Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 2

Last week Facebook Farm Town Game rolled out some cool updates. Just like my Farm Town Cheats post, I’m sharing them here:
1. First of all, you can now hire your friends, buddies and neighbors to plow your farm. In my opinion is a very creative move from the Farm Town Team since this new feature enables more interaction among Facebook online friends. Hiring your friends to plow your farm enables them you to save coins in plowing (less 50% if friend is a neighbor, less 25% otherwise) and let you and your friend earn experience points. Great idea from the developers.

2. The update also introduced some new seeds that you can plant.

This raspberry seeds is a good choice for the power levelers (ready to harvest in 2 hours)

cottonCotton is a good choice for middle level farmers who wants long harvest time.

new seeds

And these new seeds are very cool especially for high level players. Good yield on coins (for both the farmer and the harvester). I guess they will start to be unlocked by level 26.

3. Farm Town Trophy and Rewards system also have some major modifications

Farm Town Trophy 1

From the previous 8 point system, the trophy to be collected grew to 14.

Farm Town Trophy 24. They also updated the flower seeds available to the players.

White Rose

flowers 6seed4seed3seed2Special thanks to Raven for the help in identifying new flower seeds.

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Update 08.13.2009
I have posted some new tips on

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 2

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 3

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 4

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 5

Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips Part 6: Free FarmCash

You must be searching for some Farm Town Cheats or Tips and that is why you were sent to this page. Don’t worry I will share some in due time.

I’ve seen Raven playing this Farm Town game for several weeks now. Since I checked out my Facebook recently to reserve my Facebook profile, she sent me an app invite and I have tried it out and enjoyed playing the Farm Town game. In the tradition of my free six video, my six cafe world cheats, my six fishville cheats and six mybrute cheats and tips posts, I am sharing some Free Six Info on Facebook Farm Town Cheats and Tips.

#1. First, you should have a Facebook Account. Why? Because Farm Town is a application/game in Facebook. If you still do not have one, try going to facebook.com and register for an account (its free btw)

#2. My next advise is to plow the field before planting seeds. This is included in the tutorial at the start of the game. But many of you might be so excited to play the game and did not pay attention to the tutorial.

#3. My next tip is to plant seeds and estimate what time will you go online next time. This is critical so that you will be online by the time your crops are ready for harvest.

For example, if you can go online within the next 4~5 hours, I suggest planting the seeds that can be harvested after 4 hours (example: strawberry grapes) so that you will be online when it is ready to harvest.

If you are a busy person and cannot play much, I suggest planting those seeds that can be harvested within 1 day, so that when you go online after 24 hours you can harvest them.

For super busy folks (or if you will be offline for the whole weekend) I suggest planting the seeds that takes 2~3 days to grow and harvest (corn, rice and wheat are a good example).

With this technique, you make sure that you are online when your crops are ready for harvesting. Then see the next tip.

#4. Important tip on harvesting, DO NOT harvest your crops by yourself. Hire a friend to harvest so that you get better quality crops (that sell at better price in the market) as well as help your friend get more coins in Farm Town.

Farm Town is a social game in Facebook and with this tip and feature, online players are encouraged to reach out to other players and make friends. Then see next tip.

#5. If you do not have something to do, go to the market and offer yourself to be of help to others. Other players needing some help on harvesting their crops will hire you.

Again this is beneficial for both the player and the owner of the farm (see tip #4 above).

#6. Last but not the least: DO NOT CHEAT! Why? Like what I advised on my MyBrute Cheats post: Cheaters never win! C’mon Farm Town is a social game, and there is no need to cheat. Also beware of the executable programs that supposedly will do some cheat and/or hack for Farm Town. Many sites are offering these kinds of tools, but unless you know what you are doing (read: can reverse-engineer an executable file and know exactly what it is doing on the file and system level) then don’t try to run it on your precious machine. There are a lot of malware, keyloggers, Trojan downloaders out there that lurking out there just waiting for the weakest link in the infection chain. Better safe than sorry OK?

