenever they will start a tournament.

So instead of giving you MyBrute cheats, why not give you other useful MyBrute tips?

Info #5.  Pupils. I know most of the players have multiple brutes. I believe this is legal and most of these alternate brutes (alt-brutes) are pupils of the main brute or pupils of their friend’s brute.

Let’s face it, some of alt-brutes will turn up weak, and they will be a good grinding target for you and your friends especially if they are of the same level 🙂

I’m proposing this experiment: Leave a comment here at with the name of your weakling brute and your friend’s weakling brute, and I will post it. I will even compile the names as part of the post later on. Let’s do it in the format:

[Name of your brute] [Level] [Date] [Notes]

MenardkonektLevel 5 May 8, 2009

We need the [Name] so that we can search in the Arena
We need the [Level] so that we can know if our brute is same level range of that of our brute.
Why we need the [Date], so that we can compute the current level of the brute.
The [notes] is optional. You can put here if this why you consider it weakling (inactive, have no weapons, poor stats,etc)

Note: Do NOT put the names super strong brute here. This is the leveling up brute list to help us level up easily. You can put the name of your “super-strong-nobody-can-beat-it-brute” as a signature to the end of your comment, but not on the weakling list OK?

Info #6. Know your brute, its strengths and weaknesses and choose your fights wisely. Follow the steps in Item#5, and visit this blog post often. And most importantly enjoy the game and have fun.

Kindly support this experiment!

Menardconnect’s Weakling Brute List:
Menardkonekt – Level 9 – June 14, 2009 [My brute, low stats]
Kuritasan- Level 9 – June 14, 2009 [My Bro’s brute, weak e]
piccia –
moonshield –
bballl0vekjb – level 4 – May 12, 2009 [Reader/Commenter, few weapons]
dilman – lvl4 – May 12, 2009
L4Z3T lvl 3 – May 14, 2009 [Reader/Commenter, few weapons]
DustinG – Level 3 – May 8, 2009 [My friend’s brute, weak e]
Updated MyBrute Weakling List

If you want to know about more tips, kindly visit My Brute Cheats post.

Are You Daring (enough) To Challenge MyBrute?

MyBrute is a flash-based internet browser game. I first heard it from some blogger friends but I just ignored it. Recently some friends from work recommended that I challenged their brute. So I decided to give it a try and guess what? It was fun and a good stress buster 🙂

This is a good prep up game for the upcoming Pacquiao Hatton bout.

Would you like to challenge my brute? Kindly go to or click

MU Season 4 in Philippines This September?

Several weeks ago, I received a newsletter from mobiusgames that MU Season 4 will hit the Philippine gaming scene this September 2009. I had some free time this weekend and tried to visit the content of the newsletter. The new season boasts of the new character class (summoner) as well as the 3rd class wings.

I’m not excited with MU Season 4. I played the MU Season 2 in the old Maya and Titan Servers and was in some time part of the guild/alliance that maintained a good hold of the castle. I love playing MU way back then together with Raven, Ujinn, Baroye, Kamote and the rest of the folks (drop me some comments if you think we might be guildmates). I just wonder why they are skipping the season 3. I’ll keep my blog posted on the developments.

In the meantime enjoy this video courtesy of youtube and

If you want more details, kindly visit this site

Free Six Left 4 Dead Videos, Pictures, Maps and other stuffs

Resident Evil meets Counter Strike. This is how my office buddies described this game.

Left 4 Dead is the new game craze that hit Manila in the recent months. L4D is a first person shooter (FPS) game available in PC and Xbox 360. It uses the Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike source engine. The game stars four human survivors fighting against a horde of aggressive undead minions. This is not your typical zombie type that is slow moving (typical in Filipino Horror films). But darn! these undead minions are really fast. It can be played in a single player mode, co-op mode and multiplayer mode.
Warning: To the faint-hearted, this might not be the game for you 🙂

In tradition of the Free Six Video and the six tagalog love quotes posts, let me give you some free six Left 4 Dead stuff:

1. Left for Dead Intro Movie (courtesy of Youtube)

2. Left for Dead Promotional Video (courtesy of Youtube)

3. Other Left For Dead Videos, Wallpapers and Screenshots.
Kindly visit the L4D Official Media Site

4. Left for Dead T.C Version box.
Left 4 Dead T.C Box
I took it while visiting PC and Electronics Shops galore in Taipei last week 🙂

5. Left 4 Dead Maps.
Kindly visit

6. Left 4 Dead Info and wiki.
Kindly go to

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Vista64
Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Video Card:128 MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600, NVIDIA 6600 or better
Free HDD Space: At least 7.5 GB of free space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Recommended System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Vista64
Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
RAM: 1GB++
Video Card: Shader model 3.0, NVIDIA 7600, ATI X1600 or better

Have fun and enjoy the game!