Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas, Philippines

Here is another Post Picture Now Blog Details Later for this new year 🙂

We recently went to Batangas, and had a weekday visit Club Balai Isabel at Talisay, Batangas, Philippines.
I am sharing these six photos as a placeholder for a future blog post about our Club Balai Isabel adventure here at 🙂

Pahiyas Festival 2015

Here’s another Post Picture Now Blog Details Later post featuring my very own province.

Raven and I went to Lucban, Quezon last week to attend the Pahiyas Festival 2015. Its been ages since I last visited Lucban for a Pahiyas festival and we were very happy to experience the different displays for the Pahiyas, the wonderful food and all the activities. I am posting these six photos as a prelude to a future blog post here at

Punta Tiera Blanca Beach Resort, Gatasan, Catanauan, Quezon

I got lots of backlog for as I’m kinda busy with family and work stuff. But here is another Post Picture Now Blog Details Later post with a Free Six twist. Here are free six photos for Punta Tiera Blanca Beach Resort. Punta Tiera Blanca is hidden resort in Gatasan, Catanauan, Quezon. I still fondly remember that place because it was where I spent some of my summers with my cousins when I was a younger. Will do a longer blog post on the Punta Tiera Blanca experience soon.

Holy Week Break: To South and Back

We went to south of Manila for the Holy Week break. We drove some 450+ kilometers (whole trip) and its really great as its been a long time since I last visited my beloved town (Lopez, Quezon) due to too many personal and family activities for the last 12 months. Just sharing some good news about the travel (and some bad and ugly bits too)

The Good
Bypass Roads FTW!

The Tiaong Bypass Road and Candelaria Bypass Road are great developments to South luzon travel. The Tiaong bypass


have been around for some time while the Candelaria was inaugurated at the last half of the year 2012.

Btw, the Lucena-Pagbilao-Atimonan roads are in better shape now 🙂

The Bad
Somewhere along our way to Batangas (Sto Tomas town I believe), the traffic was moving at a snail pace, the suddenly a convoy of vehicles with a police car in front did a counterflow along Maharlika highway. The plate is easy to spot and identify so I just asked my assistant to tweet it for me:

Akala ko hanggang Manila lang sya, pero abot pala ng probinsya yung utak-wangx2 nila.” (Sorry I can’t help it. As much as possible I avoid #politics and political commentaries here in so I will keep it as short as a 1-liner)

For the uninitiated on what does that plate number stands for kindly visit this wikipedia page

The Ugly

Yup, Sariaya traffic was a mess! I twitted about it here.

My tweet is worth a thousand words. Nuff said! I really hope that they (sariaya local government officials) fix and remedy this recurring problem soon.

This south luzon travel explains why there have not benn much post here at But I’m back in Manila and will be blogging more often soon…

Free Six Munich Treats

I presented in Trend Micro Enterprise Security Konferenz 2011 in Munich, Germany last month. I’m lucky that the event coincided with Oktoberfest 🙂 .

Just like my San Francisco and Cupertino visits and in the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six Tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I’m posting six Munich Germany Treats here in

First on my list is the Nuremberg sausage. I had this for lunch in the hotel.

Next is the Bratwurst and sausages in Oktoberfest. Roaming around in the Weis’n grounds really made me hungry. So I just pointed at the picture of the sausage with bread and told the salesman to add ketchup only and hunger solved.

This one is the lebkuchenherzen or the famous German Gingerbread Heart. There’s a lot of these lebkuchenherz in Oktoberfest and this one is a complimentary gift from the hotel.

For the fourth one, let’s have some Schweinsbräu Gold beer. German beers are really good stuff and this one was served during one of the dinners we had (forgive me for the poor lighting, maybe I’m already tipsy when I shot this one) 🙂 .

Learning from the previous shot, I took a sip first and took this picture early. This one is the Andechser Spezial Hell. Prost!!!

And last but definitely not the least is my survival foodstuff during nighttime: the Moser Roth milk chocolates, the salt and pepper potato chips and of course the ever dependable “Naturelle” mineral water.

Sorry no techie stuff for this post (maybe it’s worth a post in my other blog).

Hope you liked my six Munich Germany treats post.

Oktoberfest 2011 at Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest is the famous beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany. Since I was in Munich during the festival, I took my camera, rode the SBahn from my hotel to München Hackerbrücke station and walked all the way to Weisn where the festivities are in full swing.

Oktoberfest celebrations in Theresienwiese have been happening for a long time already. Sharing some history of the event, Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12 1810, and the citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities held on the fields in front of the city gates. The fields have been named Theresienwiese (“Therese’s meadow”) in honor of the Crown Princess and the locals have since abbreviated the field’s name to “Wies’n” or “Weisn” and the Oktoberfest festival was born.

München Oktoberfest 2011 officially started September 17, 2011 and lasted until October 3, 2011.

In the tradition of my free six cafe world cheats, my six new Philippine money, my six free wow mounts, my six Tagalog love quotes and my free six video posts, I am posting some six photos taken from Oktoberfest 2011.

Hippodrom’s colorful beer tent seems to stand out imho.

HB Festzelt is next



and last but not the least is my (and hopefully my #security #infosec friends’) favorite: Hacker Festzelt

All beer tents pics for now. I’ll check if I can come up with Oktoberfest 2011 part 2 post to include the biergartens, rides, food stuff and other views.

Hope you like my Oktoberfest 2011 photos and blog update.