Facebook Cafe World Tips: Out of this World Dishes

Just want to update you all on one of my favorite games in Facebook: so here is a post on my cafe world cheats series.

Zynga released some new Out of this World Dishes: Stardust Stew and Martian Brain Bake.

The Stardust Dew recipe costs 1000 cafe coins, serves 425 @ 6 coins per serving.

The Martian Brain Bake recipe costs 2200 cafe coins, serves 1560 @ 5 coins per serving. It provides the highest profit for all the 1-day recipes in the game today.

Don’t forget to share the dishes upon cooking it so that your friends can get 100 servings.

Hope you like my cafe world tips update.

Facebook Cafe World Tips: Free Cafe Coins in VIP Dinner Dish

Do you want some free café coins in Café World? Read the Cafe World Cheats post below to know how to have some free goodies for your cafe.

Zynga release a new dish in Facebook Café World today. It is called V.I.P Dinner.

It contains 99 servings of VIP Dinner and gives 99 coins per serving and it cost 0 (zero) coins so it’s absolutely free. That’s whopping 9801 free café coins per stove, just wait for 18 hours to cook.

Just hurry since this offer is valid up to January 7, 2010 only.

What are you waiting for? Login and cook some VIP Dinner now!

Hope you like my Café World Tips update.

Facebook Cafe World Tips: Christmas Time at the Cafe Part 2

It’s really Christmas time in the Café World. Upon login you will be greeted by a splash welcome screen

'Tis the Season

Also, Zynga released a new recipe in Facebook Café World. One remarkable thing I liked about this dish is the high payoff: 24 coins per serving, the highest in the game as of writing. Yes, the Sweet Seasonal Ham cooks in 12 hours, lets you earn 24 coins per serving. The downside is that 1 cooking package contains 100 servings only.


Since I mentioned in my last Café World Cheats post that I’d like to redecorate my café, I gave into the temptation and I am giving you a glimpse of my Café: ala winter and holiday theme


Main attraction is the Santa Claus and the Snowman at the center of the café.


Hope you like my café world tips and update.

Facebook Cafe World Tips: Christmas Time at the Café

Zynga is gearing up for the Christmas Holidays in Café World. New Cafe World Free Gifts have been released like the Poinsettia Plant
And the Ginger Man (reminds me of Gingy from the Shrek Series)


Two new recipes are also released and I believe these are just teasers and there will be new recipes to follow soon.
The Jammin’ Jelly Donuts serves 120 diners, cooks in 20 minutes and yield a coin each serving


And the Macaroni and Cheese recipe that cooks in 2 hours, contains 170 servings each worth some 3 coins.


Walls, Floorings and Decors that are related to the holidays are also released.
Some samplers includes the Holiday Gift Stocking


The Frosty Window


A new set of flooring in the Snow Flakes and Snow Drifts were also introduced


as well as a cool and icy Snowfall wall


Christmas and Holiday decors are plentiful in the new update. Some samplers include the Snowman


And two kinds of Pine Trees

pine trees

I saw some other decors like the Holiday Menorah and the North Pole Decor so these are all exciting updates for Cafe World.

Honestly, I am really tempted to redecorate my café. But first things first, I need to post this cafe world cheats series article 🙂

Hope you like my Facebook Cafe World Tips update.

Facebook Café World Cheats and Tips New Expansion: Bountiful Cafe and New Recipes

A new cafe world expansion was made available today. The Bountiful Cafe expansion allows you to transform your café into a 13×15 area, the biggest possible area in Facebook Café World as of writing. This expansion costs 400,000 coins and if you have been saving enough since the last expansion this amount of coins should be easy to get.

If you don’t have that many coins worry not, you can also purchase it with 35 Cafe Cash

Zynga also released some tasty new recipes. In celebration of the Thanksgiving is the Savory Stuffed Turkey that costs 700 coins and will serve 1,200 diners at 3 coins each serving. The turkey have a cook time of 22 hours and will be a good alternative for those recipes that needs a day to cook (Halibut and Peking Duck)

Next in line is the Atomic Buffalo Wings that cooks in 3 hours. This recipe is good for 320 servings and will give 3 coins per serving

Last but not the least is the Buttermilk Pancakes that cooks in 45 minutes and serves 80 diners at 5 coins per serving.

Hope you like my Cafe World Cheats and Tips updates.

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Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 3: New Exciting Dishes

Zynga added some new content to Facebook Cafe World today. Several new tasty dishes that will definitely bring new flavors to the picky palates of the Café World fanatics. I am featuring them in my 3rd Cafe World Cheats and Tips post.

