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Manila Bankers SMS Spam

I got this SMS spam over the weekend. I consider this as SMS SPAM because I did not subscribe to anything related to MANILA BANKERS. Sender’s Number: +639998886367 Message from: MANILA BANKERS FINAL NOTIFICATION: Good day! As part of our THANKSGIVING PROGRAM, you are entitled to receive EXCLUSIVE REWARDS and PRIVILEGES from MANILA BANKERS. For… Continue reading Manila Bankers SMS Spam

Spam SMS for January 2010

I got another spam sms this month: Greetings! This is Hector Gaylican of CO*CO*PLANS INC. We are proudly informing you that you are chosen as one of our lucky recipients who is entitled to claim a two year SCHOLARSHIP CERT. GRANT and PERSONAL INSURANCE CERT. Your security claiming code is (M*V*S-2*436-C*C*P) ABSOLUTELY FREE! you may… Continue reading Spam SMS for January 2010

Another SMS Spam

We got another annoying Spam SMS making rounds this week. The message goes: PGMA CHARITY FOUNDATION, informing you that ur CELL# had w0n 950,000,00 2ndprize last Aug13,09. DTI#01401 series of 2009 PLS call us NW,im,£eah lopez, Sender’s Number: +639265433382 Setting aside my political opinion (especially on the choice of foundation name 🙂 ), here are… Continue reading Another SMS Spam

Pharma-related Spam SMS in the Philippines

It seems that pharmacy related Spam SMS are now invading the Philippines. Good thing they are yet using some “advanced” method of sms sending that some scammer/s are using here in the country. Here is what I’ve gotten hold this week: EREC*TILE PRO*BLEM? Try “H****CS” Now! An amazing food supplement from Korea. Enhance your L*bido… Continue reading Pharma-related Spam SMS in the Philippines

Spam SMS for June

My Hon Load Mo Ko Text Scam post is getting some hits and continue to get comments. So I guess the scammer is still active. And speaking of SMS, here are some Spam SMS that me and my friends got this month of June: SMS #1 Good News! Claim your FREE MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD from… Continue reading Spam SMS for June