Hope you like my Farm Town Tips. Enjoy the game!

If you like this post or have other Farm Town Tips, please feel free to leave some comments here.

Facebook and the Konami Code

I’m an old-school gamer. On the first month of this blog I promised that I will write something about my Jurassic gaming experience (from Atari to World of Warcraft) but alas, that article is still on the drawing table. Hope I can finish it before my blog turns 1-year old.

And to prove my old-school gaming prowess to all of you: I am blogging that I know the Konami code by heart:


Then you have your 30 lives in Contra as well as the other games of Konami (Gladius is the one I recall using this code too)

Try the Konami Code in Facebook, and see what will happen.

1. Login on your Facebook Account

2. Type the Konami Code


Facebook will trigger some sort of an Easter egg trick.

I know this may be already old, but hey I just found about it today 🙂 Thanks to Raven for the tip.

Free Six Facebook Tips

In tradition of the Free Six Video and six tagalog love quotes posts, I’m bringing you some Free Six Facebook Tips. If you’re concerned on your privacy with Facebook read on:

1. Decide on your use of Facebook
If you’re going to use it purely for getting in touch with your loved ones, family and long lost friends then I think the default setting are fine. But when you already got business contacts, work colleagues and other professional contacts mixed with your friends then things can get complicated. After deciding your preference of use, then consider the other next tips below.

2. Create Facebook Friends List
I like to bucket my Facebook friends into a more manageable group, and not just one whole big happy Facebook friend group. My personal favorites includes “High School Buddies”, “College Buddies”, “Office Buddies”, “Family”, “Business Contacts” and the likes.

This is the use of the Facebook Friends feature.
This can help you properly setup the other tips below.
An important note here is that a friend can be a member of 2 or more groups.

3. Tweak your Facebook Privacy Settings
This is the core of this post. This setting can be accessed by going to the Settings Tab and clicking the Privacy Settings from the drop down list or via Facebook Privacy Setting Page

In this page, you can set who can view your Profile, Basic info, Personal Info, Status Updates, Photo and Video Tags of yourself, Friends, Wall Posts and Educational and Work info.

You set the viewing exclusive for Friends or to the Friends of Friends (network of friends). I suggest that make your contact information private, and then set the rest of the options into friends

4. Be careful with the Facebook Photo and Video Tagging feature
Related to the last tip, this feature is very prone to mistakes (accidental) and if you have “bad” friends, they can sometimes do intentional ones too 🙂 . Ever heard of stories of the boss seeing their employee’s inappropriate photos after the last night’s drinking session with his buddies? Or the business contact getting turned off by the unprofessional photo on the similar scenario?

If you’re really a privacy freak, you can tweak this setting (see tip no. 3) so that only you yourself can view your photo and video tags of you.

5. Avoid Inappropriate Wall posts
Actually this is mostly based on some personal preference of an individual. But just like the video and photo tagging feature, wall posts can also be seen by others, so be careful what to place there.

6. Avoid Using Facebook Proxy
Facebook proxy is a server that bypasses corporate firewall and other security measures so that you can access Facebook and other social networking sites from offices and school networks. I believe your company and or your school really wants to improve your productivity as well as safeguard their networks. Most of these Facebook proxy (or proxies) have some associated network security risks (read: viruses and worms) that I will discuss in one of the future posts.

Hey before I end this post, let me give some disclaimer: I’m not a Facebook expert. I just recently created one for myself since it is helpful for me as a blogger. I have been tweaking its settings to fit my preferences and I have read some awful stories on the Facebook privacy issues as well as some helpful articles hence this post. Hope this helps you even a little bit.

If you find this useful, feel free to comment on this post, or drop me a note via my contact page. Or Better yet link it from your blog, Facebook, wherever ok? I can forward you some other helpful articles if you’re interested on this topic.