First we have the Chips and Guacamole. This is a perfect dish for the Cinco de Mayo Festival. Cook time is 3 minutes, the fastest one in the café world game. This dish sells 3 coins per serving.
chips and guacamole

Next is the Caramel Apples, a great dessert if you will ask me. This dish needs 2 hours cook time and sells 4 coins per serving.
caramel apples

Next is the Pumpkin Pie, a teaser for the Halloween I think. This dish needs 12 hours cook time just like the Triple Berry Cheesecake, but this one sells at 4 coins per serving.

pumpkin pie

Last but not the least is the uniquely named Vampire Staked Steak that needs the whole 24 hours for cooking and sells at 6 coins per serving.
vampire staked steak

Happy cooking everyone!!! Enjoy the Cafe World game in Facebook.

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Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips Part 2: New Gifts for Extra Coins

Zynga recently added new content to Facebook Cafe World. Before only beverages were offered as free gifts in Cafe World but now some appetizers and desserts are up as give-aways to your friends and cafe neighbors. And as a follow up to my Cafe World Cheats post here are the new gifts to give your friends some extra coins.

First of all is the Calamata Olives. It gives 14 coins per customer dining in your café.

Calamata Olives in Cafe World

Next is the Spicy Kimchi. Its gives 10 coins per customer.
Spicy Kimchi Cafe World

Next is the Sweet Sugar Cookies and it provides 5 extra coins per customer.
Sweet Sugar Cookie Cafe World

Last but not the least is the Chocolate Chunk Cookies and it provided 5 extra coins too like the Sweet Sugar Cookies.
Chocolate Chunk Cookies Cafe World

On your next login to Facebook and Cafe World, do not forget to send your café world friends some gifts so that they too can get their extra coins. You can send gifts by clicking the Free Gifts tab and choosing any of the gifts and send to your friends.



Hope you are having fun with the Facebook Cafe World game.

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Free Six Info: Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips

Cafe World is a new craze for those Facebook fanatics out there. You might he searching for some Cafe World cheats or tips, so in the in the tradition of my six Fishville Cheats, my six Petville Cheats, my six social city cheats, my six Mafia Wars Cheats, my six Farm Town Cheats,  my six Mybrute Cheats, my six Philippine Lotto tips, my six tagalog love quotes and my Free Six Video posts, I am sharing some six info, tips and cheats for Facebook Cafe World.

#1. Ok some basics first. Cafe World is a Facebook game application developed by Zynga. Zynga of course is the same company behind the popular Facebook games like Mafia Wars, Zynga Hold ‘em Poker, Farmville, YoVille, Vampire Wars and Roller Coaster Kingdom. A screen shot of my Menardconnect Cafe

Buzz Rating 105 at Level 5
Buzz Rating 105 at Level 5

Note: 105 is the highest buzz rating in Cafe World

#2. Trap your waiter and cook inside a corner of your restaurant or cafe. OK how do you do this? Just rearrange your counter and stove so that your cook and waiter cannot move freely. To illustrate this further here is a screenshot of my cafe with the cook and the waiter trapped.

Menardconnect Cafe "Trap"

What is the purpose of this tip? So that the food will be automatically served.

Update: Make sure that you rotate the food counter so that it will face the trap area (and not the food service/dining area)

#3. Use the gifts when there are many people dining in your cafe. The gifts are the one that your Cafe World friends and neighbors give you. These gifts provide extra coins and for every people dining in you, they will provide extra coins per person dining in the restaurant.

Menardconnect Cafe World Gift : Coins Galore

#4. Remove the door when you got no food to serve. This is like closing you cafe. When you have no food to serve in your food counter, people coming in your cafe will be disappointed and will result to lower buzz rating. So to avoid this you can click the customize icon (chair icon) and drag the door into the inventory. To open your cafe, just put back the door to the wall.

Menardconnect Cafe: No Door

#5. Plan your next online time so that you can know what to cook in the stove. When you will be online in Facebook in the next 1~2 hours, I suggest you can cook the 15-minute (Super Chunky Fruit Salad) or the 30-minute recipe (Jumbo Shrimp Cocktails). If you will be online again on the next day, I suggest cooking the 1-day (Spitfire roasted chicken or Herbed Halibut or the Crab Bisque) or the 2-day recipe (Home-style pot roast). Remember that the cooking time is also the same length of time that the food stays fresh after cooking.

#6. And last but definitely not the least: Do not cheat! Why? Like what I advised on my Mafia Wars Cheats, Farm Town Cheats and Mybrute Cheats posts: Cheaters never win! Cafe World is a fun and social game, and there is no need to cheat. Also I highly recommend that you DO NOT run executable programs that supposedly will do some cheat and tricks for you and your Cafe or Restaurant. Many sites are offering these kinds of tools and cheat engines and my advise is stay on the safe side. If you cannot determine if the file is good or bad (by knowing exactly what the file is doing on the system and registry level via reverse engineering, system monitoring, etc.) then do not try to run it in your personal computer. There are a lot of malware, spyware, keyloggers, and trojan downloaders out there that are masquerading as cheat tools and engines. Be vigilant and be safe. OK?

I hope you like my Facebook Cafe World Cheats and Tips post.

I will do a follow up articles when I discover more tips and tricks for Facebook Cafe World.

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